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Madden 22: How to unlock trophies and how to get platinum trophies

In Madden 22, trophies need to be completed in order to be unlocked and obtained. In this article, we will describe in detail How to unlock trophies and how to get platinum trophies. This is because trophies are either game-specific challenges that you will work overtime organically to unlock, or they are related to very specific conditions that you need to complete in the franchise mode.

If you want to tilt the balance more profitably when needed, you can even change the slider. Alternatively, you can use a second controller or upgrade these controllers with friends. You need to win a game against another player in an online league to unlock the head-to-head and Super Bowl in the online league to gain bragging rights. Therefore, it is best to find a friend who can unlock these.


Madden 22: The list guide to all trophies

There are 20 trophies to unlock in Madden 22. Below you will find a complete list of all game trophies, as well as descriptions and strategies explaining how to obtain them.

Madden 22 All Trophies List Guide
Trophies Category Content & Unlock
Masters Platinum: Congratulations on winning just about every Madden 22 trophy! To win the Platinum Trophy in Madden 22, all you should do is gather the other 19 trophies detailed beneath.


Gold: Use Celebration Loco inside a single game to get a total of much more than 50 yards.

To carry out the Celebration Loco move, you have to press and hold the L2 button though one of your wide receivers or running backs is sprinting to the end zone. This can be a cumulative trophy that you will unlock inside a single game, so you do not need to complete it inside a single game.

The best technique to unlock it is to use the Arcade set to play on Rookie difficulty. As the Kansas City Chiefs, use a group against a weak second-tier group and pass the ball to Tyreek Hill. Once you break free of charge, press and hold the L2 button as you run for the finish zone, do that within a handful of games, and you will get a prime-time trophy.

If you still have problems, manipulate the slider to tilt the gameplay ratio inside your favor, or connect a second controller and assign a formation for the defense, for instance, field goal percentage. Players like Tyreek Hill will undoubtedly do that type of coverage, enabling you to run towards the finish zone while holding down the L2 button.

Unblockable Gold: In three games, just after the passing sprint is won, a specific sprint action is used each time for you to build a sack or tackle for failure.

The pass and sprint action demand you to manipulate the right analog stick in diverse directions when getting into the block with the offensive line of your opposing team. Pick a group like the Chicago Bears and use the circle buttons to manage players like Khalil Mack. To produce yourself less complicated, we propose applying the Arcade setting to minimize the difficulty of Rookie.

When your linebacker places pressure around the quarterback, push the right analog stick in any direction. The bottom is Bull Rush, the top is Rip, the left or appropriate is Club or Swim, and R2 is Speed Rush. Use among these approaches to have the sacks and note down the moves you use. You are going to know that your action is correct because a verify mark will seem next towards the name on the activity you are trying to carry out.

Throwin Dots Silver: Make use of the low throw mechanism to throw a pass TD.

You could hold the L2 button to throw the ball towards the low position, although throwing the ball towards the selected receiver. Move your group for the court and use stick play or other uncomplicated approaches to squeeze the ball to a narrow end. Once again, this will likely be much easier to carry out together with the Rookie difficulty set by Arcade. Still, when you use the low-throwing mechanism throughout the game, you ought to pick out it organically within the End.

Inside the subsequent snapshot, use distinct actions and repeat till the Trophy is unlocked. If you'd like, you may use a second controller to simplify this so that you can rush to a fixed quarterback.

Lock Corner Silver: Win three suppressions with the identical CB in a single game.

Select a team with outstanding cornerbacks, such as Jaire Alexander on the Green Bay Packers or James Bradberry IV with the New York Giants. You would like to enter Man's coverage to ensure that your cornerbacks can line up with the wide receiver in a row. Pick the best cornerback in your list, like certainly one of the players pointed out above. When the ball is hit, push the left stick in the direction of your approaching receiver, then press the X button. Should you succeed, your corner kick should attack the wide receiver and block their path.

You should repeat this operation on three occasions using the identical cornerback to unlock the Trophy. When you encounter Rookie difficulty in Arcade settings, then you can attempt the second controller. On the offensive end, make deep passes like Hail Mary or a winning streak, so your corners have sufficient possibilities to confront them and place pressure on them.

