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Lost Ark Abyss Raid Argos: The Definitive Guide to Phase 3

The Abyss Raid Argos Phase 2 guide has been described earlier, In the following guide, discover what you will face in the battle against Argos and the mechanics of the different phases. Each one has its differences and some mechanics are somewhat complicated. Here is a guide to Abyss Raid Argos phase 2, Find everything you need to know to defeat argos here.






Phase 3: Item Level 1400

The most important mechanics in Argos Phase 3 are the Day/Night/Dawn variables and the instant death mechanics. Argos' normal abilities are the same as in stages 1 and 2, except for a few that we will list at the end. Let's see what the new mechanics of Phase 3 are all about.



Day-Night – Sunrise

During the 3rd Phase of Argos, the weather/weather will randomly change between Day/Night/Dawn. After a certain amount of time, Argos will move to the center of the arena and change the climate/weather. Each moment has its special characteristics that you should know.



Argos – Day

During Argos Day, he will repeatedly inflict a debuff that reduces your speed and cannot be removed in the normal way. In the sand, you will see a series of green and red "seeds." To get rid of the debuff, touch one of the green seeds. This will remove your debuff and the debuff of nearby characters. Be careful. If you touch the red seeds, they will explode, causing area damage.

So, during the Day, Green seeds are good, Red seeds are bad.




Argos – Night

Area. During Night, your vision will be reduced to only a small part of your screen. Lost Ark seeds that appear at Night are red and blue. Touching one of the red seeds will remove the vision reduction debuff for a few seconds, but touching one of the blue seeds will cause it to disappear, leaving behind a large circle dealing poison damage to everyone within it. Poison damage from blue seeds can stack up to 5 times and deal significant damage. If you are affected, remove the debuff with Panacea or some other method.

During the Night, Red seeds are good, Blue seeds are bad.




Argos – Dawn

During the Dawn stage, all participants will constantly take damage. The seeds you will see this time are blue and green. You touch one of the blue seeds. If you touch one of the green seeds, they will immobilize all nearby characters. Everyone nearby will gain a shield that prevents constant damage for a certain amount of time.

Finally, during Dawn, Blue seeds are good, Green seeds are bad.




Instant Death Mechanics


Solar / Lunar Circles

Two participants will be marked with the Sun or Moon glyph above their heads. During the day, it will be the Sun glyph, and at Night the Moon glyph. The indicator you'll see to anticipate this mechanic is that Argos will sit in place for a few seconds and lookup.

A few seconds after the characters are marked, a circle will appear under them. All other participants must enter the circles since the first four that enter the circle will receive a shield that will prevent them from being killed instantly by Argos's attack, which will occur moments after the circles appear. Make sure you have the Assault effects active in the settings to see the circles.

Quickly let the rest know if you have the circle and get closer to the other market participant. Ideally, they should be positioned close to each other but not too close since the circles will cancel each other out if they overlap. If they get close, the other participants can quickly pass through both circles and thus ensure that they receive the shield.



Solar Energy

During the Day, Argos will sit in the center and absorb solar energy. When this happens, open the minimap and look for the yellow dot. Go to that place, and you will see a yellow light fall, mark it so that all the participants quickly reach that point.

Everyone should stay at that point for a few seconds. If even one of the participants does not arrive on time, they will all die.



Moon Energy

Like Day, during the Night Argus, will stand in the center and consume Lunar energy. When this happens, open the minimap and see purple dots.

To avoid instant death, they will need to spread out across the arena and pass through all the purple dots. If they collect all the violet dots, they will survive. If they lack only one, they will die.



Dawn Energy

During the Dawn stage, Argos will transport to the center and absorb energy. At that time, multiple blue seeds will appear in the sand. Walk over one of the blue seeds to gain a shield and avoid being hit by Argos's attack. The same seed can protect multiple characters.


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