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Express Events and Feiton Power Pass let you level up your Lost Ark characters faster

Lost Ark just got bigger. In addition to the new continent of South Fern, there's even a new class and several fixed bugs related to spear bearers. You will have access to the new Glaivier class. The martial artist is known as the Master of Spears.

The spear bearer is characterized by her two different stances, focus, and storm, in which she wields another weapon. She unleashes a series of quick thrusts with the shorter spear while focusing on powerful and deadly strikes with the longer spear.

There are tons of new quests and characters waiting for you to discover in the new South Vern area. South Fern is an incredibly peaceful area where settlers used the techniques of many different ethnic groups to transform this once barren land into a thriving water source and green pasture.

However, something seems amiss here, so Queen Fern Ilyin has sent you and Knight Commander Avel to investigate. According to the developers, a dramatic and spectacular battle awaits at the end of South Vern's story.

A new character also means leveling up again. And MMO veterans know all too well how exhausting and frustrating it can be to get to the endgame with the protagonist. So, you've created a spear bearer, and now you want to get to level 3 of the Lost Ark as quickly as possible and finish the game. In this case, the new Express Event, combined with the Feiton Power Pass, is just right for you!

How long is the courier event?
You have until June 30, 2022, to upgrade one of your alts at high speed. You read that right: Express Missions events are character bound, and the rewards earned cannot be traded. This brings us directly to the next point:

Who can participate in the express event?
To participate in the event, you must have a combat character level of 50, and - most importantly - your item level must be below 1,000. If you exceed this threshold, you will not benefit from the rewards of tier 1 and tier 2 pools.
This limitation has caused some confusion in the game, as many players may have missed item-level points. So again: don't start a quick event with your main character!

How does the courier campaign work?
After starting the courier mission, your character will get level 302 equipment, allowing you to complete rewarding missions and level up quickly and efficiently.
These quests are divided into four parts around the main continents of tiers 1 and 2, namely North Fern, Rohendel, Jorn, and Felton. In these sections, you can find a number of materials specific to your course that will help you further as you progress. These can be reinforcement materials and potions, carvings, Lost Ark Gold, and other items.

What are the benefits of Quick Activity?
As mentioned at the outset, Quick Quests are the ideal way to get your low-level alts into the final stages without spending days and nights on regular leveling. This process can even be accelerated. Read the next section.

What's next for The Lost Ark?
Pikemen won't be the only new content waiting for you shortly.

Upgrade faster with Feiton Power Pass
If you've completed the story in Feiton with the protagonist, you'll have a Feiton Power Pass, which you can redeem until June 30th. Just check your mailbox, and you'll find a ticket there.
The Feiton Power Pass saves you from playing the entire campaign again with a new character. Because this will equip your character with level 960 items and you have already completed the story, including the land of Felton, then you can immediately handle the Expressmission event and start the final game.

Then what?
Just at the final stage, you may be wondering what to do next. In our guide, you'll learn how to invest your time best.