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Lost Ark: The Complete Guide to Collectibles

In the Lost Ark game, there are many different types of Collectibles. You can view the number of collectibles and the status of collections by type and collection through the shortcut key [Alt+L]. Hover the mouse over each item, and you can also view the purpose of the acquisition. Land. This article will share a detailed guide to Lost Ark Collectibles. Help players to quickly and deeply understand the relevant content of these Collectibles.


Lost Ark Collectibles Guide



Lost Ark Collectibles Guide: Island's Heart

Island's Heart empowers the compass with special equipment that grants passive bonuses related to sea voyages and island travel.

The most important reward is the 20 Island Heart, as this provides a potion that provides +6 skill points.

Knowing this, going to Island's Heart has a short-term benefit. It's incredibly challenging to complete early server launches like Slime Island or Estella. Note that the islands will be more accessible as the server starts uptime, especially during the "dead time" of the server, so it's not relevant.

After 20 Island Hearts, the following helpful bonus is the 50 Island Hearts, Teleport Hero's Guardian Rune, when equipped on a skill, grants a maximum 8% health shield while the skill's cast animation is in effect.



Lost Ark Collectibles Guide: Adventurer's Book & Ignea Token

Completing the Adventurer's Tome early can be expensive (both time and potential Lost Ark gold if you try to buy collectibles from other players). It's very time-consuming, and hitting 100% on server startup on any continent isn't very beneficial. Still, it would help if you were doing your daily rapport, at least from server startup, since that's limited every day. When you try to rush to 50 and leave out the most important daily activities, they should be ignored and come back later.

The ideal rewards demand 5, eight, and 9 Ignea Marks. These are potent runes, skill points, and Bifrost keys. Over time, you'll come back to them and reach 80% on continents that grant Relic rapport items to help you drive rapport. NPCs who turn in rewards are located in any major city.


Relationship items should be carefully assigned based on the collectible you are going after.

  • They can be used to run 100% around the continent to collect Ignea Tokens faster.
  • They can be used for specific NPC bonuses that are also important to collectibles, such as Sasha for a Giant's Heart in Artthetine.


Items: What is it?

  • Mount: White Round Beetle - A Heroic mount. Looks similar to the ladybug from Tortoyk.
  • Frying Pan -  When equipped, deals one damage. They are used for an Island Token.
  • Bright Energy - An aura that may break out of combat. That is huge and annoying.
  • Top-Grade Health Boost Potion - Adds 50 to maximum health, modified by a health-like factor.
  • Purify-Rune - 70% chance to dispel one negative effect on you when casting.
  • Ginger Weill Card-Card - Part of the Creative Master set.
  • Superlative Stat Increase Potion - Adds 50 to all main stats.
  • Advanced Skill Point Potion - Adds six skill points.
  • Essential of Bifrost - Unlocks a teleportation point to memorize in your Bifrost book.
  • Darren Aman Card - Card: Part of the Abandoned Cliff Of Wind set.
  • Title: Akrasia Pilgrim - Grants 5 Intellect on obtaining.
  • Installation: Ignea - Installed in the Expedition Territory manor or as a prop.
  • Mount: Golden TerPeon - The only free Legendary mount in the game outside of PVP.
  • Wallpaper: Garden of Rest - Wallpaper for the Lost Ark character select screen.



Lost Ark Collectibles Guide: Giant's Hearts

Giant's hearts should be collected over time. They offer valuable rewards such as skill points. They come from many different sources. The NPC who turned in the premium is located on Wisdom Island, south of Lutra.


Acquisition Method:

  1. Start from Wisdom Island as a quest reward.
  2. As a reward, make a friendly relationship with Beatrice in Traxion. Requires a rapport that I can't remember.
  3. As a reward for reaching Loved on Sasha in Artthetine. Requires 260 Charisma.
  4. Randomly dropped by Shushire's Calendar Boss Tarsila.
  5. Purchased from Roger for 3,300 Guinea Coins in Blackhaven. Merchants are not always present.
  6. Bought for 33,000 Pirate Coins from the Black Merchant in the Pirate Village Atlas. Merchants are not always current.
  7. As a prestige reward for Dooky Island. You need to complete Una's quests 30 times a day.
  8. Purchased from Black Fang on Liberty Island for 4,000 Guinea Coins.
  9. As a reward, trust the blue-eyed Calvasus in the Hypnotized Eye. Requires a rapport that I can't remember.
  10. As a reward for clearing Tower of Shadows 35F.
  11. It is given as a prestige reward on Blue Wind Island.
  12. Given as a quest reward in the Darkmoon Market. In addition to completing other quests, five days of daily quests are required to access.
  13. As a reward for clearing Tower of Destiny 35F.
  14. As a reward for reaching trust in Nineveh on the Isle of Songs. Requires 310 Courage and Charisma and Starlight Song (costs 3,300 Geena Coins at Frank's Starlight Island).
  15.  It is given from Wisdom Island as a quest reward. Require



