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Fallout 76 Several Ways To Level Up Fast


  In Fallout 76 game, when you show up from Vault 76, based on your current level, wielding your armor and weapon will probably be limited. So it is important for you to level up as fast as possible to be able to get your hands on better equipment in this dangerous wasteland.

  Fortunately, there exist a few simple methods to gain Experience (XP) in Fallout 76. Most of them concentrate on eliminating massive waves of enemies and completing events. Apart from those, there are a couple of other Fallout 76 tips you should know about too.

  On the next several paragraphs, we have listed some of the best ways and have already highlighted the best and the most useful perks we have encountered so far. This would hopefully let you know some of the higher-level gamers on your server and will make completing those endgame quests far less difficult. So let's get to start, shall we?

  First Of All: Do Not Spend Too Much Time On Quests Focus On Other Methods:

  At the very beginning, following and completing the main quests could be a perfect and easy way of leveling up, but, if you are really interested in hitting those higher levels quickly, you'd better ditch the main quest for a while and start to farm XP. For example, taking part in events and discovering new locations in the game of Fallout 76.

  Secondly: Ignore Low-Level Enemies And Kill Harder Enemies In Order To Farm Better XP:

  In Fallout 76 game, creatures like the Opossum and Radroach will only give you two or three experience points per kill, and it would be a nuisance when they are attacking in massive numbers. To take them down, you might need to take an extra couple of hits. But for a weak feral ghoul is worth five times as much XP than those creatures.

  Every enemy in Fallout 76 has several variants or ranks, which will decide how much XP you can get from them once they die. For instance, the basic scorched enemies will net you 13XP, while other kinds like the Scorched Conqueror and Scorched Wanderer will offer you 224XP and 28XP separately.

  Fundamentally, all you want to do is locate these higher-ranked enemies to farm them for more XP. And the rule is, the further east you go, the better the quality of enemies you’ll come across, so it’s a pretty good idea to visit areas like the Savage Divide or the Toxic Valley to capture them.

  Taking these enemies down while you're at a low level is quite difficult, especially if you don’t have a good stock of ammo, so please be sure you have a decent melee weapon and some explosives handy in case you run out of Fallout 76 ammo.

  Thirdly: Some Fallout 76 Events Are Better Than Others So Take Part In That:

  Another way to farm high-level enemies is participating in events. Especially, you should watch out for event types that task you with killing massive waves of enemies. For instance: Like 'One Violent Night at the Sons of Dane Compound' or 'Guided Meditation at The Palace of the Winding Path' event. In these two events, the first event is probably the best option for now. Cause it allows you to choose how long you want to summon waves of enemies before eventually attracting the Wendigo you need to kill to finish the event.

  The event appears sporadically, so keep an eye on your map is needed every on and then to notice what comes up. Some events have plenty of tasks to complete or places to defend, so it's worth teaming with other players in the game of Fallout 76.

  Fourth: In Fallout 76 Collect Leader Bobbleheads Will Also Help You Level Up:

  In the game of Fallout 76, there exists a consumable named Leader bobblehead. Once you get this, you can use it to increase the amount of XP you earn temporarily. Usually, this lasts for about an hour, but meanwhile, it will add five percent onto everything you earned like Fallout 76 level cap, etc., So all in all, it is a pretty nice idea to use one before heading into an event to increase the overall XP you will receive.

  Searching these bobbleheads are pretty easy. If you unlock the Perception-bobble perk card and equip this in your Special menu, you can hear directional audio whenever you’re in the proximity of a bobblehead. And then you just need to follow the sound and then pick it up.

  Fifth: Please Defend Your Workshops In Fallout 76:

  In Fallout 76, another type of event that could offer you a lot of XP is those where you need to protect a workstation - the places that you can claim temporarily to harvest raw materials.

  As long as you claim a workstation, there is a small chance of an event triggering where hordes of enemies will attack and try to destroy everything you have constructed. Well, these events are usually a great way to farm levels, because you will normally gain around 224XP for a successful defense, and of course, plus whatever experience you get from the enemies you killed.

  Sixth: Please Be Sure Use The Inspirational Perk Card:

  This game, if you are eager to get more XP for completing actions and killing monsters you’ll need to seek and equip one of the Fallout 76 Charisma Perk Cards, Inspirational. The first rank of this card provides you with a 5% XP gain when playing as part of a group, at first it isn’t much, but it will add up as the time goes by. What's more, if you get lucky with your card packs and manage to get two more Inspirational cards then you can rank the Perk Card up twice and get 15% XP gain as long as you’re in a group. That probably sounds not much, but it’s essentially free XP for everything you do and makes hunt down high-level enemies even more worthwhile.

  Seventh: In Fallout 76 Please Ignore Trash Mobs:

  If you want to level up fast in the game of Fallout 76, wasting of time is not allowed, so you have to ignore all of the random little trash mobs that you encounter scattered all over the place. Some small mutant creatures like radroaches and a lot of the other wildlife, they will not give you too much XP at all even though you kill them. For these monsters are not worth the energy, the time, or wasted ammo.

  Eighth: Sleeping And Eating Will Also Help You Level Fast In Fallout 76:

  A lot of Fallout 76 players should know that they can get XP bonuses from sleeping and eating. By sleeping for a very long period of time (in real-life just a couple of minutes) you can have a Rested or if you are lucky enough, you even can get a Well-Rested bonus that improves your XP gain. In this game, you'd better sleep in a real bed, up off the ground, which will help you avoid diseases. Besides, you will finally also be able to start cooking food that offers XP bonuses.

  Ninth: In Fallout 76 Want To Get More XP Scrapping And Building Are Necessary:

  In Fallout 76 game here come two methods to quickly earn XP, breaking down the junk and crafting new items. Though this only rewards you with a very limited amount of XP per time, but on a single trip to your C.A.M.P. you can craft upwards of 20 items if you are pretty sure you are crafting for the quantity of items over the quality of items.

  Last but not least Fallout 76 PvP (Player Versus Player):

  One last thing to keep in mind. You will not get any XP bonus for killing other players unless it's a part of bounty, challenge, event or quest. So if there is no XP bonus in the battle just simply walk away. Ignores it.

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