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The best MMOs and online games recommended for April 2022

MMORPG is a game genre that allows players to control their destiny and become the game's hero. With MMORPGs, you and thousands of other gamers worldwide can come together in one massive game for adventures, quests, and awesome battles. Recommend some interesting MMO and online games in April 2022. This time it's primarily updates or games that we've shown here that have worked well since March. Anyway, a new version is coming. Our games of choice here are MMOs and online games. In other words, a title you can gamble with friends or strangers. Every title selected here will receive an update this month, celebrating its release or remaining up-to-date for other reasons, so it's especially worthwhile to play it now. We mix our games of choice.

Lost Ark
Lost Ark is a Free2Play MMORPG from an iso perspective. So you look down on your character from above. The controls adjust accordingly as you use the mouse to move around and perform basic attacks. As you progress through the game, you can unlock many skills that you can then use the keyboard to complete. Prime Gaming has launched a new loot for Lost Ark from April 5th. The Silver Battle Raptor is a new mount that has been widely praised on Reddit. There, it was called gorgeous, fantastic, and badass. As of now, the Mount is not available in-game and can only be obtained through Prime Gaming. However, it will likely be available for Amethyst Shards in the future. You can get this aura for 30 days in the shop for 450 crystals. This requires approximately 5K Lost Ark Gold.


While controls and visuals are reminiscent of Diablo, Lost Ark primarily offers MMO features, including:
15 different courses to start
hundreds of tasks
Dozens of dungeons and raids
Shipbuilding and Shipping
Relationship with NPCs
Auction house for trading
PvP and leaderboards in unique arenas

Here's why you should play Lost Ark in April
Lost Ark is primarily aimed at fans of action-packed MMORPGs who have no issues with iso perspective. You follow a story and start at level 50, and you have multiple options for equipping your character. The focus is primarily on group activities such as dungeons, raids, and PvP.
So you should like the instance and have no problem with grinding. Because the Lost Ark has a lot to offer.
But if you're having trouble with controls, hose areas, changes from dark fantasy, high fantasy, and steampunk or grind, you'd rather ignore Lost Ark.

Final Fantasy XIV
Final Fantasy XIV is a classic MMORPG in Square Enix's famous Final Fantasy series. After a disastrous initial launch, the game has been fully updated and rebooted. Since then, the game has been so successful that it recently surpassed the rankings on Twitch World of Warcraft.

These are the highlights of Final Fantasy XIV.
In mid-April 2022, FF14 will receive new content from Update 6.1, New Found Adventures. Including:
Focus on the good old days when you were just a simple adventurer
A new extreme test of endgame
A new residential complex called Empyreum
The Return of Wacky Detective Master Hildibrand
New PvP content called Crystal Clash
Especially the new competitive mode Crystal Clash, which replaces the previous model Feast, is a particular highlight.
Two groups of 5 players fight. The purpose is not just to eliminate opponents. Instead, you should take the Tactical Crystal to the opposite base in the center of the arena.
There's also a reward system, which our author Irina Moritz especially liked and allayed her previous distaste for PvP.

Here's why you should play Final Fantasy XIV in April
Content Update 6.1 brings a considerable content boost and is a good reason for every MMORPG fan to check back in.
On top of that, new endgame content like recent raids and tests are a highlight for many players, and those who like PVP will be delighted with the new mode and Battle Pass.

Guild Wars 2
Guild Wars 2 is a multiplayer online role-playing game with a dynamic combat system and a vast and colorful world. The game relies on Buy2Play models and extensive add-ons like the recently released End of Dragons.
This will bring you back to the hot area of the first part. Namely, the Asian-inspired background of the Cantha continent has also changed a lot in the centuries since Part 1.
End of Dragons was released on February 28, 2022, but it's still hugely popular and has also worked its magic on our MMORPG expert Alexander Leitsch. Additionally, the game has more than tripled its player count.

These are the highlights of Guild Wars 2
End of Dragons offers more of the usual Guild Wars content as well as some genuine innovations:
The beautiful and pristine territory of Cantha.
A continuation of the story about fighting dragons
New Elite Specialization
new two-person mounts
a fishing system that didn't exist before
New Legendary Weapon
New attack missions with variable difficulty

Here's Why You Should Play Guild Wars 2 in April
A month after its release, Guild Wars 2 and Dragon's End are still hugely popular, and the developers hope to draw inspiration from the complete again after a long period without a ton of new content. The roadmap has a lot of promises for the near future.
So if you've long wanted to get back into the captivating MMORPG, now's your chance, especially if you like an Asian setting and have always wanted to ride a giant tortoise in full gear.

Fortnite is a colorful battle royale shooter from Epic Games. Originally it was just a by-product of the main PvE game, and now it barely plays a role.
Instead, the battle royale mode constantly evolves, regularly getting new seasons with new content. Fortnite's most significant unique selling point is the ever-changing game environment, constant updates, and game mechanics for mining resources and building buildings.

These are the highlights of Fortnite.
Season 2 of Fortnite Chapter 3 kicked off recently. The theme is an evil organization's military invasion of the game world. Since the scene is reminiscent of the Ukrainian war, the developers donated much of the initial proceeds to charity.
Highlights of the new Season 2 update are:
Temporary (?) shutdown
Powerful tanks and buses as vehicles
new weapon
New Battle Pass, including new Marvel skins

Here's why you should play Fortnite in April
One of the significant innovations in the new season is the missing build mode. The building is a unique selling point of Fortnite, and only those who master it can often hope for victory.
But construction is hated by many players, especially when the so-called Sweater explodes during frantic construction activity, knocking the entire fort off the ground in seconds with every gun change.
Due to the lack of buildings, the cards are being reshuffled, and many players celebrate it. Among them is our shooter expert Maik Schneider and former top Fortnite streamers like Ninja and Tfue.
So if you want to experience Fortnite in a completely different way and ideally have never been keen to build, now is an ideal time to start playing (again).

The Cycle: Frontier
The cycle comes from German studio Yager and is supposed to be a battle royale with PvE elements. However, the game was subsequently redesigned and renamed The Cycle: Frontier.
Here you are abandoned as a prospector on a distant planet, and you must fight for survival and a good harvest.
Like in a battle royale game, you collect loot and mine resources like ore. Along the way, you'll lurk on various animals and other players. If you get caught by them, you lose your stuff. Therefore, you must regularly bring your prey to safety.
A very successful closed beta of The Cycle is currently running, which has been extended until mid-April. The launch should happen later this month.

These are the highlights of The Cycle.
Continuing to combine battle royale with PvE elements, The Cycle: Frontier is considered a true shooter insider. feature is:
Large Mysterious Planet Maps to Explore
Exciting gameplay that blends battle royale and resource collection.
If you get hit, you lose everything
Here's why you should play The Cycle in April
The massive success on Steam prompted the developers to continue the beta phase. The cycle is still playable in beta until the middle of this month. Also, according to the developers, The Cycle should finally appear in April.