Lost Ark Collectibles Guide: Mokoko Seeds

Mokoko seeds are very insignificant. There's no significant reward for doing so, but you can get extra sailors, expedition sailors, and a few other lovely little things. The most important tip is the 1050's masterpiece, but much effort goes into it. You can also get a free ship skin from it, which has auto-enhancements for budget players. The NPC that turned in the reward is located in Tortoyk village. Low priority.



Lost Ark Collectibles Guide: Masterpieces

Masterpieces are also not very important. You can get a simple island token for just 10. Most decent rewards, such as gold boxes, are higher. You should get at least 24 Masterpieces to get the Heroic Condemnation Rune. The NPC who turned in the reward is on Sunflower Island, east of North Fern.



Lost Ark Collectibles Guide: Sea Bounties

Sea Bounties offers excellent early rewards. Sea Bounty maps are collected from Adventure Books, Harmony, Barter, Expedition Barter, World Boss Drops, Calendar Boss Drops, and other collectibles. Not a big deal, but the Silver it offered early on was pretty good. The NPC who turned in the reward is located in Peyto, the ocean paradise northeast of Luterra.



Lost Ark Collectibles Guide: World Tree Leaf

The world tree leaves are obtained by hovering, and the rewards are so-so. Each leaf can be obtained from multiple places. The NPC who turned in the bonus is located in any major city. Their careers come from all over the world.

The World Leaf grants the Charismatic Special Equipment (Refined Gem Amulet), which provides passive bonuses to all Life Skill levels, Mastery, and Basic Reward acquisition. It can be upgraded with Heroic, Legendary, and Relic Citrine items.


Items: What is it?

  • 5 Skilled Life Experience Potions - Grants 2,200 profession EXP to each profession.
  • Delicate Gemstone Amulet - Special equipment. Grants passive bonuses to life skilling.
  • Crafting Kit for Skilled Workers - Applied to craft hero life ability tools.
  • Masterpiece #11 - Collection item.
  • Transformation: Rabbit - Fun trinket transforms you into a bit of a rabbit. Unlimited uses.
  • Subtle Citrine - Used to upgrade the Delicate Gemstone Amulet to Heroic.
  • Title: A Master of Life - Grants 5 Charm on obtaining.
  • Silent Citrine - Employed to upgrade the Fine Jeweled Amulet to Legendary.
  • Transformation: Collection - Fun trinket transforms you into a random profession node. Unlimited uses.
  • Installation: World Tree Leaf - Installed in the Expedition Territory manor or as a prop.
  • Transformation: Fish - Fun trinket transforms you into a lively fish. Unlimited uses.
  • Serene Citrine - Made use of to upgrade the Delicate Gemstone Amulet to Relic.



Lost Ark Collectibles Guide: Star of Orpheus

The Star of Orpheus collectible is full of promising rewards. Grants skill points and two very useful runes (Abundance and Barrier). The NPC who turned in the tip is located in Nia Villag.


Items: What is it?

  • Growth Potion (Stats) - Adds 5 to all main stats.
  • Advanced Skill Point Potion - Adds six skill points.
  • Overwhelm - Rune: +20% neutralization damage.
  • Greater Stat Increase Potion - Adds 25 to all main stats.
  • Rune: Richness - Rune: +40% identity gauge gain.
  • Advanced Skill Point Potion - Adds six skill points.
  • Rune: Guardian - Rune: 12% max HP shield during the skill animation.


Get process

  1.  Introduce you to the method as a side quest reward. Out there immediately after finishing the Punica major quest.
  2. Right after finishing the 21 Days of Purification Ritual every day, Yuna quest as a quest reward for an additional story #2.
  3. Relationship rewards for developing trust with Nia.
  4. Exchange for 8,000 Sun Coins, obtained in cooperative sailing activities close to Punica.
  5. Sometimes dropped from Puneka's Calendar Boss Mok.
  6. Accidentally dropped by Stella, the dungeon boss located around the Isle of Sorrows.
  7. Dropped at a chance from the weekly Chaos dungeon (not to be confused with Chaos Dungeon or Chaos Gate) in South Vern.


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