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The fastest and fastest drag car in Forza Horizon 4

Earlier today, a player played a video on the forum. It was a straight-line acceleration game. In just ten seconds, his car won the first place with absolute advantage. This car The linear acceleration performance of the car is very shocking. You will think of it as a rocket through the video, and it will leave your opponent behind. That's right, it's the Shelby Cobra 427.

NO.1 Introduction to Shelby Cobra
In the 1960s, the Englishman Shelby put Ford's top V8 engine on AC's Cobra sports car, which was a great success. Ford bought the AC company, Shelby also played for Ford, has been committed to the development of the Cobra series sports car, including the Cobra 427 super sports car that caused great shock in the history of sports cars.

Initially it was improved from 289 and other models. When it was developed to 427, the engine was more powerful, and compared with other models, the car body was widened. This is the difference between the 427 and the previous model. .

The Commemorative Cobra 427 is available in an all-aluminum body and fiberglass body. The glass fiber version will adopt the guardian blue appearance and the white pull flower. Compared with the video above, you will find that it is a fiberglass body; and the all-aluminum body version is made of smooth aluminum. In addition, the door, the front face and other places marked the 50th anniversary of the golden emblem, and equipped with a racing-specific brake system, custom meters, vinyl artificial fabric seats and 15-inch wheels.

NO.2 Shelby Cobra Performance Introduction
It adopts 7.0L naturally aspirated V8 engine with output of 425 horsepower, generating maximum torque of 500lb⋅ft. Front engine, rear wheel drive, equipped with 4-speed gearbox, weight 1066KG, weight distribution 52%/48%, 0-96km The /h acceleration time was 4.27 seconds and the 0-160km/h was 10 seconds. Ford engineers redesigned their independent suspension.

NO.3 Shelby Cobra driving experience
The powerful V8 engine starts up like thunder, especially in places where space is relatively small. The clutch was a little heavy but well combined. The light throttle clutch was gently combined and the car began to move forward. The two large stainless steel exhaust pipes made a slamming sound. Driving the car onto the road, with the increase in torque, the exhaust sound has become an awesome low roar. When the pointer of the tachometer approaches the red zone, a huge sound and a push back feel are simultaneously generated. The four-cavity Holley carburetor has been opened to the maximum, and the roar of the exhaust pipe has been somewhat harsh, indicating that it is time to shift. The corners are usually slowed in and out, and the Cobra's steering wheel is a good reflection of the road surface that the front wheels pass.

NO.4 How to get Shelby Cobra
According to the latest news, Shelby Cobra appears in the new Barrett Jackson car kit added in the new update, you can try to download it. Some players also said that they got a 1965 Shelby Cobra through wheelspin earlier. This method is useful now, no one can guarantee it, only luck.

NO.5 How to modify Shelby Cobra
When you get a Shelby Cobra, you need to make some modifications to it. Otherwise, the original 425 horsepower, and can not let it win. The Shelby Cobra in the video has 1515 horsepower. The AWD gives the Cobra great grip and control. The body weighs only 1,491 pounds, which is an important reason why it accelerates so fast. It comes from Void_Solar, and if he is in doubt about the modification, he will be happy to help.

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