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Which of the Trueno GT Apex and Celica Supra in Forza Horizon is better?

Forza Horizon has worked with many car manufacturers, and Toyota is no exception. Today we share Toyota's two popular cars, the Trueno GT Apex (AE86) and Celica Supra, both of which are very classic cars. It was very representative at the time. If you are a drifter, I think you will definitely like AE86, and the article will have the latest player drift experience sharing.

NO.1 Toyota Sprinter Trueno GT Apex
Sprinter Trueno is an immortal JDM hero. It has a great advantage in the downhill track and the drift track. The frame code AE86 was originally involved in various forms of racing. Later, it was widely known for a film about the drift of the mountain road. Some players called it a tofu car. 

The AE86 is an FR (front engine rear wheel drive) layout with good front and rear body balance and a 50:50 weight ratio. Its horsepower is relatively small, only 128 horsepower, the AE86 in the movie has been modified, it is only 150 horsepower, but the modification space is very large, the potential is not small, as long as you like, V8 engine can be loaded, and generally drift The AE86 also has at least 180 horsepower.

Its body is very light, the original AE86 only 925KG, some modified AE86 only about 800KG weight, but also because of these characteristics, decided the special status of AE86 in some special games, so far in Japan AE86 is still a popular car in the drift race one.

NO.2 Toyota Celica Supra
Toyota's second-generation Mk2 Supra is a higher level of the Toyota Celica hatchback series, which has been redesigned to have a more unique shape and chassis adjustment to emphasize its high-end market position. It is also a FR layout with a four-wheel disc brake and a semi-tractor rear suspension that enhances the handling of Celica's active rear axle.

Compared to the first generation, it was replaced with a new and improved 5M-GE engine. In 1985, the Japanese Supra engine joined the new 6M-GE engine with a horsepower output of 190 horses, a slight increase compared to the 5M 170 horsepower. In addition to the 6M-GE engine, a 1G-GTE two-liter turbocharged engine is used.

Supra is born for modification. Although the maximum horsepower is only 280 horses, it can be upgraded to more than 1000 horsepower. It can be used in linear acceleration. After a simple modification, the fourth-generation Supra accelerates 4.6 seconds, 1/4 mile and 13.1 seconds. At the beginning of this century, this achievement made all the European sports cars at that time chilling. Even now, Supra can still be a mess.

However, Supra's handling is not very good, even to a bit of a bad situation, so few people drive the car outside the track, because this car can not bring real economic effects, in the 1997 supra 15th anniversary Toyota announced that it will not launch new cars of this series, but its violent horsepower and advanced design have become the totem of the fans.

You can also find these two cars in Forza Horizon. Although they are not so cool compared to super sports cars, these two cars are still very popular among players. There are different controversies among the players who like them. Some players are suspicious of AE86. They don't understand why it is so attractive. They think that it doesn't really stand out. Supra is considered to be unique in some way. No other car really like it, let alone sounds like it.

Players who like AE86 are more focused on the balanced body. They usually adjust the performance in the Forza Horizon garage, improve the horse's horsepower and increase the handling of the car. Unless you try it yourself, you won't understand this. Attractive. If you like linear acceleration, then Celica Supra will be a better choice. Although the advantages and disadvantages of these two cars are so obvious, they are still loved by everyone. If you don't have them in your garage, you can buy them from other players. If they are willing to sell them, you need to pay a certain amount  FH 4 Credits.

At the end of the article, I will share an experience from drift experts. He tells the outside world how to perform a perfect drift in different environments. This is definitely good news for players who like drift. Hope After reading it, I can help you. Here, thanks to the sharing of C1Y3R.

NO.3 Drift skill sharing - C1Y3R
"To be fair I've been playing racing games since the early 90's. Turn all assists off, manual transmission only. Add minor bolt ons like intake exhaust ignition, flywheel, upgrade tranny, diff, lighten the car weight and if you need to Adjust the final drive. find an empty space and practice drifting in a circle without actual using the stick to turn, its all about throttle control. In fh3 i typically ran rally suspension lowered all the way and rally tires, in fh4 i find Stock suspension and sometimes even stock tires depending on the power of the car. You can induce a drift by the e-brake or just simply counter steering while giving it some gas to get the ass end to slide out. You let off the gas to Slow your slide, or hammer it down to keep the wheels spinning and slide further. Sometimes when Im drifting if i need to tighten my line i hit the brakes as seen in this clip to help distribute the weight and momentum of the car, or if i want to slide out further il hi t the ebrake instead, all while keeping in mind the friction and grip of my tires. Its a constant balance of the above almost simultaneous while focusing on where you want to end up. , warm your eyes on it. Winter season is actually a great time to practice this on the snow covered roads since you don't nearly need to be going as fast and your slides will be exaggerated due to lack of grip, same goes for the Rainy seasons too. Its just trial and error, but assists off and manual is key."

    Toyota Sprinter Trueno GT Apex is an immortal JDM hero. It has a great advantage in the downhill track and the drift track. The frame code AE86 was originally involved in various forms of racing. Later, it was widely known for a film about the drift of the mountain road. Some players called it a tofu car.