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OutWard Best starting weapon and Absolutely free equipment Guides

Outward is often an incredibly unforgiving game. In the starting with the game, you might be thrown into a globe, exactly where you might want to look after your individual survival. Your opponents won't only be ruthless bandits and bloodthirsty monsters, but also the weather, meals poisoning, or dehydration. Good weapons alone won't preserve you protected - equally critical are clothing adapted for the existing temperature, properly cooked food and clean water. This section will enable you to properly have an understanding of the guidelines of Outward. The starting guidelines will explain to you each of the core mechanics with the production. You can learn the way to get the most beneficial weapons in the commence, the way to fight correctly, how you can regenerate well being or how you can earn quickly. Verify out these tricks to make the initial hours in the game much ea+sier.

NO.1 Finest beginning weapon
Without appropriate weapons, going beyond the initial city (i.e. Cierzo) makes no sense. Luckily, you currently possess the chance to acquire a few absolutely free weapons inside the city of Cierzo. Hence, you might have the ability to defeat the very first opponents and discover what sort of weapon ideal suits your style of play. For starters, check out the following weapons:

NO.2 The weapons in Cierzo
Inside the first city, you'll find a number of types of weapons - this will likely allow you to verify which weapon are most appropriate for your style of play. Even if you are going to get the most beneficial weapons from the merchant, it truly is nonetheless worth collecting each of the weapons under. It'll let you earn some silver, which you are able to commit, for example, to spend the debt so as to not drop the residence in Cierzo. It's advisable to focus on collecting money for the house, and only after that to purchase weapons from the merchant - the cost-free weapons ought to enable you to handle the entry-level enemies, along with the saved silver will bring you closer to acquiring 150 silver. Additional information on this topic could be located within the section titled "How to have 150 silver?" in our textbooks.

Quarterstaff may be found immediately in the exit in the Lighthouse, i.e. the house where you begin the exploration of Cierzo. When leaving the home, point for the rocks and yellow bushes - among the bushes you can uncover the weapon. The quarterstaff is actually a lengthy, two-handed weapon that offers 16 harm.

Felling Greataxe
In the eastern part of your city is often a building named the Town Hall - you will certainly notice it right after leaving the Lighthouse. Correct in front with the building, you are going to discover a two-handed Axe, the Falling Greataxe, which bargains 18 harm.

The Pitchfork is often a two-handed weapon that deals with 16 harm. To get it, go to the north-eastern aspect of the city, namely to the Inn. Around the left side from the tavern (hunting from the door), you'll find the described weapon.

The Machete
One more weapon can be obtained on the beach, that is, within the north-western element in the city. Through the building with the fish, you will come across a one-handed weapon, the Machete, inflicting 12 damage.

The Plank Shield
In the event you use a one-handed weapon, the shield can be an excellent addition for the gear. Go to the port within the western element with the city and visit the last pier. There, you may uncover the Plank Shield with the coefficient of Effect Resistance equal to 10.

NO.3 >Weapons in Chersonese
Chersonese would be the location to which you may get after leaving the city of Cierzo. There, you can come across a number of distinctive areas (generally dungeons), together with numerous enemies - it is better to bring weapons and meals mainly because it can be not usually done to avoid a fight. Exploring Chersonese can be an excellent approach to get free gear improved from that offered inside the city.

Straightforward Bow
The Uncomplicated Bow offers 23 harm - this really is possibly the very first ranged weapon you are going to acquire access to. The item is usually identified in the Blister Burrow, situated within the north-western portion on the map. The exact location was highlighted in the image above.
It is enough to head for the Bandit Camp. You are going to rapidly get to a fork - the road using a sign and towers leads to the camp of bandits, as well as the road with wooden, semicircular structures will lead you for the Blister Burrow. Take the road with the wooden structures - immediately after a when, you'll stumble upon on an entrance to the cave. Enter it - you might see corpses suitable away; appear for the Basic Bow there.

Cleaver Halberd
Cleaver Halberd is often a two-handed weapon that bargains 28 harm. It belongs towards the leader on the Bandit Camp, that is certainly, a place within the northern element of Chersonese - the location is marked on the map in the starting of your game. Within the place, you will meet quite a few bandits - they're not especially demanding opponents, so should you effectively steer clear of their attacks, then you shouldn't have challenges with them. Fighting the leader in the bandits is a lot more complicated process. You might have to regularly move through the fight simply because his blows deal wonderful harm. Life Potion and a temporary weapon upgrade known as the Ice Rag or Fire Rag may also are available in handy - all of these items are often purchased from an alchemist named Helmi in Cierzo.

