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Lost Ark - How to increase gear score?

Through this article guide, I will take you to understand how to improve the gear score in the Lost Ark and help you master these contents more easily.



Read this guide to understand how to enhance your gear score in Lost Ark.


Increasing your gear score in Lost Ark can help you progress better and faster in the game. Lost Ark has three different tiers of point levels, and as you go through each one, you'll find that your Lost Ark gear only gets better. Given the initial complexity of this process, it's easy to see why it's hard for players to understand. This guide will ease the dilemma by showing you how you can increase your gear score in the game. We will show you in detail all three levels and what you need to do to advance to the following levels.




Level One (250-600) – Lost Ark Gear Point Increase

On reaching level 50 in Misplaced Ark, you may have the ability to buy item amounts with tools values from 250 to 302. Once you earn 250 points, you should start trying to get into the Chaos Dungeon. You can find this dungeon in North Verne.


Once here, it would help if you started from the first stage, the first level. You need to collect enough rare items and equipment to help you reach 302 points.


Once you reach 302 points, you can continue aiming for a 340 – 600. You can upgrade North Vern or Shushir's rare gear to +2 for each to get to that range. In addition, you can upgrade rare items to +15 to help you reach the 600 mark.


However, if beating the game seems like tea of ​​tea, you'll find that upgrading your rare Northern Vern or Shushira gear to +2 for each will bring you up to 460 points. By dialing 460, you can move on to 600 by going to the Citadel of Illusion and Aureslud Palace. Here you can collect everything you need to create your legendary items.



Second level (600- 1100)

Once you've reached 600 points, it's time to move to the second level of equipment points in Lost Ark. This level will start from Stage 1 and Level 1 of the Yorn Chaos Dungeon.


To have 802 points, you'll want to get a complete set of unusual things. Recycling old gear into new gear can help you reach your desired goal, so pay special attention.


Apart from these items, you will also need to pay attention to gems, as they will help develop your character's skills.


After successfully reaching 802 points, you can improve your pieces by +2 each to get 840 points. In addition, you can upgrade all your gear by +15 to call 1100 and advance to level 3.


If you want to complete the game, you must go to the Abyss Dungeons. It would help if you went to the Forgotten Forge and the Road of Sorrow to get all the necessary items to get epic sets. This will help you score 960 points. As we mentioned earlier, recycling will help you move forward in this process.


You can go through the Undersea Sanctuary, Perclows Abyss, and the Oblivion Sea to the Abyss Dungeon to collect materials. With these materials, you can create a set of legendary equipment with which you can collect 1100 equipment points in Lost Ark.



Third level (1100 - 1575)

Here, you will go through stage 1 and level 1 of Punica. After earning 1100 equipment points in Lost Ark, you will move to the third level. To reach 1302 points, you will need to collect the full items. Again, recycling is key here. You can avoid grinding completely by upgrading all rare items by +15.


You will go through the Punic map again by choosing to grind, albeit at stage 2 and level 1, once you reach 1370 equipment points. In Lost Ark, you can go up to 1415 points. You can either complete the 3rd stage and level 1 of Punica or continue processing to get a +15 buff per item.


After reaching 1415 points, you can get 1460 points by upgrading all items by +18. By upgrading all items by +18, you will score 1460 points. You can also run the Valtan Legion Raid in normal mode.


After reaching 1460 points, you can go up to 1490 by upgrading each of your current equipment by +20. By completing the Biackiss Legion Raid on Hard trouble, you may also do that. Once you reach 1490, you can get 1340 points by upgrading all your gear by +25. At level 1340, upgrade all equipment by +25 to reach 1575 points. In addition, you can also complete the Abrelshud Legion Raid on normal difficulty.


That's all. That's all you need to do to increase your equipment points in Lost Ark. As you can see, this can be very easy, depending on the method you choose. Either way, one thing is guaranteed, and that is the fact that you will find an advantage in upgrading your equipment.