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What's New in Fortnite V8.01 Update

Now Fortnite Season 8 comes to a new week, so it's time for another update, the new V8.01 update lives on all platforms on Wednesday, March 6. Epic adds a new item to the game to Battle Royale players, treasure maps. We have an overview of all the new items in v8.01 Update below, including items that have been placed into the game's vault.

The V8.01 patch for Fortnite is scheduled to reside at 09:00 GMT (04:00 EST, 01:00 PST). This update will call for downtime, that is most likely to last about an hour plus a half.

Here's all new items list in Fortnite V8.01 Update:

New Buried Treasure Item

One item we undoubtedly know we will see inside the V8.01 update may be the Buried Treasure Item, which was officially announced by Epic Games on Monday, March 4.

The item will act like a treasure map utilized by pirates, directing players towards the location of a buried chest, which can then be dug out and opened, granting players Legendary loot to help them on their quest for a Victory Royale. The buried chests should be dug up utilizing a pickaxe, and players will only have the ability to hold one map at a time.

The map was in a chest in Paradise. When you switch to it in your items, a faint pink spire shines off in the distance where the X is. Every time you click on the map (aka, use it as an item), you get a little trail pointing you in the right direction.

Improvements in Audio Quality

Epic Games said that weapons, building, footsteps, and gliders would all receive significant improvements in the audio quality. Honestly, this game has been way too much for me to handle audio-wise. When dynamite, bottler pockets, planes were all in the game, you couldn't hear any footsteps, and it's so frustrating. Hope the audio change is good this time around.

The V8.01 patch notes confirmed that alterations happen to be created for the standard Assault Rifle to make it less overbearing, though also making considerable improvements for the way players hear enemy footsteps.

Weapon Balancing

Epic Games have also toyed together with the spawn prices of a few the game's weapons, lowering the regularity of which products like the Infantry Rifle and also the Clinger grenade will spawn about the map.

Yay for fewer infantry rifles, boo for fewer Clingers. That's my favorite kind of explosives for general use- precision demolition, sneaky stealth kills, and so on.

Bottle Rockets Has Been Vaulted

Fortnite's Bottle Rockets have been only added for the game on February five, but just one particular month later they have currently been removed and placed inside the game's vault. 

I loved using bottle rockets. Place them correctly and the opposing team can't build during your fight. I've had multiple occasions where I threw enough bottle rockets to completely lock down a team by forcing them to just tans still holding the build wall button while we walked up and shot them with no resistance. I hope that it may reappear in the future.

Other Changes

The V8.01 update brings a new Limited Time Mode named Slide Duos, which sees players attempting to play with ice blocks on their feet, although having a Grappler with infinite ammo in their Inventory. The update also introduced new Guantlet Solo and Duo Test tournaments.

For creative mode, players are no longer limited to 3 sprays on a custom map. Not a lot else to say, it's a pretty light week for creative mode updates. Save the World players get a new hero, Highland Warrior Wildcat, plus the usual set of new challenges.

For more detailed Fortnite V8.01 patch notes, check out the official website.