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Fortnite Recent Map Changes - The Return of Durrr Burger

Fortnite Battle Royale's v7.30 update is now upon us, which brought with an abundance of new map changes for us to adapt. Underneath you'll uncover all of the Fortnite map changes that have occurred in patch v7.30 which includes - The Return of Durrr Burger along with a missing prisoner.

The Ice King's story has created swiftly towards the finish of Fortnite Season 7. Within the past handful of weeks alone, we've had the mysterious Sphere housing the Ice King. The reside occasion on the Ice King exploding out with the sphere and coating the complete map in ice. Subsequently, the ice continued to melt in Polar Peak revealing a prisoner. In Fortnite's most current update, we've noticed the story progress some far more.

The Prisoner is no longer shackled, breaking free from his chains he's escaped. There's no doubt we've got a war around the arisen. How this story will progress is unclear, you will discover nonetheless numerous concerns surrounding the Ice King, the eggs and the prisoner. We'll retain you updated as soon as the story develops along extra drastically.

Here are all noticeable map changes in Fortnite v7.30:

1. Durrr Burger Restaurant In Retail Row

Durrr Burger fans rejoice - there's a brand new restaurant in town! Durrr Burger ultimately has his restaurant back. It goes devoid of saying, the restaurant will not be in its former place Greasy Groves, too, the town's still under the ice. As a substitute, Durrr Burger has accepted a "permanent" residence at Retail Row, opposite Pizza Pit no significantly less. The competitors are back on, and with Durrr Burger appearing to become around the rise, we wouldn't like to be in Tomato Head's footwear at this time.

The new restaurant comes with celebratory ribbons along the side, using the inside in the Durrr Burger restaurant becoming kitted out in classic Durrr Burger style. You'll be able to nevertheless obtain the Meals Truck outside the restaurant by some toilets and an outdoor seating location. Any individual up for one more Food Fight?

2. TV Studio – Tilted Towers

I guess the residence of Tilted Tower's does not watch Tv considerably? If they did, they would know all concerning the cursed building and remain effectively clear. Either way, it seems the building is totally restored and is now a TV/News Studio… Wait, what?

The building can be identified using a substantial satellite around the roof pointing into the sky. Cars found inside also have satellites on the roofs, with quite a few on the rooms featuring green screen and cameras.

3. Trucks Carrying Speakers – Pleasant Park

There are presently three massive trucks around the field at Pleasant Park, carrying speakers and other gear. This all points towards the rumored upcoming event featuring DJ Marshmello.

4. The Block is now Called Zarbot's Block

The final big map transforms this update naturally The Block. The Block changes all of the time, nevertheless, if I recall correctly, this is the very first time the map has shown a new name. At present, on the map, The Block is directly named Zarbot's Block. Codenamed Collamassuem, the block is now themed following the NFL and options lots of cool nuances that make the expertise incredibly particular.

As you draw closer to Zarbot's Block, you will be greeted by an outdoor carpark as well as the stadium entry checkpoints. After you pass the checkpoints, arrows around the walls aid navigate you to your seat. The prominent feature of this user-made structure is the significant stadium within the middle surrounded by a dozen seats.

Let us know within the comments beneath if you have noticed any significant map changes that we haven't covered here.