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How to Shape your PoE Atlas Map and Fast Farming Currency

Path of Exile Shape Atlas estimates that many players are familiar. The two most direct advantages of Shape is that if there is a Map drop, it must be a good Map. The good Map here is defined by the player, but generally the terrain is simple (straight line, Playground), relatively many monsters, or a number of bosses, the indirect advantages are more obvious, because the efficiency of the Map is improved, the characters are upgraded quickly, not only the Map but also the Map Pool is only increasing, the most obvious is earning There are many Poe Currency, Six Sockets, etc., because the speed of playing a Map is very fast, and the total accumulated is very much. The professional players such as baked chicken and Cute dog can get More Thank 700 Chaos Orbs one day. However, many of my friends don't know the benefits of Shape Atlas, or the casual Shape Atlas doesn't work well, so I think it's necessary to mention it.

NO.1 Shape Atlas Recipes:
Four businessmen Recipes:

Three Cartographer's Sextant + Orb of Scouring can obtain a map seal of the corresponding grade (white: T1-T5, yellow T6-T10, red T11+), which can turn the unlocked map into un-unlocked. 20 Cartographer`s Chisel
+5 Orb of Regret can give you a master cartographer's seal, which can be used to restore maps that have been upgraded with Shaper's orb (after the restore, Shaper's orb will be replayed).
These recipes can help you seal out some of the maps you don't want to play, but you have to say that the cost is very high, so it's best to plan your maps in advance to save a lot of seals.

NO.2 What kind of Map is locked:
Here I want to emphasize that many of my friends only know the map that they don't want to play, but this is only half right. According to the basic rules of my first part, if you don't want to drop the map you don't want to play at all, you must even The diagrams connected to it must be locked and not hit. This problem comes. An ordinary high-level map must be connected to a high-level map with similar levels. Most of these neighbor graphs are graphs that you don't want to hit, so no matter how you unlock them, you will have a garbage map drop. For example, Gorge's Map is a good Map, but he is connected to the poor Map of Necropolis, so most players don't understand Gorge. The solution to this problem is very simple. Unlocking the advanced graphs obtained by Shaper's orb can solve this problem well. For example Shaper's orb's shaped strand t11, the shaped strand was originally a T6 Map, the shape is T11, and his neighbor map is a low-level Map of T5 and T7. Applying rules, when the game decides to drop a high-level map (assuming t12) that is similar to his level, there are two possibilities. One is to find the T12 that is unlocked on the map, and the other is to find the T12 that is connected to it (even if it is not unlocked). At this time, the game will not find a map adjacent to him (because the adjacent maps are low-level maps), but instead, go to other places in the atlas to find the unlocked T12. So if you only hit the Shape's diagram, you can solve the above problem perfectly.

NO.3 Mainstream lock diagram method as an example:
The mainstream style of play is to play T10-T13. A plasticity method that is widely used and used by many players is as follows:

T1-T9: Complete all
T10: Finish Shape shaped primordial pool
T11: Finished Shape shaped strand
T12: All are not unlocked.
T13: Finish Shape shaped shore
T14+ and Darkscorn charts: all completed

Explain: The two versions of the T10 are the Shaper shaped dunes and the Shaper shaped mesa. Why is the shaped primordial pool better? The third part will be said that the shaped strand is the best figure to play. The reason why the T12 is not unlocked is that when the game determines that you are dropping T12, but you don't have a T12 unlock and then no T12 is connected to the shaped strand, the game will drop T11 at -1 level, then T11 has only a shaped strand. It turns out that your T12 is also a shaped strand, so you have a lot of shaped strands. The contoured shore has a lot of experience. T1-T9 and T14+ and Darkscorn are all to increase your reward. Completing these Maps will give you a reward of about 80-90. Individuals have tried a minimum of 73 rewards. It feels that 73 rewards can maintain the pool, 80-90. Will give you only the protection.

This Shaper method is mainly based on the T11 shaped shore (use Orb of Alchemy, Cartographer`s Chisel, the third part of the Cartographer`s Sextant will say), only picking 1/5c of Currency and Darkscorn. T10 or T13+ is more like a map that helps drop T11 and earns Currency. After slowly accumulating the number of graphs, it is almost not missing, self-sufficient, upgrade and Farming Currency.