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Madden 22 Reviews: Is Satisfied or Disappointed?

Since Madden NFL 22, I was waiting for the Madden 22 franchise to achieve a qualitative leap! However, from the current experience, although the content released in the early stage is excellent news, the game's development after the adventure has not reached this point! Madden NFL 22 has the opportunity to indeed plant the team's banner in a very crowded venue for an excellent sports experience. Madden 22 does give you satisfaction or disappointment? Let's take a look at some of the content of the new season!


In Madden 21 last season, players have lost their excitement about many things in the game. Therefore, they all hope that Madden 22 will bring players the latest motivation and passion in the newest season. However, after experiencing and waiting for a year, the love and encouragement that did not seem to be brought were not as great as imagined!

Some of the things that bothered my Madden 22 experience are exposed in the face of the franchise, which is equivalent to a single-player campaign, where you guide the players you create into and complete their journey as a professional athlete. The acceptance and execution of this model are mixed. To put it better, the narrative of this function in the past few years has fluctuated between logical confusion and unbelievable and unnecessary drama, hypocrisy and fantastical. Like other similar campaign modes in other sports games, it is the gateway to most of the core aspects of the game and the latest features.

Madden's 22 version of Face of the Franchise re-enables players to choose positions other than quarterback. You can act as a wide receiver, running back, or even linebacker. Think of them as choosing your warrior class in RPG. When you select a position, you can select the type of player you want to be in that position. For example, choosing a running back will lead you to choose to play as a "shadow" and focus on being fast and elusive; a "dominant" who crushes people; or a "double agent" who is good at running out of the backcourt and catching the ball as a catcher.


In addition to all these selection advantages, you can also make and customize different builds for your player avatars; you can use the faces available for franchising and another game mode called The Yard to create agile, balanced, and rude bodies. Conceptually, I dug through the options, but the cluttered menus and displays meant that I was also easily confused by all the juggling and adjustments of the build when trying different locations. When you want to play a flexible slot machine receiver, you might adjust a "rude" build in-depth and forget to switch it, thereby forcing one to quit and readjust. (I may or may not have done this a few times.) After all this, you can choose which college your players go to, and make sure you will play some college ball at some point in this narrative exercise.

Fortunately, this year's story in "Face of the Franchise" removed most of the over-rendered melodrama: no friends chasing you to college, you don't have to participate in a stupid reality show competition to prove that you can throw, there is no college The coach wants to let you sit on the bench after you throw 400 yards and 4 TDS to "show someone else" (I like Robert Patrick, but his 21-year Madden role is an example of the worst college coach ever). For someone who is likely to be a first-round pick, this is a relatively straightforward journey. His only drama is the things that real-life draft picks have to deal with, such as choosing which events to participate in, suppressing, and performing well in training.


Regarding the face of franchising, one thing that bothers me is... an error. The audio does not match the subtitles. A visual glitch in a charity match caused players to grow extra symbiotic feet from their legs when running around.

Some things melted the brain of my football nerd. During my professional debut, a graphical display showing my team's draft class roster, another guy was selected in the same round as me and had the exact pick. I've watched Football for a long time. You can't choose two people with one choice, guys. This is not something that will happen. Also, if I were a selected quarterback, why would one team choose another in the first round? This happened when the Jaguars decided my brother in the first overall pick... But in the world of Madden 22, I was also selected by the same team at the same time, just like Trevor, the first overall player in real life. ·Lawrence (Trevor Lawrence) as in the past NFL draft. What? Before the season opener, when the player I created was a starter, the commentator said, "we saw Trevor Lawrence first," which made the situation even more complicated.

"Face of the Franchise" also feels out of touch in the narrative (and graphically). On the other hand, I will get a movie screen of one scene. Then the next scene is characterized by people being still, lips and mouths moving to express speech, Disney animated gestures, but only text as dialogue-except sometimes audio will jump in. Consider that this is tied to the FIFA or NBA 2K experience, especially in 2K, with at least a dozen different performance movie screens.

