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Maplestory 2 Chaos Dungeons Moonlight Fortress Guides

After entering Moonlight Fortress Dungeons, we have to go through a section of water to reach the center of Moonlight Fortress. After that, BOSS will jump directly to the pirate ship. At this time, the islanders need a reasonable division of labor, 9 point direction on the left and 3 point direction on the right. In the direction of the table, each of the two Small Monsters will be refreshed. The professional with the teleporting skills (recommended mage) will be required to clean up the Small Monsters. Otherwise, the Small Monsters will throw yellow floors to the players in the central area, and the hit islanders will be dizzy. . Therefore, the table's Small Monsters needs us to clean up in time.

The first stage:
After entering the book, touch BOSS, BOSS will jump on the steps, this time with the 3 point direction platform will refresh Small Monsters, one person to 3 points to clear the Small Monsters on the high platform, others clear.

The high-class Small Monsters will throw a yellow bomb to the center. The Small Monsters on the high platform can be controlled with dizziness for the first time. The BOSS will throw a red floor to the center, the damage is extremely high, and the BOSS uses the displacement when it swings. After playing Small Monsters and jumping back to the center area, BOSS will jump off the steps. After attacking BOSS for a while, BOSS will wave and jump up the stairs. At this time, the center will refresh the Small Monsters with the 9 point direction step.

The 9-point Small Monsters is the same as the 3 points. You need to use the control first. The people in the center area remember to hide the red floor. After the Small Monsters are cleaned up, the space uses the cannon at the foot of the BOSS. After BOSS jumps off the steps, it will use the big move, the knight will play 1, and the crowd will gather at the knight position. (The timing of the release of the Cavaliers, see the BOSS white cover disappeared and used immediately). After the BOSS big move is released, the direction will be selected for shelling. After determining the direction of the bombardment, everyone goes around the BOSS and outputs it. Then BOSS will enter the cycle mode, slashing left and right, power storage, red floor, red floor must avoid. BOSS's general attack is also avoided as much as possible, because it will superimpose the BUFF.

Second stage:
When the BOSS blood volume is about 2800W, the high platform at 1 point direction will refresh the Small Monsters that have lost the yellow floor and clear the Small Monsters in time.

Below 2800W, BOSS lifts the knife, 3 points and 9 points players are in place, others go to 12 points, 6 points pull Small Monsters players attack the axe Small Monsters, and the Small Monsters lead to the ground point of 6 points to kill. Players at 12 point direction can continue to output BOSS, but pay attention to avoid the red floor, and for the target staring at the front, give a tracking bomb, the player who pulls the bomb has been moving, if it is hit, the damage is extremely high and dizzy. BOSS suddenly jumped forward and had enough time to get behind BOSS.

The third phase:
Then when the BOSS blood volume is as fast as 1850W, confirm whether the Small Monsters at 3:00 is cleaned up. If there is no stop output, wait for the Small Monsters to be cleaned up. The 1900W BOSS will return to the bottom of the ship, accumulating power, the Cavaliers playing 1, and everyone will move closer to the Cavaliers. The timing of the Cavaliers releasing invincible is the same as above. After the bombing, the shelling will be carried out. After the shelling is determined, it will be behind. After the full screen big move, BOSS will jump to the platform at 3 point direction, and the Small Monsters will be refreshed in the middle. There are a few players in the game to clean up Small Monsters, others follow the 3 point platform, most of the career's displacement skills can cross the broken bridge. The 3-point platform is relatively narrow. When you see the BOSS aiming action, you are ready to shift to avoid the red floor. After the Small Monsters are cleaned up, the BOSS will return to the intermediate platform. After a period of output in the middle, the BOSS will jump to the 9-point platform. There are still a few players in the middle to clean up the Small Monsters. The rest of the players follow the BOSS to the 9-point platform. Like the 3-point platform, after cleaning up the middle Small Monsters, BOSS will return to the central platform. After returning to the center platform this time, BOSS will be violent and the damage will increase. At this time, try not to greedy output. 3 points platform to go to 3 players in advance, 2 players operate 弩 attack BOSS, 1 player pulls BOSS bombs (bomb's pull is, standing behind 2 players who use 弩, BOSS guns pop up ,, move backwards ). After a certain number of attacks, you will disappear and return to the center platform. During the BOSS, there will be several shellings, which will be shaken before the shelling, and will be behind the BOSS. After that, BOSS is once again violent, and the 9-point platform goes to 3 players in advance, and the process is the same as the 3-point platform. If you accidentally fall into the water, you can return to the normal platform through the steps as shown.

3 point direction

9 point direction

The final stage:
When the BOSS blood volume reaches about 650W, it will enter the final stage. BOSS will jump to the bottom of the ship and destroy the ship. At this time, the floor will show poison gas and continue to drop blood. A lifebuoy and an explosive barrel will appear at 11 point direction. Several players moved the lifebuoy to the 9 point direction platform.

3 point direction

Below the high platform at 1 point direction

And put a melee ring around the BOSS, a remote circle of 4~5m. The player who lost the bucket placed a lifebuoy in the middle of the 11 point direction point. The dynamite bucket hits the BOSS to interrupt the BOSS action, and makes the BOSS dizzy, responsible for the player who lost the bucket, pay attention to the stunned BUFF and then fill a bucket. During this period, BOSS will also appear full-screen big move, you can use the explosive barrel to interrupt, but please pay attention to the white shield after the BOSS disappeared and then throw. Small Monsters throwing yellow floors will appear at 1 point direction, and melee can also be cleaned up by the previously placed lifebuoy. BOSS will also jump to the 3 point direction and 9 point direction platforms. After the jump, please follow up the attack in time, otherwise BOSS will return blood. The middle platform will refresh the axe monster that had been played before, and the former responsible player will pull the axe to 6 points to kill. The last is to repeat this stage, at least BOSS died.