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The new Extreme Speed ​​Record is born! Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice enters the 26-minute limit speed

Since the release of Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, the great gods around the world have begun the challenge of Extreme Speed. Recently, the foreign fast-moving Distortion 2 once again broke the previous Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice's quick-pass record. The speed-on time was 26 minutes and 44 seconds, and the previous record was 27 minutes and 08 seconds.

For this new quick-speed world record, Distortion 2 indicates that this time is normal operation. If he practices several times, this recording time can be increased by 10 to 20 seconds. I have to admire the operation of these big men here, it is really too much. If you are a PS4 player, now the world's largest game service website offers Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice Editor Save Data help you enjoy this game. this editor save data offers
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As a "soul game" by Miyazaki's high-level producer, Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice is naturally difficult to inherit the tradition. This game, which is difficult for us to pass through the ordinary people, is obviously as simple as cutting vegetables in the hands of these great gods. The game's express time has also been close to 40 minutes from the earliest, and has now been compressed to 26 minutes.

I believe that as more and more great gods are more skilled in operation and find more evil ways, the game's express time will be further compressed, and maybe even compressed to within 20 minutes. Let us wait and see.