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Forza Horizon 4 drifts are not necessarily drift cars

In Forza Horizon 4, drift is an important car skill. In seasonal challenges, there are often tasks about drifting. Not only that, drift skills are often used on the track, it is your ability to surpass your opponent. The best solution, if you want to get top rewards, you will have to master this skill.



Most of the time, the players think that they can practice drifting cars, preferably those designed specifically for corner drift. They usually have low center of gravity, light body, rear wheel drive, powerful power, etc. There is no mistake in this view, but there are always exceptions in the world. In the eyes of a drifting master, any car can drift.

NO.1 Isetta Drift Video

The little cute Isetta, which floated in the video, was first born in Italy. It was only a bold attempt by the Iso Group, but it was highly recognized by the market. Although it originated from Iso, it is the German BMW Group that really makes it shine.

NO.2 BMW Isetta
The Isetta uses a 247cc single-cylinder engine with a maximum power of 13 hp, a top speed of 80 km/h and a fuel consumption of 3 liters per 100 km. It is the world's best-selling single-cylinder engine car, selling a total of 160,000 units. The most peculiar thing is that its door is not on the side, but on the front of the car. When it is open, it is opened with the front windshield. It looks like a toy car, and sitting in it feels like entering a small country.

NO.3 How did Isetta enter Germany from Italy?
Due to the economic depression after World War II, people's purchasing power is limited, and the traditional luxury sedan 501 produced by BMW cannot be recognized by the market, which has caused the BMW Group to fall into a financial crisis. At this time, Italy's Iso has been suppressed by the Fiat Group and cannot expand production. Therefore, Iso sold Isetta to German BMW, and the two parties completed the negotiations within one day. Iso provided BMW with all drawings, permits and necessary production equipment. BMW pays a transfer fee to Iso, and every time I produce an Isetta, Iso must be given a split.

Between 1955 and 1963, BMW produced a total of 150,000 Isettas. BMW spent the financial crisis through Isetta, laying the foundation for the luxury car market in the future. Therefore, Isetta is a car worthy of thanks to the BMW Group.

NO.4 Some suggestions for learning drift - from community players
Exactly. The real competition drift cars all run 4 speed gear boxes and their gearing is set up for wheel speed. So they predominantly only use 3rd and 4th gear except on the slower circuits. And that is also when they are all making 800+hp Because it gives them options on how to initiate, maintain and exit the drift when you can break the tires loose at a moment's notice. If you watch competitive drifting, you will notice a lot of those guys use flicks and feint entrys to initiate their drifts They usually reserve the hand brake for increasing their entry angle.

Learning to drift in the game just requires patience and excessive use of the rewind button. I would also recommend purposely throwing the car too hard into the corners and learn how to correct it. It seems like 75% of it is getting the line right at From there it is all throttle control and very small inputs to the steering. But if you can't recover from a poor line choice then you are going to struggle.

One of the best things I started doing to help is set your car up for a 4 gear tuning setup. Most of the standard gear ratios are too short and cause for excessive shifting or don't provide a large enough power band. The competition drift cars IRL aren't just bouncing off the rev limiter in mid drift? A good starting point for me is to set my final drive to around 4:10 and then adjust the 1st gear to match the stock 2nd gear. Then match 2nd to 3rd. And so on. That usually gets me close to where I want to be and then it is just small adjustments from there. Now if only Forza allowed for the same tire compounds they have on the Formula Drift cars for all cars, Then I would be so happy.