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How to Increase Affection with NPC to Get a lot of Lost Ark Gold

Lost Ark is a full MMORPG, although it's often compared to Diablo. This MMO also includes several mechanics that only RPGs can know, including the necessity of growing affection with the world's inhabitants. They will give you money and come to your island with enough sympathy.

In the world of Lost Ark, the mechanics of flirting with characters greet you early in the game. After completing the tutorial and reaching the town of Prideholm, you will meet the first NPCs.
Once you've completed the first main quest, there will be two characters waiting for you with whom you can initiate it. Tavern owner Neria is the first person you meet.

Talk to her and other characters to improve your relationship, and you have two main boxes to choose from. One of them always starts a normal conversation or a quest-related one, and the other is heart-shaped and starts flirting with the character.


How does it work?
Shortly after meeting Neria, you meet Siera the bard, the second character in Prideholm, with whom you begin to get along better. Now you've noticed the difference between these two characters, and you'll have to do different things to get closer to them.

Neria has to assure her that she's good at cooking. You have to prove that you think so because she can't cook at all.

On the other hand, Siera has to recite a song or bring her her favorite flowers.

You can be rewarded if you have some level of familiarity with them. This also varies by NPC. Nelia, in particular, is very worthwhile at the beginning, as she gives you 10,000 Silvers after a short time in the second stage.

If you increase your familiarity, you'll unlock new quests with NPCs. Among other things, you'll get to know them better. These missions are usually prepared with exciting or interesting stories and are decorated in great detail. So it's worth listening to.

By the way, the characters available to you in Arkesia are marked with hearts on the minimap so that you can directly access them.

What's the point of flirting?
Improving your relationship with various NPCs will not only give your wallet a shape. Because the items that NPCs give you vary greatly.

In addition to the silver or Lost Ark gold you earn, you'll also earn extra experience points, items to improve your gear, and items to help you fight. But even beyond loot and rank, relationships give you an edge.

Once you're enough to trap one, you can have NPCs follow you to your island. You can find that character there and use it on your expeditions from now on.

Each character has different rewards that they can bring to your island and use on your adventures. Plus, there are even skins available for purchase that you can use to give new hearts different outfits.

How much time do you need to spend?
Since you can only perform up to 5 affection actions per day, some NPCs take quite a while to trust you.

Until then, you have to give them a lot of stuff, play them many songs, do something for NPC friends. But as mentioned above, the effort is worth it.

However, it feels like forever until you win some NPCs due to the daily limit. While Sierre the Bard in Prideholm will fully trust you and come to your island after ten days, it will take Ninav on the Whispering Islands a full 87 days to convince her.

Who can you improve your relationship with?
While it initially seemed like you could only trap beautiful women and gain their trust, that plan has been broken in the second city.

You can also flirt with men there. But it doesn't stop there. Throughout the story of The Lost Ark, you will meet many NPCs who can improve your relationship. It's not always in the flirting sense, but usually, it's just about trust.

For example, you can even win different animals as NPC familiars. In total, you can build relationships with 77 other characters in Lost Ark., So your island can get very crowded.