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Where To Find Power Armor In The Game Of Fallout 76


  While you are exploring the wasteland of West Virginia in Fallout 76, you'll probably encounter some abandoned Power Armor from time to time. It's your lucky day, cause this advanced piece of equipment is a special armor and it can be enhanced further with pieces of armor plating. All of these pieces are usually about level 40. So you cannot even use them until you reach to level 40 or higher. But never ignore the importance of Power Armor totally just because you are at a lower level. Please remember to remove the attached pieces and take the Chassis left over, even though without the armor plates attached, you can still get a bonus (like getting the FALLOUT 76 Bottle Caps) to your defense and your carrying capacity would be boosted!

  Also worth noticing is, once you hop into a Power Armor chassis, you can just store this item in your inventory or you can also put this in your Stash. Since you get the chassis of Power Armor, you need to start compiling Power Armor pieces as early as possible so that you could be prepared to use that item when you get to the appropriate level.

  Whether early or later on, the Power Armor is always so useful for your stats. So it's very necessary to spend some time seeking them out. The fact proves it's really worthy. In order to help you guys get a set, we have collected some Power Armor locations that are nearby Vault 76 and very easy to get. Another point we need to know is, even though these locations are already set don't mean there would always have the Power Armor whenever you come here, sometimes there would not be Power Armor. The reason is this game's world is persistent, which means if a player has picked up that armor earlier than you did, the armor would be gone. For you, please do not be discouraged, cause after a while that Power Armor set would regenerate and you'll still have the opportunity to get it. So keep calm and you'll grab one for yourself at the right time.

  Here we emphasized more easy to find Power Armor sets so it's very important and necessary to check back as often as possible. Here are some ways to get Power Armor, so please note:

Processing Plant of Mama Dolce's/ Portside Pub

If you eager to catch some Power Armor immediately, then this set would be the first place you should check for. The area is lie in the east of Vault 76, you can easily notice that there's an area that looks like a train yard on the map. You can find a Power Armor in a warehouse, which is situated in the south of Portside Pub. And for the Portside Pub is a smidge west of Mama Dolce's Processing Plant. Here is the screenshot for the accurate location:

  This warehouse has many traps, so if you want to approach that armor, you have to be very careful. Luckily, you can use a staircase to enter this building from the roof and by doing that you can avoid most of the danger. Head up the stairs, making sure to avoid the explosives traps, cause they'll very likely to trigger while you're passing through. Once you enter the warehouse successfully, you can find the Power Armor very easily.

Morgantown Trainyard

  The second place you can find the Power Armor is the Morgantown Trainyard and it is just located in the northwest of Portside Pub, and one the map, it shows as a train yard, this Power Armor is another one of the easier ones to catch. So for you, maybe you come to that place, but probably you will not find the Power Armor because some players may have already get the armor ahead of you. But do not ever give up!

  When you come to the train yard, please keep an eye on a train carriage marked as "USA Star." There are a couple in the yard. But what you want is situated below a rusty crane, which is nearby the east side of the main warehouse. The suit of Power Armor is inside the carriage to your left.

Gorge Junkyard

  The third place you can find your Power Armor is at the Gorge Junkyard, which is just directly east of Vault 76. If you have just started this game, then I am afraid that you'll be forced to put off owning this armor. The reason is, it requires a level 3 lock-picking skill. If you want to have this ability and open those hatred locks. Then you should put your points into Perception as much as possible. And if you have a good luck, soon you'll get a few Picklock Perk cards, this could get you to where you want to be and without any restrictions.

  As long as you meet these demands, just headed to the junkyard and find a green truck trailer amid the junk for the Power Armor. The position should be south of the red beached ship on the northern side of the yard near a tiny shack. Go to the maps position and collect Power Armor.

Aaronholt Homestead

  Last but not least, this Power Armor location has a more lenient lock to pick coming in at a lowly Level 1--that said, it still requires you to have better lock-picking skill than zero, unless you have leveled that up or I do not suggest you go there. That item's location is a bit further out at the Aaronholt Homestead, the specific point is located in the northeast of the Ferris wheel on the map.

  You'll find the set tucked away in a shack beside the three large silos. Watch out for the giant bugs in that area, they'll cause some troubles if you left unattended when you pick the lock.