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Amazon apologizes for Lost Ark server issues and offers free rewards


On Saturday, May 21, 2022, The Lost Ark's U.S. servers were under maintenance for an unusually long time and caused players to wait for a long time. Amazon Games chose to offer further compensation to apologize for the embarrassment caused.

This limited-time offer applies to all Western Lost Ark servers, including Europe, even if non-US players are not inconvenienced! A little free bonus Lost Ark Gold gift!

The original press release is available at this link. We chose to translate it because it's in English, so you don't miss anything.

Amazon offered some incentives as an apology.
As Amazon mentions in the press release below, these rewards can be earned directly in-game for free. Each account can only be obtained once the next time you log in. Choose carefully!

This isn't the only free content you can get in Lost Ark these weeks if you're fast. Prime Gaming subscribers also have access to new rewards with great rewards.

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