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Now, DIABLO II: RESURRECTED PATCH 2.4 BALANCE PTR has ended, is getting ranked ladder play, class tweaks, and new rune words in its next big update.


A Ladder is simply a system, where your characters a compared to all other characters/classes on the Realm you play on. In Diablo 2 they compared the amount of total exp your class gathered and made a ranking list (the ladder), where you could see who gathered the maximum the fastest. These races to the top would reset every few months and equalize all players. You would not lose your character, it would just be moved to the non-ladder.


So now, you may ask yourself why play the ladder at all? Well here comes the little advantage over the non-ladder in diablo 2: Certain items and runewords could only be achieved through this mode (These were extreme high-end content and would require you to dedicate a lot of time to get them). This means, that these items do exist on the non-ladder characters if they've been brought over to the non-ladder, but could not be obtained there otherwise.


So, what are the advantages of having a ladder in Diablo 3, besides the competition?


All players will start equal again and the economy will reset (gold- and itemwise).


This increases the replayability of the game.

New players actually have a chance of competing with older ones(gear- and goldwise).

The auction house would not be hated so much, because it would not have so inflationary prices and make it impossible for some players to progress.

Some exclusive content. (A good idea for this could be the marquise gems: they are really high-end content, hard to obtain and make a pretty strong gold sink for a fresh economy)


What are the down sides?


Some players bought items and gold for a lot of money over the last year, and would probably be really pissed about this kind of reset. (My argument against that: When loot 2.0 comes many items you bought will become useless as well. So a ladder would hurt you in the same way, just like it did when they reworked the legendaries last year)

You may have a character you grew fond of: with a ladder, that character would drop into the non-ladder along with your items and gathered Gold. In the non-ladder, he would not be able to get that exclusive content.


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