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Forza Street Released On PC And will also launch on mobile

The Microsoft's signature racing game "Forza", which attracts many racing fans with realistic pictures, will be developed into a mobile version, called "Forza Street", while being developed into a PC version. Forza Street is a racing and car collection game from the #1 Xbox racing franchise, designed to be played anywhere, at any time, by anyone.

Forza Street is a racing game with a simple operation that focuses on controlling the throttle and brakes. In the game, players can drive a variety of vehicles from the muscle car to the new sports car, and collect and upgrade the vehicle. Collect your dream cars, one street race at a time. Race to collect legendary cars – from classic muscle to modern sports and retro supercars. Squeeze in a quick one-minute race or get immersed in an endless story with multiple paths to victory. This is a race for anytime, anywhere.
Unlike XBOX's previous version of Extreme Racing, Forza Street supports the mobile game platform for the first time and will use the item charging mode.
The Forza Street PC version is currently available through the official Microsoft Store in North America, and the Android and iOS versions will be available later.

Q. What is Gold used for?
A. Gold can be used to purchase Energy Packs, additional credits, or Prize cards!

Q. What can I spend credits on?
A. Credits are for upgrading your cars. They are spent with tuning kits and upgrade kits to increase your car's PI.

Q. What are Tuning Kits used for?
A. Tuning kits are used to increase your car's PI, but are limited by the upgrade level and star rating of your car.

Q. What are the controls?
A. Forza Street is all about the timing of gas, brake, and boost. Hold down the left mouse button, space bar, or anywhere on the touchscreen to accelerate, and release to brake. Steering is automatic, allowing you to focus on perfecting your timing of brake and gas to take the lead!

Q. How do I use the Boost?
A. When your Boost has charged up to one or two rings complete, you can press the right mouse button, B / Enter Keys, or touch the boost gauge on touchscreens to activate your boost. Be sure to use it at just the right moment to get the advantage!

Q. How do I increase my max energy?
A. Increasing your Collector Level will increase your maximum energy.

Q. How do I increase my Collector Level?
A. Getting new cars and improving the cars you already have will increase your Collector Level.

Q. How do I get new cars?
A. New cars in Forza Street are won with prize cards. There are many ways to gain prize cards, such as collecting card chips in events, purchasing Premium Prize Cards with gold, or simply logging into the game for the daily Free Car Card.

Q. I got a duplicate car and my Star Meter Increased. What is the Star Meter?
A. The Star Meter represents the maximum potential of your car. Getting duplicates increases the Star Meter, and filling it up will upgrade your car to the next Star Rating.

Q. How do I earn domination rewards?
A. To earn the domination rewards for each event, you must beat every racer and activate every node in that event. This may require entering the event more than once and trying different routes!

Q. There are some paths and races in events that appear to be blocked. How do I get through them?
A. Some races are restricted, meaning you must race with a car that meets specific criteria such as car class (Street, Muscle, etc.) or nation of manufacture (Germany, Japan, Italy, USA). When you pick your team, look at the restricted races to see what they require and add a suitable car to your lineup.

Q. How do I get more energy?
A. Energy regenerates by 1 every few minutes. Alternatively, you can use energy packs to restore your energy. A small energy pack restores a small amount of energy immediately, while a large energy refill will bring you back to full energy.

Q. What are the different PI# on the rival cars when getting ready for a race? Why would I choose the ones with the higher number?
A. The PI#, or Performance Index, on rival cars represents how fast they are. Make sure to compare it to your own before starting the race! It may not seem like a smart choice to pick a harder car to challenge, but challenging harder opponent cars leads to bigger rewards when you finish the event!

Q. I can't use one of my cars anymore! It's crossed out during car select!
A. While you are going through an event, each time you use one of your cars, it takes I point of wear. Each car can take 3 points before it needs to be repaired. You can either use a different car to continue through the event, or you can use repair kits to restore a worn out car.

Q. My Race Button is missing!
A. If all of your cars are worn out during an event, the Race button will be disabled. Repair one of your cars to race your next opponent!

Q. What are the icons on each car? What do the different colors means?
A. The icons represent the class of car, and the colors represent either the class or the rarity of the car.
Red Diamond - Muscle Car
Blue Hexagon - Super Car
Yellow Circle - Sports Car
Green Triangle - Street Car
Rare cars will show as Silver instead of their class color, and Epic cars will show as gold!

Q: What are Spotlight cars?
A: Spotlight cars can be won by competing in weekly spotlight events. Check back every Monday to see which car is featured in the Spotlight, and complete the events for a chance to win these rare cars!