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How to Get New World Gold Fast: Sell These Now

So you want to make quick gold In New World? These items I usually sell instantly for Gold on New World. Try these now.


Iron Ore

Iron Ore makes me a large amount of money. I can mine over 5 to 6 thousand per hour, and I can sell them on the market pretty much instantly for around about 40 cents or 50 cents. So I can essentially make around about 3 000 gold per hour if I want to mine Iron Ore.

So this is probably my top-selling product right now, and this is an evergreen product, so this product sells all the time. I usually sell every single piece of iron ore within like 10 to 15 minutes now.



The next one that I sell that is a really good seller as well is Rawhide. So Rawhide is one of the best sellers for me. Right now, the market's around about 30 cents. Usually, I like it when it's around about 40 to 50, but I can easily sell Rawhide for 30 cents all day long. I can get around about 5 000 rawhide per hour.


Common Health Potion

Another one that sells very well to me is Common Health Potion. The Common Health Potions sell for me exceptionally well. The market is a little down right now. When I was actually selling these, I sit on them for about 10 dollars. I haven't sold it in the last couple of days. But 8 dollars are still pretty good now. The materials to create these are quite hard to get. So I do a lot of PVP.  And I create a whole bunch of common health potions myself. I spend 2 or 3 hours creating them, and then I will sell like 30 or 40 of the potions on the market to make some money.

Okay, so this is number three. This is a pretty good one for me. I make quite a good amount of money from this, not a huge amount compared to rawhide and iron ore. Because I can sell that very quickly and create mass amounts of those, this still sells very well for me and it's an evergreen pro evergreen product style because a lot of fighters and stuff need this all the time now.


Iron Arrow

I can sell Iron Arrows for about 0.2 right now. You might be thinking there's not a lot of money in Iron Arrows. But Iron Arrows is they sell exceptionally quickly. Because fighters & stuff & high levels & all that they don't really mess around with trying to make their own Arrows. So they buy the Arrows. So I usually sell mine from about 0.3, 0.2, and even 0.1 now. I like to sell Arrows because I make a huge amount of Arrows per day. I'm trying to upgrade my smelter and all that sort of stuff, and I collect a lot of iron ore, and I use a lot of that iron ore to make Arrows for myself and my friends, but then whatever's left I put. On the marketplace and I usually sell about 10,000 Arrows per day. It's not a lot of money. But if you actually have this trickling in every single day. Here it all starts to add up, so Iron Arrows are actually one of my top sellers as far as the amount of gold.


Starmetal logging Axe

But what I do is I will go to other areas so like First Light, and I see that there's none for sale. So I'll go to different areas where there's none for sale, and I will sell them. Today I have sold 11 Starmetal Mining Pickaxes for around about 400 Dollars. These sell extremely well. Right now, these are selling for around about there's 250 here. Right now, these are selling for around about there's 250 here. Right now, these will die out as people level up. But my specific server these are selling quite well.


If you are a beginner to New World, I hope this gold guide has helped you understand how you can sell items quickly on the New World trading post.