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Forza Horizon 4 Many players regret to miss the Ferrari 812 superfast

Forza Horizon 4 has many types of cars, powerful horses, small and cute mini cars, and performance cars designed specifically for the competition. Among these many cars, one is very Popular, it is neither a buggy nor a supercar, but a station wagon. Many players feel regretful because they missed it at the time. It is the Ferrari 812 superfast, a fierce and powerful wagon.

Why is the 812 superfast so popular? What are the differences in it? Although you will have a lot of questions, don't worry, let's analyze it bit by bit.

NO.1 Ferrari 812 superfast exterior design
If judged 812 from the appearance, it is like a hard-to-tamed horse, with a compelling momentum to declare the world's own performance is good, the design language of 812 expresses its own fierceness. This feeling comes from its irregular headlights and a larger area of ​​the honeycomb front intake grille.

The curves and holes that are all over the body are almost the result of aerodynamic improvement. The two-way exhaust layout is used, and the middle rear diffuser fins can also be turned 17 degrees. At low speeds, the pumping capacity of the tail can be increased, and at high speeds, the rapid flow of the chassis air is accelerated to generate a negative pressure.

The newly shaped rearview mirror is designed to reduce the resistance created by air circulation. The new LED light strip taillight design is highly recognizable both day and night.

NO.2 Ferrari 812 superfast performance profile
The 812 superfast used the V12 engine fifteen years ago, but Ferrari made the necessary optimizations, and up to 75% of the parts were completely redesigned. They increased capacity to 6.5L and power increased to an astonishing 800 horsepower and 529 lb ft of torque. Front engine, rear wheel drive, car weight 1630KG, weight distribution 47%/53%. The top speed is 340km/h, 0-100km takes 2.9 seconds, and 0-200km takes 7.9 seconds.

In terms of transmission, the 7-speed dual-clutch gearbox is still used, but Ferrari has optimized it, and the average gear ratio of each gear is adjusted by 6%, which helps the engine speed to climb faster. In terms of speed, the new gearbox is up to 30% faster and the downshift is 40% faster. This is an amazing parameter.

The brake system uses Brembo Extreme Design brake calipers and is equipped with ceramic ventilated disc brakes. The system was once equipped with Laferrari. The 100-0km/h brake performance was 5.8% higher than the F12. The tires were paired with a set of front 275/35 R20 and rear 315/35 R20 abortions. The rear tire is slightly wider than the front tire for greater grip.

NO.3 812 driving experience
The car is equipped with an electric power-assisted power steering system that aligns the steering wheel with the feel of the entire car. It's a car about 3,900 pounds, but the car feels incredibly light, its dexterity is very shocking, like a V12 wing, steering without any delay.

NO.4 Where is the 812 superfast in FH 4?
In the beginning, it appeared during the fall of October 4, 2018 to October 11, 2018. It only existed for a while, and although many players found it, more people missed it.
Note: 812 superfast is not part of the FH4 car pass.


NO.5 How to get 812 superfast?
In reality, the 812 superfast is hard to get. FH 4 is no exception. After missing the seasonal store, you can only go through the auction house, but people may underestimate the heat of the 812 superfast. Some players say that they check it once in 30 minutes. See one. These cars were bought out a few seconds after the launch. As another commenter said, you need to search frequently, or at least search more frequently than you do now. Make a quick buyout on a car with a lower value, or you will lose to someone faster every time. You may be competing with keyboard macros, so you need to be very fast and lucky.

Sniper Ferrari 812 Superfast

In addition to the auction house, you can also get it through reddit or U4N. In reddit, there are players who say they are willing to sell 812 Superfast. You can trade with the seller. Of course, there are not many opportunities. In U4N, it is displayed as a commodity, you don't need to spend your Credits, you just need to shop as usual, the transaction process is very safe and fast, it is easy to get.

NO.6 812 Superfast Paint Body

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