I also don't like having to play the Yard game during my journey because I feel like I've been forcibly instilled in a pattern that doesn't match the tone: "Here, in the week before the draft, play a crazy six-on-six ironman football match. NFL Elite! Will anything go wrong?" Other strange things that happened during my few franchise trips were stuck on the "Resume/Exit" screen after talking about Yard charity games, which meant I had to play again and hope it works. I also started passing without a catcher, so I threw incompletely into the air in a scorching minute until I had to restart the game. At least in the flashback sequence, I participated in a few college football games, even if there were players with the same jersey numbers as me on the offensive. In college, people can have the same jersey number but not on the same side of the ball. In addition, when one of the college players scores, the comments usually say a completely different name. These may sound trivial, but these are trivial things that other games in other sports have managed to solve, and they add up to a distracting bag.

At least Football is still strong enough, which is still the core reason Madden can bear. EA has added a lot of new animations, but they are hard to notice when your attention is focused on tracking the ball's flight, looking for a catcher, or trying to break through the runway. Most of the time, the animation is cleverly integrated into the gaming experience that most fans have known for more than a decade.

In other words, I do appreciate the flow of pass protection-pocket formation, and movement seems to be more organic than in the past few years. The tackle looks smoother, but there are some glitches in the game I play, and sometimes the player seems to be teleporting next to my ball holder to make the tackle. In addition, you will still encounter strange falls multiple times in each game. Running Football shows an updated animation, which makes it fun to run someone like Derek Henry of the Titans 20 to 25 times in the game. My personal favorite is when a fast player rushes into an open field and transforms into an animation of a dead-end sprinting and dragging the ass, rather than simply leaning forward and accelerating the speed of movement. When you disappear in Madden 22, you seem to have disappeared. When you bring it into the house, it is satisfying to see it-it is not enough.

The high-priced feature of the next generation of Madden 22 is "Dynamic Game Day," which integrates the concepts of power, atmosphere, and indicators into the experience. Some of them are effective. There is a double-sided momentum meter at the top of the screen. Depending on which team has a significant game, both sides will be filled. Reminiscent of the takeover meter in NBA 2K, filling up the momentum meter will trigger the team, especially the home team, to cheer. This is an extraordinary element, and when you notice it, it adds extra wrinkles to each game. The catcher may lose more passes, the defense may be more compromised, and the game art of the route may be messed up.

In terms of atmosphere, these are just additional shots of more realistic crowds and different camera angles and a display of the steam coming out of the tunnel or a leading commentary on the game story. Again, it's cool, but this is a cosmetic improvement. Some stadiums let their fans perform iconic melodies (such as "J-E-T-S"), but they sound strangely low and a little off. The use of next-generation statistics adds some paint graphics and numbers to games that disrupt the game. In the long run, I saw my tail running to the finish zone at approximately 21 mph. The next generation should also influence the call and tendency of AI-controlled teams. From what I can see, it just gives me more information that I can use. I have not experienced a moment like this: "Oh my God, the game makes me understand!"

You can also view many statistics in franchise mode, which is another aspect that Madden needs to update. Many of the newer adjustments feel beautiful and surface level. The most potent further adjustment of this model is the addition of employee management functions, in which you can improve the skills of coaching staff members through skill trees and recruitment and dismissal. You deal with new scenarios every week, such as the occasional press conference when discussing your opponents that week. More emphasis is placed on preparing the game plan, which can provide various improvements for the game or the entire position group. This season's more significant changes to college player scouts should appear in future patches, so now, the franchise model feels incomplete.

Another missing part of the game is the production of players in the creative center, which feels like I haven't touched it for a long time. I think I have been looking for various preset faces and skin tones of the same choice for years, even if some new ones are spilled in. What is especially strange when juxtaposed with a complex and diverse creation system is your face license avatar, where you can adjust everything from precise thigh size to chin contour. In addition, we live in a world where we can build a baseball swing from scratch, and there are more than 100 animations to make jump shots for players, but the quarterback created in Madden has only a dozen ways to throw a football? This is not suitable for me. Creating a character should be a richer experience. The more options a person has, the more opportunities for players to have their creations. The lack of choice makes the Franchise seem to lag behind everyone else.


However, even with something new, I can't get rid of the sameness in the Madden NFL 22 experience. And there is another biggest problem. In the Madden 22 game, the MUT Coins Madden 22 that I want to obtain in the game through my own way is not enough for use in the game, so I have to go online to buy coins, which is really helpless! The love of Football keeps me playing, but there is no moment for me to think, "Well, we are in the next generation." This prevented the series, and the other games have passed. It looks like another year, "Leap" will have to wait if it does come.