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Forza Horizon 4 Drifted car that was overlooked - Mazda RX 7

There are many classic sports cars in Forza Horizon 4, and the Mazda RX7 is one of them. Why is it a classic sports car? Because at the time it was the chilling of many performance cars.

NO.1 Mazda RX 7
The RX-7 is the world's first production car with a rotary engine. It is equipped with a dual-rotor twin-turbo engine codenamed 13B-REW. The displacement is 1.3L, which can explode the powerful horsepower of 261. The performance above the horsepower is also due to the low speed torque and the rear drive. It is difficult to control the car at the beginning, and it is also the most attractive place for the RX-7.

The body weighs 1284 kg, 50% / 50% weight distribution, 6-speed gearbox, front engine rear wheel drive, with four-wheel double A-arm suspension, excellent handling is far more noticeable than performance, there are also Conducive to the body to make a variety of intense action.

Due to the FR setting, the RX-7 will be slightly insufficient in linear acceleration. However, on the curve drift track, it can definitely be called a drifting car of an era. It can easily beat the Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution on the mountain road, and Like the AE86, it is very representative.

NO.2 Real Version RX-7 Modification

Someone in the forum complained about the lack of linear acceleration of RX7. I want to know how to adjust the car. I just want to say, oh buddy, please change a car, you use it in the wrong place.

In the game, this car is more than just participating in the track competition. Some players prefer to use it to show their skills in photography and body decals.

NO.3 Photo Exhibition From Ayvee

There is a red version of this dress on his store.

NO.4 Ayvee's Photography Skills Sharing
While there are ways better photographers on here that might have a better method, I've found that the trick is to take the cleanest photo you can on Forza (staying away from effects, crazy contrast, messing with the color slider too much, sepia , etc.) and then doing some light photo editing on the PC.

You don't need to go crazy with the edit, just adjust the light and color settings until you're satisfied. Don't worry about getting Photoshop or any other fancy software, the built in Windows photo editor should be more then enough to Get you started.

Overall, the most important thing is the original photo you take on Forza. My suggestion is to take a ton of photos in different environments, lighting, time of day, etc. and then narrow down what looks best as you're editing. Hope That helps.

NO.5 Body Painting From AMYANH8life

AMAYH8life is very talented in body painting. The average drawing time is 5 hours, but this car cost him 12 hours. He is a very patient person.

NO.6 Mazda RX7 Drift Video

About the sharing of Mazda RX7, I am here today. If you missed some of the vehicles you want, and FH 4 has not released the relevant tasks, I think you can choose U4N, there are many rare vehicles for you to choose.