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Does There Need A Ranked Mode in Fortnite?

A ranked mode seems to be the highest expectation of the Fortnite fans. Will Epic Games ever add a ranked mode to Fortnite? Most players said this game is in a desperate need for ranked mode, and without it, the game will continue to be in an unenjoyable and miserable state it already is in.

Presently, most players don't seem to possess considerably enjoyable now. Casual players cant take pleasure in public matches any longer as a result of how competitive is now. Competitive players find the game boring for the reason that there's no challenge any longer.

A ranked mode can fix this; if Epic adds ranked mode, there are going to be a lot of far more good factors combined to this game instead of the contrary. Players will finally have the ability to queue into games with their talent level, and this benefits both casuals and competitive players.

Epic Games is taking feedback from Fortnite players about a possible ranked mode being added to the game; it looks like Fortnite may soon add the mode.

Recent in a post on the game's Reddit page, a user posted a screenshot of a current survey they received from Epic Games, searching for feedback about numerous topics - one particular of these things sounded a lot like a ranked mode.

Possible Skill-based Match Making in new EPIC survey! from r/FortNiteBR

"Fortnite Battle Royale should have matchmaking that separates brand new players from experienced players," reads one of the questions.

This is not the first time, nor will it be the final time, Epic Games problems a survey like this, but that is the initial time one has referenced a ranked mode. If it is asking about a ranked mode inside a survey, it probably indicates it is a thing the developer has been thinking about, so we are going to be seeing it quickly unless the feedback says not add the feature.

Players have also put forward their ideas about the ranking mod they are looking forward. Someone says the mode should be ranked continuously so you can go in whenever instead of waiting for the next event to roll around. And someone says if this game has a ranked mode they also have to keep an unranked mode because good players don't always want to play other sweats and bad players won't improve only playing against other bots.

Undoubtedly, any time you contemplate fans have been asking for it for an extended time, it makes sense that Epic Game may lastly be pulling the trigger. So Do you want a ranked mode in Fortnite? How would you want it to work?