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Which MMORPG Players will be the most on STEAM in November 2021?

MMORPG is a multiplayer game. What do you need for multiplayer games? Yes, many players. Therefore, BuyNewWorldCoins editor are studying which MMORPG most players have in November 2021. How was the list created? For the list, we looked at the average number of players in the MMORPG over the past 30 days. To this end, we use the Steam charts page to track, evaluate and prepare these numbers. However, in most cases, this number does not reflect the exact value of the player. In addition to Steam, many MMORPGs also use their clients, and we cannot see the number. Therefore, the total number of many games will be higher than the Steam above figure. However, the list is an excellent guide to the games currently being played and popular games and how they have changed compared to the previous month in October.

New world

MMORPG focus: production, exploration, and PvP
Number of players: an average of 253,146 players in the past 30 days
The trend in the number of players: Declining
Business model: Buy2Play
Developer: Amazon Games

What kind of game is this?
The New World has only come out on September 28, 2021, and it can attract nearly a million people into MMORPG at the same time. This allowed the game to take the lead on Steam from the very beginning.
Unlike many other games on this list, New World is only released on Steam. Therefore, the number of players here is more accurate than the other representatives in the list.
New World originally planned to be a pure PvP game but changed its direction during the development process. It is now a survival-oriented MMORPG, such as focusing on production.
Although dungeons, bosses, and open worlds await you in PvE, New World focuses on PvP. PvP in the open world is optional, but duels between players with New World Coins are also possible.
The core of PvP is territorial warfare, where 50 players from both sides compete with each other. The PvP mode Outpost Rush is also the central point of the New World Endgame.
Compared with other MMORPGs, the combat system seems to be very detoxifying. It would be best to take the initiative to aim and avoid, and you can only use three different skills. There is also no course, and you can change your skills by using other weapons.

Who is the new world suitable for?
Very happy to collect and make, and it is the core game element without problems.
Finding a new combat system for MMORPG
I don't want to be bound by the course, and I like to try
Exciting PvP battles prefer ordinary PvE content
However, the new world is only conditionally fascinating for those who like to follow linear stories and can't do much with PvP. Many mistakes and sometimes boring side missions make the game unattractive for PvE fans.

Apart from Steam, where can I play?
The new world has not yet appeared on other platforms or game consoles. It is not yet known whether it has ever done so. So currently, you can only travel through the new world on Steam.

Final Fantasy XIV
The focus of MMORPG
: theme parks, stories, and examples
Number of players: An average of 26,788 players in the past 30 days
The trend in the number of players: Significant increase in 2021
Business model: basic game Free2Play, subscription, and Buy2Play extension
Entwickler: Square Enix

What kind of game is this?
Final Fantasy XIV first appeared in 2010 but was quickly closed due to intense criticism. The developer spent three years re-releasing the game under the name of Rebirth Realm.
Since 2013, MMORPG has been one of the most famous genre representatives and has an impressive and intense focus on its emotional story. In the final stage, you can expect a lot of exciting PvE content, such as brutal raids and challenges.
You only need one character in Final Fantasy 14 because these classes are called jobs in Final Fantasy 14. If you have a lot of time, you can put each of them on the same character.
The combat system relies on tag positioning, which initially feels quite sluggish, but the effect will improve significantly as you unlock more thresholds.
You can now play the game for free up to level 60, but you must purchase the expansion pack and subscribe to continue playing.
These same extensions will be replenished regularly. They tell stories and add a lot of new content. The next expansion pack, Endwalker that we have already introduced in detail, will appear in a few weeks.


Who is FFXIV suitable for?
Can focus on the story and want to experience a story that moves you
Players who find that action combat is too fast and prefer tag positioning
Finding challenges in the PvE endgame
Able to participate in the initially quite strange environment
Not necessarily need a lot of PvP mode
In addition, you will mainly notice the age of the game user interface. Many things are unnecessarily cumbersome or complicated. If you are looking for a state-of-the-art, clean interface and want to jump around like crazy, then FFXIV is not for you.

Apart from Steam, where can I play?
If you don't want to play on Steam, you can also use your launcher. The game is also suitable for macOS. You can also play on PS4 and PS5, but the Xbox version is currently waiting.

The Elder Scrolls Online
The focus of MMORPG
: story and world exploration
Number of players: 16,228 players on average in the past 30 days
Player trends: May decline in 2021
Business model: Buy2Play and optional subscription
Developer: ZeniMax

What kind of game is this?

MMORPG The Elder Scrolls Online has been available for seven years, allowing its fans to experience the world of the Elder Scrolls with others.
The game will expand again and again throughout its life cycle and will receive significant expansions and smaller DLCs. The last increase in 2021 was not released with DLC Deadlands until recently.
In addition to these expansions and DLC, there are always some exciting events and content in ESO that you may not be used to. An event is scored because an event must be as heavy metal as possible.
When you are out in ESO, you can expect exciting stories and tricky surprises in PvE. In a world that invites you to explore and is made up of areas known from other branches of the Elder Scrolls and new locations.
For PvP friends, MMORPG offers various modes and exciting battles with different players, but PvP is only a tiny part of the game.


The Elder Scrolls Online targets the following players:
Like to get lost in a world and explore places
I also want to go for a walk in the first person
Prefer tasks and tasks rather than usual discipline
Put PvE before PvP
Able to tolerate technical issues
ESO is a good choice for the story and world-related MMORPGs such as Guild Wars 2 or FFXIV, but you may not be happy if you are looking for a grinder like Black Desert or Metin.

Apart from Steam, where can I play?
ESO appears on many platforms, providing almost everyone with the opportunity to play together. In addition to PC, you can also play ESO on PS4 and 5, Xbox One and Xbox series, and Google Stadia.