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Vendor Locations In Fallout 76 And Why There Are No Bottle Caps You Must Know That


  In the wasteland of Appalachia, if you want to have a tube of wonder glue in case something, you can not just go to the shops (just like what we usually do in the present day) to get. But even though there are not any human shopkeepers in the game of Fallout 76, you still can find a number of trusted Protectrons stocked with a stash of Fallout 76 caps and an inventory full of all kinds of goods for you (For instance: Aluminum, Wood, Steel, and some other things.) Here are all of the vendor locations we have found in Fallout 76 so far.

  Vendor Location In Fallout 76

  Usually, Fallout 76 vendors inclined to be in named locations, and in general, those places are very safe and there are not any enemies. They stock all kinds of useful items. These items would be very expensive unless you have invested Charisma and the Big Spender Perk.

  In this game, vendors could be the most convenient ways to get important equipment like the gas mask or some strange pieces of junk that you need to complete your crafting. Now, let's look at all of the locations of the merchants in Fallout 76:

  1. Charleston Station

  Head north from Charleston. You will find the vendor inside the station. And I have blue-marked this location.


2. Grafton Station

Look southwest of Grafton, and go to the marked station. Vendor Bot Responder hovers around this area.

  3. Morgantown Station

  You can find this station on the northwestern side of this town. Please head inside of the station to find the vendor.


  4. Sutton Station

  Head south from the town of Sutton and you will soon come upon the station. The vendor can be found right inside the station.


  5. Whitespring Station

  This station is the easiest one to find. Look inside the station and then the vendor will be waiting for you. Quite easy, isn't it?


  6. Whitespring Resort

  The vendor found here has a lot of expensive and quality items Head inside the complex and there will be a few vendors waiting for you in there. And what's more, you'll also notice a Modus medical terminal that specializes in health supplies. There’s also a Protection Terminal as well, which focuses on aid items.


  7. Sunnytop Station

  This station is also not difficult to find at all. And the vendor is moving around and can be found either inside the station or around it.


  8. R&G Station

  As long as you are at the processing factory, just simply head south from there and you will see the station. The vendor would be moving in this area and can be found very easily.


  9. Watoga Station

  You can find this station on the southeast side of Welch. And the Vendor bot wandering around the location marked below.


  10. Welch Station

  The position of this station is located north of Welch. The vendor is inside the station.


  11. Pleasant Valley Station

  Go to the southeastern edge of the area marked below. You’ll find Vendor Bot Raider.


  12. Camden Park

  The vendor is supposed to locate right beside the Sugar Heaps trading post. A vendor bot should be closeby. So just simply look in the center of the area.


  13. Charleston Fire Department

  Go upstairs in the marked fire department to find Vendor Bot Mack.


  14. Flatwoods

  The vendor is in the church near the center of the town. Inside the church, you’ll find Vendor Bot Bob. He’s a good all-purpose vendor.


Here are the locations of the merchants in Fallout 76 and you should know that most vendors in Fallout 76 carry the crafting supplies you’re looking for.

  Fallout 76 Vendor Caps Reset - Why There Are No Caps:

  Fallout 76 Vendor Caps Reset - Why There Are No Caps:

  If you are looking to trade supplies for caps instead, you might find that many vendors do not have any Fallout 76 bottle caps. Even though players are still trying to figure out the exact nature of how cap resets work, here are some details that you should remember.

  FIRST: A lot of vendors have their own stash of about 200 bottle caps, while others share them. If you have a very limited bottle caps, you will have the wonderful chance of finding them at Whitespring Resort, Whitespring, Flatwood or Pleasant Valley Station.

  SECOND: Purchasing supplies from vendors could return a portion of bottle caps.

  THIRD: So far, it's still unclear exactly when the caps reset, but most players think it to be a daily thing.

  FOURTH: If you really get stuck when searching for caps. You can Fast Travel to a different-character Vendor or rejoin a different server. Though it is not a sure thing, many players have found success doing it that way.

  For Bethesda, it likely restricts Vendor bottle caps in an attempt to encourage live players to trade with one another instead. But when developers respond to fan feedback the specifics of the reset will likely change many times.

  This game, Fallout 76, now is available on Xbox One, PS4, and PC.

  That is all about vendors in Fallout 76. Are there still have something that we have missed? Please let us know.