What are the new skills and support gems in POE 3.8?

In Path of Exile: Blight challenge league PC Released on September 6, 2019, Xbox, PS4 Released on September 10, 2019, Two old leagues being integrated into Blight. Blight league adds a new poison themed Support Gem in addition to a suite of 5 potent new poison-themed Skill Gems. Now let's check out the new Skill and Support Gems Detailed Guide in Blight league.

Here Are Five Of The Craziest Weapons In The Game Of Borderlands 3

With more and more details have been revealed, we found that Borderlands 3 is more interesting compared to the previous two editions. And there are more gameplay than ever, especially about the weapons in this game. And here, we'd like to show you some craziest weapons about this game, so if you are ready, then keep reading now.

A New Player's Guide to Path of Exile Items, 2019

Path of Exile is a really complex game with a massive amount of items and skills, the sheer volume of possible interactions is insanely high. Because of this level of deep complexity, game knowledge exists at a premium in this particular ARPG. Therefore, this guide will detail Path of Exile Items, I will explain in detail through 8 aspects of Equipment, Currency, Divination Cards, Gems, Prophecies, Microtransactions, Decorations, and Vendor Recipes.

POE 3.7 Most Popular For Each Character Build Detailed Guide

Legion is Path of Exile 3.7 league. This season is relatively friendly to melee, so this season's melee role is very popular, such as Slayer, Trickster, Berserker, which is more popular than other characters. Not much to say, look now at the Path of Exile 3.7 Legion League. From the bottom up, the degree of popularity getting bigger, and Look at the most popular Build for each character.

Borderlands 3 Feels Much Better To Play Compared To The Previous Editions

Good news, the one of a kind Borderlands 3 is coming, and we are pretty sure that in this latest version, more entertaining gameplay will be added to this game and of course, superior movement and a dedicated gun team bring more substance to the loot-shooter. And this post contains more details about Borderlands 3. If you are now as keen as mustard, maybe this post will help you get to know this fabulous game better. Check now.

Which are the Most Popular characters In Poe 3.7

In Poe 3.7 Melee characters have been a lot of improvements and new skills. Melee Ascendancy has made a lot of changes. So Melee is a hot topic in this version. In Poe 3.7 - 11.72% Players Choose Duelist and 25.63% Players Choose Slayer.

Everything We Know About Fallout 76 Wastelanders So Far

The good news about Fallout 76 game, Bethesda now is saving Fallout 76 by making it an actual Fallout game. And all of these changes will be seen in this Fall, a new update called Fallout 76 Wastelanders, and a lot of Fallout 76 players may know very limited information about this update, therefore, in this post, we will show you how NPCs, companions, and dialogue will work in this update. Want to know more about this? Keep reading...

Poe 3.7 Melee Rebalance

In Poe 3.7 Overhauled Melee Combat, Amongst many other improvements, skill rebalances and reworks, Path of Exile has added the ability to cancel animations early, improved damage signaling, and changed the new monster balance. For more details, please see the "Melee Rebalance" section.

Poe 3.7 Gems Balance Changes

In Poe 3.7 Lots of low-level weapons have had their attack speeds enhanced to bring them closer for the quickest rate of their item class. This really should lessen the feeling of a Weapon feeling clunkier in comparison with a lower level equivalent, with far more from the speed coming in the weapon class and the skills it might use.

What to Expect Next Week in Path of Exile: Legion

Path of Exile: Legion will updating on June 7, 2019. Next week Path of Exile keen to follow the usual pre-launch news schedule. In case you don't know what to expect, there will be the list blow.

Why is Blizzard going to open WOW Classic and which players is it suitable for?

Since Blizzard announced the opening of WOW Classic this year, and reference to the 1.12 version, that is, will lead everyone back to the 60s, many WOW players are very excited about this. In the past May 30, Blizzard started an additional stress test. The official selected some players from the registration players to participate in the test. Many WoW anchors were qualified for the test. We are in different live broadcasts. I watched about 10 days and summed up some questions about WOW Classic and Blizzard.

Poe 3.7 add New Guard skill Steelskin

Poe Steelskin is one of three Guard skills, alongside Molten Shell and Immortal Contact. These skills are all Immediate and share a cooldown which will not expire although any of the skills are active.
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