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Fortnite Battle Royale: 3 Ways to Land Quickly

It's not easy to be the last person to stand at Fortnite Battle Royale. Landing faster in Fortnite is the critical point for you to get an early advantage. Fortnite Battle Royale Season 7 has introduced new features includes the X4-Stormwing Planes, Ziplines, and in some cases produced modifications to balloons, you're nonetheless going to choose to hit the ground initially, so you've got the initial choice of landing spots, weapons, and chests.

If you're here, you're likely wondering how to land faster in Fortnite. Well, don't worry, because we have all the tips for you below. Following the tips in this guide to learn how you can land faster in Fortnite and be amongst the first to fall in each match.

1. Glide in at an Angle

This can be an essential hint, but one that's arguably by far the most productive at making sure you land quicker in Fortnite. When you hop out with the Battle Bus, you will like to use either the left and right analog sticks for console players, or WASD as well as your mouse to control your dive and descent. The aim right here is usually to have your character pointing towards your desired landing spot.

If it's correct beneath you, or relatively nearby, you will need to dive all of the ways forward seriously, so your character is essentially carrying out a swan dive. The more your style leans forward, the more rapidly they'll descend.

Having said that, if your preferred landing spot is a pleasant journey away, it is possible to nonetheless land quicker in Fortnite by finding your descent correct. For these, you will wish to assure you're still relatively parallel towards the ground until you have reduced the distance down.

You will notice as you are moving your character about within the air that you can reach a point exactly where you are traveling promptly via the air across the map with no losing substantially height.

This can be the sweet spot, and we've included a screenshot below. Use this to have right close to where you should be, ahead of transitioning into a complete swan dive to trigger deploying your glider. This is essentially considerably more quickly than diving directly down more than the place you should land at, especially if it's a named locale. 

2. Aim for the lowest ground on the map, stay clear of tall buildings and high terrain

If you need to land quicker in Fortnite, it is frequently superior to prevent landing on high terrain or tall buildings, as this causes your Glider or Umbrella to deploy earlier. Even though you're gradually dropping onto a tall object or higher terrain, a further player may nevertheless be skydiving toward the ground to get a quicker landing. 

As an alternative, you might want to seek out the ground at the lowest altitudes on Fortnite's map. The reduced the land is below you, the lower the 'auto-deploy' point for the glider might be.

Even superior, if you're trying to land at among the locales around the edge of Fortnite's island map, attempt diving more than the water off the map. You'll be capable of dive even reduce than the lowest points of Fortnite's map, and so long as you play your cards ideal, you can still glide safely back onto the land.

This can be without having a doubt the most effective strategy to land quickly in Fortnite, nevertheless it only really applies for areas about the edge with the map. For any within an extra central spot, seek out the lowest land, which tends to be within the gorge that the river is operating via down the center with the map.

3. Time your jump from the Battle Bus correct

This might sound a little apparent, but it's worth covering all the similar. If you want to land at Tilted Towers and also you hop out at Lazy Links, you're not providing yourself the top possibility to fall fast in Fortnite.

Similarly, on the other hand, you don't need to jump out on the Battle Bus straight more than the location you would like to land. Although swan diving may be the fastest technique to descend, diving directly into a named place tends to have a larger 'auto-deploy' point for your glider than elsewhere around the map.

You are very best slowly but surely descending, picking out the lowest ground nearby to exactly where you wish to land, and then glide in.

It could take some time to genuinely find out the sweet spot for places and also the very best spots around the map which have the lowest 'auto-deploy' points, but once you've got it sussed, you will be all set to land quickly and initial in Fortnite.