WOW Classic Hunter Race Selection Guide

The talents of each race in the vanilla era are very special and have a great impact on the profession itself. Therefore, how to choose a race becomes a very annoying thing for WOW Classic Hunter players. Next U4N will analyze Hunter's best race from both PVE and PVP.

WOW Classic Blacksmith 1-300 Quick Upgrade Guide (Weapons Master Route)

Old players of WOW know that Blacksmith is a very expensive professional, but also a very profitable professional. Many players waste a lot of time and Gold in order to raise the profession to full level. In order to reduce unnecessary consumption, through the collection and organization of data, U4N here shares a guide to the fastest upgraded forging professional, hoping to help players who like to forge professional.

WOW Classic's fastest Rogue Pick Lock skill upgrade guide

In the WOW Classic, Rogue has a unique Pick Lock skill. This skill plays an important role in some Dungeons battles. Now U4N tells you how Rogue can practice Pick Lock skills the fastest.

WOW Classic Protection warrior talent guide

The warrior talent in WOW Classic is very important for career development, and different points also determine the follow-up planning. How to add warrior talent? Below U4N will bring you the Protection warrior talent guide.

WOW Classic Level 60 Warrior PVP Graduation Equipment Guide

U4N will introduce the best equipment list in Arms Warrior PVP, equipment attributes and effects, and how to get these equipment, as well as weapons used with these equipment. This article will bring you a clear goal, as long as you make reasonable planning according to the content of the guide, no doubt you will become a powerful warrior, even if the plan is only half completed, it is stronger than the average warrior player. More.

WOW Classic Casual Warrior Two-Handed Weapons Guide

If you ask WOW players, what is the strongest weapon of Arms Warrior in Vanilla period, I believe many players will think that it is Might of Menethil, Dark Edge of Insanity, Ashkandi - Greatsword of the Brotherhood and R14 Grand Marshal, but the difficulty of these top weapons is difficult. They are very high, not only need to participate in Dungeons for a long time, but also need better luck. The R14 Grand Marshal is basically not available to normal players. Therefore, for most players, you can only choose some weapons that are easier to obtain and have higher damage.

WOW Classic Warrior talent selection Axe Specialization or Sword Specialization?

I believe many WOW players have heard of Warrior's "Sword Specialization" in the early days. Because Sword Specialization is too powerful, Warrior players have chosen sword weapons. Until the end of the 70-level version, Blizzard weakened "Sword Specialization". After the promotion of "Axe Specialization", "Sword Specialization" completely fell to the altar.

WOW Classic Warrior's Whirlwind Axe Task Detailed Process Guide

Warrior's iconic weapon, Whirlwind Axe! WOW Classic is about to open, and new and old players have been waiting for a long time. If you are an old Warrior, you must remember this professional task that takes a lot of effort, time and materials. Of course, the final reward is also very rich, is the famous Whirlwind Axe / sword / hammer, 3 Cyclone weapons, because the recognized Whirlwind Axepk is the most powerful, so basically choose Whirlwind Axe.

WOW Classic 1-60 Warrior PVE Talent Guide

This talent is very suitable for Warrior in WOW Classic. It can be used up to level 60, no need to replace it in the middle. This solution is mainly based on upgrade and PVE, and contains some PVP.

Smooth support Mobile Poe Builds Website for PS4, Xbox One Player

In PC there are Mature Poe Builds design, read the website, but for PS4, XBOX one players, viewing is very difficult. We may need to open the PC and configure build on PS4, Xbox One. These will be past tense, u4n Poe Currency Team has developed a Poe Builds website that perfectly supports mobile access.

WOW Classic - the most popular weapon by Arms Warrior

In the previous article, we introduced the best weapon of the Warrior 1-60. But strictly speaking, that's just the weapon used in the upgrade phase, not the best. When you reach full level, you need to discard them and regain more powerful weapons. These powerful weapons are all purple, although most of them are difficult to obtain. But this still does not reduce the warriors' desire for them. Being able to get any of them is a powerful symbol.

WOW Classic: 1-60 Warrior Weapons Leaderboard

WOW Classic's footsteps are getting closer and closer, and Warrior's powerful weapon is always the first pursuit at all times. Warrior has no legal magical skills, no Rogue, Hunter, Druid smart pace. Warrior can only go forward without going forward, so in the early stage of WOW Classic, which weapons of Warrior are worth starting? Today, everyone will come back to recall the classics of the past!
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