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Fallout 76 Tips: Locations Of Bobbleheads And More

  In the series of Fallout 76, the Bobbleheads apparently have already become an iconic item. Those Bobbleheads are often used to grant permanent stat buffs to those gamers diligent enough to search for them. And of course, in the game of Fallout 76 also features Bobbleheads, even though so much like with many other aspects of the game, some aspects have been tweaked slightly. In order to help you to get to know the new Bobbleheads system in Fallout 76 game, we have listed this Fallout 76 Bobbleheads Guide. It covers the changes that Fallout 76 makes to Bobbleheads, and meanwhile, it also lists some of the content we have found in this game so far. For each one, We will give a short introduction, and also take a look at some locations for where to find them. Follow us now!

  Bobbleheads In Fallout 76 Game:

  As you know, in previous Fallout series game, Bobbleheads were used to grant permanent stat buffs via the system named: S.P.E.C.I.A.L. But for the brand new Fallout 76, an online-only multiplayer video game, it is different though. Therefore, in Fallout 76 game world, there have been a few changes to the way Bobbleheads are found and used. What we are about to discuss below contained everything you need to know.

  In Fallout 76, What Is Different With Bobbleheads:

  In Fallout 76 game, the main changes that have been made to Bobbleheads are twofold. The first one is the bonuses that they reward are largely the same, but the duration time is different, in Fallout 76, Bobbleheads no longer provide permanent bonuses, instead of giving a stat buff for 1 hour. That is very different from the permanent upgrades that they used to provide, but given that now you can collect a lot of copies of the same one, they still can be incredibly useful. The second one is the location of the Bobbleheads in Fallout 76. Before Fallout 76, the Bobbleheads were confined to set in some certain locations, which means, in Fallout 4, if you want to find the Intelligence Bobblehead, you had to go to a set point on the map. But in Fallout 76, there are some set places where you can find Bobbleheads, but the one you will find there is pretty random.

  The List Of Bobbleheads In The Game Of Fallout 76:

  In order to make it much easier to find Bobbleheads in the game of Fallout 76, you should install the right Perk. The main one you’ll want to focus on is the Percepti-bobble Perk. On equipped this one, it will trigger directional audio when in range of a Bobblehead. And you can find your own Bobbleheads.

  You can find massive Bobbleheads in this game, from that boost your Intelligence Bobbleheads to help you earn more Fallout 76 Bobblehead caps. Below, we have listed all of the Fallout 76 Bobbleheads we know about so far.

  To restate, these Bobbleheads are not found in fixed locations. rather they spawn randomly at one of a number of designated places. Now, let's take a look at the Bobbleheads in Fallout 76, shall we (Bobbleheads List In Alphabetical Order)?

  Locations Of Bobbleheads In Game Of Fallout 76:

  Just like we stated previously, there are plenty of places that you find Fallout 76 Bobbleheads. Which one you would find seems to be random, but reaching there will guarantee a Bobblehead for you. Now we have listed some known locations for you to explore:

  The First one you can find in: Aaronholt Homestead: Behind the bookcase, in the southeast corner of the burgundy bedroom of the main (white) farmhouse (with the red star on the porch wall).

  The Second one you can find in: Burdette Manor: On the rock cliff between the edge of the property and the dry lake, on a narrow ledge halfway down, below the cluster of Soot Flowers.

  The Third one you can find in: Charleston Capitol Building: On the judge's table with the American flag on the back wall, in the first courtroom through the doorway marked "State Courthouse".

  The Fourth one you can find in: Deathclaw Island: On top of the small covered bench on the north bank of the island. It may have fallen to the ground near the bench.

  The Fifth one you can find in: Greg's Mine Supply: On the wooden desk with Greg's Terminal, in the upstairs interior of the Mine Supply store, near a bed and trunk.

  The Sixth one you can find in: Hunter's Ridge: On the corner of the wooden sub-floor attached to the roof of the northeast treehouse shack near the living tree trunk, with the mattress and metal bucket. It could have fallen onto the shack floor.

  The Seventh one you can find in: Kanawha Nuka-Cola Plant: On a section of a mainframe computer, in the blue maintenance hut attached to the ceiling of the sunken loading dock (interior). This is only accessible via the locked hatch (3) on the roof by the orange-and-white metal trailer.

  The Eighth one you can find in: Landview Lighthouse: On the desk in the upstairs bedroom between the typewriter and Lighthouse Keeper's Terminal, inside the faded yellow house near the lighthouse.

The Ninth one you can find in: Morgantown Airport: On the narrow wall shelf, on the interior (southwest corner) wall of the Responder laboratory hangar.

The Tenth one you can find in: New River Gorge Resort: North across Interstate 59, after completing the adventure course in the woods (or using enhanced jumping), inside the top platform of the adventure tower (exterior).

The Eleventh one you can find in: Overlook Cabin: On the rock cliff between the edge of the property and the dry lake, on a narrow ledge halfway down, on the north edge just beyond the low stone driveway wall and blue car.

  All in all, we can tell that the Bobbleheads is still plays an important role in the game of Fallout 76, cause it will offer you more charisma, more endurance, more intelligence, and more Fallout 76 caps fast, etc. So keep it in your mind while searching the wasteland world.

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