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Attention: Now Here Are The First Six Fallout 76 Survival Mode Legendary Weapon Rewards

  Good news, finally, the Fallout 76 Survival Mode has arrived as a beta release on March 26th, 2019. This new mode has offered a "natural Survival" gameplay style and without the restrictions that are present in the Fallout 76 Adventure mode. And what's more important, with the launch of Survival mode, Bethesda has brought new weekly challenges to this game which would give Fallout 76 legendary weapons as rewards to those FO 76 players who accomplish the challenges.

  According to what Bethesda says, each weekly challenge in Survival Mode will feature its own unique reward; all of those will be Fallout 76 Legendary Weapons. As part of their preview of this mode, Bethesda has already revealed details of the rewards for the first six weekly challenges coming in Fallout 76 Survival mode. Just as you expect, the new legendary weapons in Fallout 76 will cause greater damage, aim better, and reload faster. Well, to be honest, these weapons were designed to get you a kill more efficiently. Now let's take a look at the Fallout 76 legendary weapons and get to know more about them!


  Here Comes Fallout 76 Survival Mode Legendary Weapon Rewards (From The Latest Date To Furthest Date):

    *The First Week Reward From March 26 To April 1st – Crushing Blow 

  Since the Fallout 76 Survival Mode Beta has already gone live, the first Fallout 76 Legendary Weapon now is totally available. The Crushing Blow is a powerful M79 Grenade Launcher. If unlocked, this weapon will give Double damage and 50% more limb damage to a full health target. This gives those of us with less than stellar aim to make that up with a better class of weapon.


    *The Second Week Reward From April 2nd To April 8th – Medical Malpractice

  The second weekly challenge reward is named: Medical Malpractice, a pretty strange but very useful-looking .44 pistol. This weapon comes with components like a Hair-Trigger Receiver, Reflex Sight, True Grip and more. But what makes this weapon so outstanding is its special abilities. This Fallout 76 weapon has a 25% reduction in cost for V.A.T.S. Action Points, and also a +33% V.A.T.S. hit chance. The most amazing thing is: any V.A.T.S. crits you score will heal both you and your group, useful in gunfights where you have the disadvantage at some point.


    *The Third Week Reward From April 9th To April 15th – Sole Survivor

  The third weekly challenge reward is Sole Survivor, as you know, the Sole Survivor is a Lever Action Rifle which is perfectly suitable for the PvP (Player Versus Player) environment of the Fallout 76 Survival Mode. And meanwhile, this is a true assassin’s rifle featuring a Calibrated Receiver, Forceful Stock, Night Vision Scope, Stabilized Long Barrel, and Suppressor. For the parameter: it deals +10% damage while aiming and an extra +10% damage to other players, and at the same time, it also grants you +50 Damage Resistance when you're aiming, making it harder for your victims to retaliate. Pretty dope, isn't it?


    *The Fourth Week Reward From April 16th To April 22nd – The Guarantee

  The fourth weekly challenge reward is The Guarantee, it will do double the damage if the enemy has full health. Also, there is +50% limb damage (same as crushing blow) and 15% faster reloads with the legendary edition of the gun. And to some extent, The Guarantee is a powerful custom Fatman. Featuring a MIRV Launcher. You really should try this.


    *The Fifth Week Reward From April 23rd To April 29th – The Action Hero

  The fifth weekly challenge reward is The Action Hero, this .50 Cal Machine Gun will now shoot an additional projectile and have 25% faster fire rate along with a 15% faster reload speed. The one guy wiping out a whole squad phenomenon will go into overdrive with this.


    *The Sixth Week Reward From April 30th To May 6th – The Quick Fix

  Last but not least, the final weapon on the list, the only melee weapon on the list, the Switchblade will now award its users with +1 Endurance and will have a 40% faster swing speed buff. Along with bringing it closer to the usability and versatility of a combat knife, this will also help in early game shenanigans. And of course, this is clearly designed for raving chem addicts. Love this weapon? You will have it sooner or later!


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