Currently in progress Bronze: Ally the Play Now Reside game. Every Week in the forthcoming NFL season, EA Sports will update the "play now" section with new games. All you might want to do right here is play a complete game, and after you finish it-regardless of your outcome-you will probably be asked if you'd like to ally within the Franchise. Stick to the prompts, and you'll unlock this Trophy.
Adjust of Scenery Bronze: Relocate a team.

Relocating a team is among the most exciting things you'll be able to do in Franchise mode because it permits you to rebrand a current group efficiently. Although you could unlock this naturally, it is easiest for those who start a new Franchise and opt for the Tennessee Titans, even though also making sure to utilize Real-Life NFL Rosters. This is for the reason that their Stadium satisfaction level is pretty low already. You'll choose Transform Part and select Owner so that you can relocate. Also, it's very best to start at Preseason Week 1.

As quickly as you begin your new Franchise, scroll to Manage Team> Stadium > Relocate. Use the Advance Week alternative to simulate towards the get started from the Standard Season, then continue to manufacture using to about Week 5. Over a series of weeks, you will have the choice to opt for a City, Name, Uniform, and Stadium for your relocated Franchise. As soon as you've completed all of these activities, simulate for the Super Bowl, and after that, Advance Week one particular final time. Immediately after that, your Franchise will likely be relocated, and the Trophy will unlock.

Roster Reshuffle Bronze: Total a fantasy draft. This Trophy is very simple to unlock, choose Franchise and Produce New League. Select Use Active Roster > Starting Point> Fantasy Draft as soon as you've got the option. When you're in your Franchise menu, choose to Start Fantasy Draft > Begin Drafting. You can skip the complete draft if you want to, but once you've finished it, you will get the Trophy prompt.
Pro Bowler Gold: Take part in the Pro Bowl for the duration of a Franchise season.

There is a fantastic possibility, when the Franchise you happen to be playing does not attain the Super Bowl, among your players will likely be chosen for the Pro Bowl, enabling you to unlock this Trophy organically using gameplay. Even so, if you're getting problems with this Trophy, then there's a simple process. Merely go to Franchise > Make New League > Offline > Use Active Roster. Choose one of the best teams within the game, just like the Kansas City Chiefs, and Start out Playing. Then go to Options> User Teams and use the triangle button to add at least two additional player-controlled teams to your Franchise.

You need to add fantastic teams, like the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Baltimore Ravens, or Buffalo Bills. You happen to be then going to Advance Week to the Play-Offs. The Pro Bowl requires a spot a week before the Super Bowl, so Advance Week till you get there. When you don't possess the prompt to Play Pro Bowl, switch to among your other teams by picking Choices > User Teams. A minimum of a single may have a player participating in the Pro Bowl. You could then basically play via the match to unlock the Trophy.

Head-to-Head Silver: Win a Head To Head game in a web-based league.

To unlock this Trophy, you will need to play with a friend since it can not be performed solo or alone. Follow the guide for the MVP Trophy to make or download a roster having a 99 general team, then be sure it is loaded. As soon as you've followed those steps, visit Franchise> Generate New League > On-line > Use Active Roster. Ensure it is an internet league; otherwise, this will not perform. Select the group having a 99 all-round rating and Start out Playing.

Pick Advance Week after which Sim to Frequent Season. Spend consideration to your opponent in Week 1, then visit Choices > Members and invite your friend to play as your Week 1 opponent. As soon as that's all set up, you'll Play a Season Game against your friend. Be sure you beat your buddy in the game as a way to unlock the Head-to-Head Trophy. You'll be able to instruct your pal to pick ridiculous formations. Like the field goal block, you can get some touchdowns more easily if you want.

When you've finished the match, unlock the Bragging Rights Trophy, basically Advance Week and choose Sim to Super Bowl. Since you are using a 99 all-around team, you will make the Super Bowl, and you can select Play Super Bowl. Win the game to unlock Bragging Rights at the same time.

Bragging Rights Gold: Win the Super Bowl in an internet league. Refer to the Head-to-Head Trophy for a lot more data.
Future of your Franchise Gold: Reveal a rookie's X-Factor possible.

