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How to get Cheap Poe items, ES Clothes Buying and Picking Guide

How to get Cheap Poe items, ES clothes purchase and selection guide, Here u4n Poe Currency Editor brings you the detailed purchase of ES clothes, let's see it! Open is very convenient for Item trade Website. If it is a player in other places, it may take a little more effort, but I hope to learn some skills later.

The first step: find the target
Everyone knows that CI and bow are not very well matched. The equipment requirements are higher. Use a general clothes es to get a total of 7000-8000. If you go to play T15 map, it is very dangerous, so a higher one. ES clothes are what I need now, go to poe trade to find, first check the price trend in general, basically LSC 800es clothes are 3ex, and 900es clothes are 10ex, 6L are basically garbage Explicit modifiers+ Full 6 Modifiers .
Search conditions are as follows

Intelligence needs 194+, which means that the item must be the most advanced vaal regalia
+Maximum ES is limited to 107, T2 +max ES range is 107-135. For clothes with high ES, this modifiers must not be lower than T2. ​​Do not know that modifiers only know the total amount of ES, sometimes encounter high tier Modifiers but the value is low, if you don't understand it, the target will be lower than the actual value.
It is more important to restore the block and stun halo, which must be less than or equal to 16%. Because I don't buy the best, but want to be affordable, then Excahnge's clothes are 80% Explicit modifiers, need to be trimmed by Masters, 16% meaning: the minimum % of Implicit modifiers is 6-7%. The modifiers of Explicit modifiers are 11%-13%, which means that as long as it is less than 17%, it will not be the result of two Hybrid modifiers. If it is a simple Explicit modifiers? Because it is impossible to be Hybrid, when this is Explicit modifiers, Implicit modifiers only have two %es and + maximum es. In this case, the maximum ES is (175+145)x (%100+%20+ %132)=806.4, so I will limit it to 807 before, where 145 is the maximum value of T1 es, %132 is the maximum value of T1%es, and 175 is the base es value of 68 es clothes, as long as it is not The three Implicit modifiers for es, even if the full T1 is full, must not exceed this number. Of course, this restriction will exclude some of the T1 mixed %es (the mixed %es of t1 is 16-17%), but it is not a big deal according to the odds. It is not a big deal to search for the result of %17. .

The three Implicit modifiers have an empty Explicit modifiers space, which means that the Unexplicit Explicit modifiers can be removed by Masters Lock Implicit modifiers, but this method will destroy if there is an Explicit modifiers.

There are some that are not shown in this figure. First of all, don't be corrupted and easy to understand. In addition, there must be a space for Explicit modifiers. I am familiar with modifiers through visual inspection. If you are not familiar, please Check "crafted-yes" in the search criteria to ensure that the previous paragraph said that es value exceeds 807 must be 3 es Implicit modifiers, so there must be an Explicit modifiers added to Masters.

The second step, goal analysis
In order to be affordable, it is natural to pick a low price. This can be limited by the maximum price, but there is another way to find the low of the modifiersroll. After the start, wash it through the divine orb. This is not very expensive, although there are gambling ingredients. But at least the price difference compared to the ES gap is cost-effective.
The penultimate low price sees one

320c is less than 3ex in LSC, the price itself is not expensive.
837es, modifiers garbage and 2.2 life recovery, your self-esteem as ES clothes? The maximum value of +es is obvious for T1, and then the composition of %es is analyzed to see if there is room for improvement.
The stun recovery value is 10%, which is the modifier of T4. The corresponding %es value is 24-32%. The total %es of this Item is 145%, which means that the lower limit of the pure %es value is 123%. This is already in T1. Within 121-132% of the range of %es, it must be T1%es
Then it is the reverse calculation of the maximum es value that this Item can wash out. The maximum value of t1 es is 145, the maximum value of t1%es is %132, and the maximum %es value of T4 mixed %es is 32%.
(175+145)x (%100+%20+%132+%32)=902.4

The third step, reprocessing
First wash off the resistance, pass the Masters lock Implicit modifiers

Then Hybrid modifiers, hit an intelligence

The characters go to upgrade first, when they change equipment, they are considering what resistance to fight, and the washing value will wait until then, and then it will be satisfied. It's not particularly necessary to do this. I mainly look at it with pleasing eyes. If you want to sell and resell the price, you will increase it. If you don't sell it or don't sell it, you can modify the Explicit modifiers to use it for different builds.

The fourth step, the cost
Item3ex, two-step Masters each 2ex, spent a total of 7ex, if using Masters6L, according to the price of 5ex fusing, the washing value is not full, 880 or more probably count as 1ex divine Orb, 6L finished product is about 13ex.
Go back and search for 6L clothes above 880es, starting at 12ex, excluding the already Explicit modifiers and 6modifiers, the lowest one is 16ex, basically saving a helmet PoE Currency.