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Fortnite Season 8 News Latest: Teaser 4 and Downtime You Need Know

Season 8 of Fortnite is due to begin tomorrow; the latest Fortnite teaser has been revealed since Epic likes to play little visual tricks with its season teasers in Fortnite. Epic Games released the first Fortnite Season eight teaser image on Sunday, 24th February, followed by the second teaser on Monday, along with the third yesterday, and nowadays Epic launched the final teaser.

Fortnite Teaser 4:

As you can see, the final teaser showed a volcano. Interestingly, Placing all four teaser images together formed a giant skull major fans to think Season 8 will revolve about pirates.

Also, judging by the final teaser, either we'll see a banana pet in the Season 8 Battle pass, or we'll possess a Banana skin. And if there is indeed to be a volcano around the map, the location will probably be at Wailing Woods, or nearby it. The trees and grass in the POI have gradually been dying, and players have found there isn't any smoke and ash emitting from underground. This provides a robust hint that there could be a volcano in the location when Season 8 arrives.

Fortnite Release Date and Time of Downtime:

Season 7 will conclude at 1 am PT on February 28 and downtime for the eight.00 patch will commence straight away after. Patch notes detailing any new weapons, map alterations, or gameplay alterations will probably be released by Epic as quickly as downtime starts.

Downtime amongst updates lasts typically about an hour, but Epic has confirmed this can be a bigger patch and downtime will take longer.

Any replays saved before the update will likely be rendered useless just after downtime concludes. Unlockable styles for outfits in the Season 7 Battle Pass can nevertheless be unlocked through Season 8 as long as the base skins had been unlocked before the new season.

Season 8 comes on the heels in the Overtime Challenges, a brand new set of missions aimed at helping players full their Season 7 Battle Pass. Players who complete at least thirteen challenges will acquire the Season 8 Battle Pass free of free.

What About The Eggs!?

In terms of Eggs in Fortnite, the question every person is asking is whether or not they'll be linked to these which had been residing underneath Polar Peaks in Season 7. The eggs could be the eggs of your snake shown within the teaser, but it is far also early to say for particular. Keep with us on this one, it gets a little bit confusing.

We will update this page in time when we know the latest news about Fortnite Season 8.