Brutal Club
Just after defeating the leader of bandits, make sure to search his corpse. Also to the Cleaver Halberd, he also features a key for the adjacent throne space - you may recognize it using the entrance, constructed from a sizable barred door. Inside, you are going to locate quite a few useful items, most importantly, a one-handed weapon referred to as the Brutal Club that deals 29 harm.

NO.4 Cost-free equipment
Awesome addition to these cost-free weapons is getting two other no-cost things, namely the Fishing Harpoon and Mining Pick. The former item enables you to fish, and the second, to dig ore.
The Fishing Harpoon is often identified around the beach in Cierzo. Head towards the beach, then head for the platform behind the significant water purification building. To make use of the Fishing Harpoon, visit the spot exactly where the fish swim and hold the button displayed around the screen - you could catch fish (and occasionally other items).
The Mining Pick is situated in Cierzo Storage. It truly is a warehouse in the eastern part on the city, to which leads a lengthy bridge. Going from your property towards the central portion from the city, you ought to be able to very easily notice the entrance to the Cierzo Storage. Go to that spot and carefully search the illuminated element. There, you'll come across the aforementioned Mining Choose, but in addition other items, such as the recipe for Gadberry Jam.

NO.5 Gathering supplies just before the expedition
Weapons will not be the only type of equipment you'll want to take with you - if you would like to leave the city, prepare the acceptable supplies too. In the event you never need to repeatedly return to Cierzo though exploring the world, be sure you choose up a handful of standard items:

Water - your hero will have to be hydrated. You will locate numerous sources of water inside the game planet, but the water won't be generally clean, so make sure to take some clean water with you. To perform this, go to the beach in the city, and after that visit the water purification building. There, you can obtain Waterskin, in which you'll be able to keep clean water (you can also get pure water right here).
Food - the hero needs to consume, as well. It is possible to acquire meals fairly effortlessly through exploration, however, it is constantly a great notion to possess several pieces of meals that never spoil speedily, including dried meat or bread.
A place to sleep - if you are preparing for an extended trip, you'll also require a place to sleep. You'll be able to make use of the portable Bedroll bed (you'll locate it within your home) or maybe a tent, which is often purchased in the merchant named Doran in Cierzo. The tent expenses 32 silver, however it also provides protection from the climate. Also, remember to keep watch for any handful of hours when sleeping inside a hazardous region - this way, you'll prevent enemy attacks in the course of sleep.
Light supply - darkness inside the game is rather extreme. Traveling at night in an open location is far more challenging, and movement without a light supply in caves or dungeons is virtually impossible. So, you'll want to bring torches or a lamp - torches you could get even before you get to the city; never overlook to take them with you.
Tea for sicknesses - it is actually achievable to catch an illness from a rival throughout a fight. Inside the starting, you will largely fight hyenas - they are able to apply a debuff known as Infection. To stop the really serious infection, acquire in the Helmi alchemist at the very least one Bitter Spicy Tea, which eliminates this effect.

Equipment Management
Every single item features a specific weight, and your inventory includes a limited capacity. Income requires up space in your inventory also, so you have to handle your gear effectively. Through the exploration with the world, you are going to get a whole lot of loot - exceeding the maximum capacity reduces the movement speed, and in extreme situations prevents movement altogether. Due to this, you should be interested in the following:

Invest in a bigger backpack quickly soon after you commence the game. From the merchant named Doran in Cierzo can you invest in a Nomad Backpack with 50 points capacity, additional than double the capacity of your standard backpack you get at the beginning on the game.
Bear in mind that you could also retain stuff in your hero's pockets - in the event you do not have sufficient space within the backpack, attempt moving a few items to your pockets (moving items within the inventory menu). OutWard Silver (i.e. the in-game currency) could be exchanged for Gold Bars - they are offered at most traders. one hundred silver (weight equal to 1) turns into 1 gold bar, a weight equal to 0.1.
The stash inside your property has unlimited capacity. Benefit from that and maintain the unnecessary items there. When traveling out of town, it is smart to leave revenue and also other valuables inside the box - this gives you the confidence that they will not be lost in case you die.