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Fortnite Season 7, Week 5 Challenges Have Leaked Online

Epic release new challenges every week in Fortnite Battle Royale, usually on a Thursday. But before that, Data Miners always leaked the challenges in advance before release and this time is no exception. So now we have known Season 7, Week 5 challenges ahead of time.

As usual, there are seven new challenges released every week in Fortnite, with three of these being available for Free Pass players to complete and the remaining four only available for Battle Pass players. Here are the leaked challenges for Season 7, Week 5:


Free Challenges:

Deal Damage to Opponent's Structures – 0 / 5000

Dance on top of:

– Water Tower

– Ranger Tower

– Air Traffic Control Tower

Eliminate an Opponent from closer than 5m away – 0 / 3

Battle Pass Challenges:

Suppressed Weapon Eliminations – 0 / 3

Search 7 Chests at Wailing Woods or Paradise Palms

Search between a Giant Rock Man, a Crowned Tomato and an Encircled Tree

Land at:

– Polar Peak

– Fatal Fields

– Tomato Temple

– Leaky Lake

– Snobby Shores

Be sure to keep in mind that this list could change. It looks to be a fairly regular week this week for the Fortnite week five challenges. The challenges will go reside sometime early tomorrow morning. Make sure you check back tomorrow for guides on these distinct challenges. 

Other news about Fortnite this week:

You may have been enjoying an uncommon break more than the festive period, but Fortnite unquestionably was not. Epic Games has been continuing to expand its battle royale phenomenon, and its latest update adds a brand new item, the Boom Box.

A specialist structure-counter, the Boom Box delivers "blasts of music that deal structure harm inside a substantial location," in accordance with Epic. "Newly built walls within the radius of the box are destroyed with just about every blast." Boom Boxes are discoverable in chests, and they're destroyed when shot. They deal no direct damage to players but totally quit buildings and structures from forming and destroy them if already constructed.

Elsewhere, two new weapons have been added to Save the World. The Discomfort Train Assault Rifle includes a slow rate of fire but higher damage, and it is readily available within the weekly shop until January 9. The Tree of Light Sword, meanwhile, is offered as a weekly challenge reward, and is also a high-damage weapon--it does take a when to swing, however. Check out the full patch notes here.