When you naturally play games through franchising, you are likely to find rookies with X-Factor potential or perhaps hidden developer traits, but if you are struggling to unlock the Trophy, select Franchise> Make New League > Offline > Use Active Roster. Get started Playing, and when you're set-up, pick Advance Week and Sim to Draft. Save your game and select Start off the NFL Draft. Your objective right here is to note who has the very first choice within the draft.

When you know, reload the save you made just before the draft and go to Alternatives > User Teams and press triangle to play because of the group with the initial choice inside the current. Choose to Start out Playing to take control of that Team and save one far more time after that. Now you could Get started with the NFL Draft. Primarily, it would help if you preserved picking players until you unlock the Stud Finder Trophy for drafting a rookie using a Hidden Dev Trait.

The next step should be to Skip Ahead for the End with the NFL Draft and Advance Week to Midseason. You'll have the solution to Upgrade Players. Select this and discover the Rookie which you selected as the initial general choice. Go to "Overview"> "Edit Player"> "Player Features" and select "Superstar X Factor" under the "Improvement" option. Then exit the upgrade player menu and re-select the player to get the Trophy.

To unlock the ROTY trophy, follow the instructions above to return to "Edit Player," go to "Player Features," and upgrade all statistics to 99. It is possible to then Advance Week for the Super Bowl and Advance Week 1 additional time. There's a high possibility at this point that you are going to unlock the ROTY Trophy along with potentially MVP. If you don't get either, then refer to the MVP Trophy for additional guidelines.

Stud Finder Bronze: Draft a rookie having a Hidden Dev Trait. Refer towards the Future in the Franchise Trophy for a lot more information and facts.
Huge Spender Gold: Win a cost-free agent bidding war to get a 90+ OVR player. Refer to the Dealmaker Trophy for additional information and facts.
Dealmaker Gold: Re-sign a 90+ OVR player.

Please adhere to the guide for the MVP Trophy to make or download a roster using a 99 overall group, and then make sure it is loaded. After following those measures, visit Franchise> Generate New League > Online > Use Active Roster. Visit League Settings and turn the Salary Cap to Off. It is possible to Commence now Playing your new Franchise.

When you happen to be into the Franchise menu, Choose weeks ahead and choose Sim to offseason. After entering the offseason, go to the players ready to negotiate and see if all your players are ranked 99th. You have to re-sign one of them. Give them an excellent contract to make sure at the least certainly one of them re-signs with you, and you will unlock the Dealmaker Trophy.

To unlock Major Spender, too, return to the Franchise hub and pick Advance Week. Any players that you did not resign will be out there in free agency, so choose Sign free Agents and place a bid on one of your former players.

MVP Gold: Win MVP among your players.

It is attainable you'll unlock the MVP Trophy while following the methods for Future with the Franchise. If the operation is not performed as expected, produce a custom roster using Settings > Edit Roster. You will want to upgrade any of the players, like Rookies for ROTY, to 99 general ratings, then save it. Alternatively, it is possible to obtain a roster to download by going to Settings > Share & Handle Files > Download Community Files. Just look for one that has a ledger where all of the players are 99 all around.

After editing or downloading the roster, go to Settings> Share, manage files, and load your custom roster. Once that's accomplished, you can visit Franchise> Create New League > On the net > Use Active Roster and choose the group with edited logs. With all that accomplished, start your Franchise and Advance Week towards the Super Bowl. You'll want to unlock both the MVP and ROTY Trophies in case you haven't currently.

ROTY Gold: Win Rookie in the Year with among your players. Refer to the Future with the Franchise Trophy for extra data. For those who never get it following these guidelines, then refer to the MVP Trophy instead.
Momentum Stealer Silver: Accomplish the giant Momentum Swing probable. There is a bug associated with this Trophy, which means it cannot be unlocked at the time of typing.
Saw It Coming Silver: Use trend counters and make mistakes. There is a bug associated with this Trophy, which means it cannot be unlocked at the time of typing. 
Under Control Bronze: Perform new Control Juke and Spin, then score. There is an error related to this Trophy, which means it cannot be unlocked while typing. We will update this article as we resolve this issue.



Conclusion: The above is the entire content of unlock trophies and how to get platinum trophies in Madden 22, which can help you complete various challenges and win all trophies, as well as rich coins MUT 22 rewards! In addition, you can also click Madden 22 tips and strategies to learn more about it.


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