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If the Battlestate Games software is still in closed beta, it is a game with pronounced difficulty, rich and demanding. So we believe it will be intriguing to help you get began quietly within the ruthless planet of Tarkov. 


Acheter Escape From Tarkov 

Do you know this famous maxim from the Dark Souls series? So you will not be out of place when you arrive at the Russian title. You have to get used to this idea immediately. In Tarkov, you are going to die. A lot. And while every death is frustrating, it's an integral part of the Escape Experience. It is essential to hang on, especially during the first hours of the game when each confrontation turns out to be deadly.

What's more, regardless of the level differences, you will meet all types of players. Yes, even a guy who's bled the game for months and struts around with a gun alone is worth more than your entire stash. If meeting this kind of player can undoubtedly be frustrating since they will tend to quickly put you on the ground, somehow managing to fall one of these players guarantees you a monstrous loot and a sudden progression. You have to see the good where there is some.


An FPS a little different from the great classics

Exit the traditional Call of Duty, Battlefield, or Counter-Strike, Tarkov is a world apart, and it is a pleasure to remind it. If it is possible, as in many games, to run, crouch, and lie down or even lean to the right and the left, EFT pushes the cork a little further.

It is thus possible to reduce your walking pace to reduce the amount of noise produced. It is possible to bend down more or less low, lean more or less to the sides, or even take side steps to shift. So many small mechanics that, once mastered, add to the richness of the game.

These techniques often allow you to get out of a bad situation and surprise your opponents. It is necessary to fully understand these additional controls and get comfortable with these new methods.


Use offline mode

There is an offline mode in Tarkov in which the map is empty of all players except your character. It is still possible to add "Scav" (that is to say, computers) to spice up these parts a bit. However, each time you launch a map in offline mode, your progress is not taken into account, and no recovered objects will be kept at the end of your mission.

But then why play in this mode? Learning the different maps is quite complex, and a good knowledge and understanding of them are necessary for survival. During your expeditions and to successfully extract yourself at the end of your missions.

Reserve the use of this mode only for the discovery and rapid learning of the cards. However, be careful not to get too used to playing in such a mode. If you can roam around the maps without taking too many precautions here, doing the same in normal game conditions will quickly punish you.


Abuse Scavs parts

What are the scavs going to tell me? The scavs in Escape From Tarkov are primarily bots, controlled by the game's artificial intelligence. But, in some cases, it's also players who have slipped into the shoes of these poorly equipped characters.

Scavs are available periodically (on average, once every 10 minutes) and allow you to get into a game without any real commitment since the character's equipment is entirely random, and dying only causes you to lose equipment that you did not initially.

But the beauty of this kind of game is that each item you manage to extract with this character can be transferred directly into your main character's inventory. It is, therefore, an economical and safe way to earn Escape from Tarkov money and equipment. Do not hesitate to use your Scav character as soon as possible and as long as your reserve space allows it.


Go out covered

It can be essential to understand where to place yourself in this game and self-assess. You just found a great M4 on the corpse of one of your enemies, but you can't buy Tier 4 armor without breaking the bank, so hanging out with it probably isn't a good idea.

Chances are you'll die with this one in your little hands. Therefore, is it exciting to go out with, or would it not be wiser to sell the weapon to get the most out? Afterward, once your financial situation allows it, you can go out with all the excellent weapons you want.

It is also useless to bring out the best armor in the game if you use a weapon that is not very effective on other players and which would prevent you from quickly killing your opponents when they have no difficulty in doing so.

In short, it is essential to equip yourself with stuff that you can renew and that responds well, armor and weapons of roughly the same value.


The health and care system

Once again, Tarkov presents a health system that is a little more advanced than our traditional "wait 5 seconds to be at full health" or "wage yourself a little bandage, and everything is fine". Your overall health is divided into seven parts, each representing a part of the body: the two arms, the two legs, the head, the thorax, and the stomach.

Taking a bullet has consequences on your overall health and the health of the affected part. If your leg is "destroyed", your character will limp, the arm will cause difficulty in aiming, the chest will cause you to cough constantly, etc. Also, it is essential to treat yourself accordingly.

It's possible to heal a broken bone with a splint or a bleeding one with a bandage, but using such an item won't award you any extra health points, just removing the affliction. It is therefore essential to use traditional treatments to re-increase the hit points.

If, on the other hand, the limb is "destroyed", it will be necessary to use a painkiller to compensate for its loss, with some restrictions all the same. If, for example, your leg has suffered a bad attack, you will no longer be able to run without recurring loss of life points.


Ballistics are much more than a feature to fly over.

Imagine yourself, face to face with a well-equipped opponent, your MP5 solidly armed in your hands. You fire, but your enemy seems to have nothing to do with your futile attacks. He kills you, relentless as you seemed to have the initial advantage. You look at your endgame stats to find that you hit him 15 times, but his armor soaked up the total damage. This story happened to yours truly.

Cruel observation to see that the bullets used were undoubtedly the poorest possible. This one has only a very weak penetration of the armors that the adversaries can use. If you decide to use cheap bullets, you won't have paid very much, but you probably won't be able to knock out a well-equipped opponent. Your ball is a choice full of consequences.

It is, therefore, necessary to check which bullets perform against which type of armor, etc. For this, we invite you to refer to the ballistics table of the official gamepad of the game. You can be capable of seeing all the varieties of bullets there and their harm and armor-piercing properties. The bullets often penetrate the armor the least that does the most damage to the body.


The loot

If the loot seems particularly difficult to access and dense at first glance, it is indeed that it is the case. But by dint of playing, you will know what interests you the most, and above all, you will find that everything is interesting to take. Despite this, there are priorities.

If, for example, you have no more room for a LEDX and you have a box of matches in your inventory, please get rid of the partners. We are talking about an object that sells for 700 thousand rubles on the market against one that sells for 200 rubles.

However, if you have nothing else to take, matches can be interesting since you can exchange six boxes for an audio device that sells more than 10,000 rubles. I'll let you do the math. It's interesting. Over the hours, you will learn to choose what interests you the most, provided you force yourself to look at what is selling well, what is trading, etc. Again, EFT requires time. Could you take it?


Serving others is serving yourself

You've been watching game streams, and you've got a question. Why don't you have as many items to buy from vendors as all those beautiful streamers you're watching!? Well, it's just that the sellers don't trust you yet!

It's straightforward. To unlock the best objects of a seller, you have to put him in confidence. There are three conditions for this. The first is a level threshold. Your character evolves over the raids, and unlocking a vendor level will always require a minimum level.

You will also need to buy or sell from the character whose inventory you want to unlock. It should also be noted that for Ragman, you only need a level and money threshold, which we strongly urge you to do since it is the seller who owns the different armors in the game and which you cannot you can hardly do without.

But above all, you will have to increase your reputation for each of them. To complete this, you'll have to complete numerous comprehensive tasks. This is vital if you would like to progress by way of the game and be able to acquire gear that suits your playstyle.

It truly is not necessary to do the quests, but they will allow you to obtain rewards once completed, and you will be able to renew your high-level equipment, something impossible in the first levels of trust from the sellers. Therefore, it is strongly recommended that you tackle these tasks any way.