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How To Use PoE The Atlas of Worlds Sextant Blocking

Path of Exile Sextants are items you discover in maps. You will find 3 tiers of Sextants, denoted by colors, which coincide with the colors of maps. White (apprentice) may be the lowest tier, then yellow (journeyman), then red (master) When you have discovered one, you can use it by opening your Atlas, opening your inventory, suitable clicking the Sextant, then clicking on the map you would like to apply it to.

This part I think is still relatively clear to a small number of players, especially domestic players. What is Sextant Blocking, and I really don't say how to use this. The advantage of Sextant Blocking is that it can increase the number of monsters, indirectly increase the Map rate, the treasury rate, and the upgrade speed.


NO.1 What is Sextant Blocking?
We all know that Sextant Blocking can give Affixes to Maps, some good and some bad. A Sextant Blocking is not cheap, and bad Affixes are not only boring but also hurting three Maps. The effect of LockedAffixes is to greatly reduce the probability of Affixes on target Maps travel. Some Builds can even avoid Affixes on business trips.

NO.2 Sextant Blocking Principle:
i). The same Map can be affected by multiple Sextant Blocking.
Ii). Sextant BlockingAffixes for the same Map cannot be repeated.
for example:
I have a Map A that has been filled with all the bad Sextant BlockingAffixes:

Join me and use the sextant to give Map A an Affixes. According to principle ii) then the next Affixes must be good.
After understanding this, I can start to talk about two main LockedMap methods:
I will talk about the words that will be used before. If the sextant circle on Map A can contain MapB, it will be said that Map A affects Map B. Of course, MapB is also affected by Map A.

NO.3 Three-stage Locked:
Scene: Map C is the Map you want to play, Map C is affected by Class B Map, and Class B Map is affected by Class A Map, but C is not affected by A. On the Map:

Locked method:
Wash out the bad Affixes on the A-type Map, or you don't want to play A, because A affects B, so B also carries the bad Affixes. When you use the sextant to give Affixes on B, because there are already a lot of bad Affixes on B, B has a good chance of getting good Affixes. Because B affects C, C has a good Affixes. Unfortunately, you just want to play C this map, so C has a good Affixes. So as long as you give Affixes to B every time, you can play C directly.

NO.4 Four-stage Locked:
Scene: MapD is what you want to play, D is affected by C-type Map, C is affected by B-type Map, B is affected by A-type Map, A, C does not affect D.
On the Map:

Locked method:
A classifiers are marked with poor Affixes, because A affects B, so B is also bad Affixes, and B also has a bad Affixes, so there are more bad Affixes on B. When you use the sextant to give Affixes on C, because C affects B, C will add another affix to B. B is already a lot worse, and the chance of giving B a difference is very low, so C is extremely Affixes may be good, and C affects D, so D has good Affixes. And the Map you want to hit is D, so you can give the sextant on C every time.
If you don't understand the logic, follow the steps above, and you will slowly understand the logic. This method is relatively expensive when washing Affixes in the early stage, but it is washed a little. The map of bad Affixes will not move. This is also the origin of Locked.

NO.5 What exactly are Affixes and what is bad Affixes?
i). Most of the extra monsters are good Affixes. These Affixes have the words "addition monsters". Chinese doesn't know how to translate them. It is probably an extra monster entry.
Ii). 30 extra wooden barrels, this is a bit like a lottery, it may be mine but the probability is low. If it is not mine, the drop rate of the barrel is very high, a lot of Poe currency, I often encounter the barrel map drop 5- 6 maps.
Iii). Add the number of magic monsters and Maps directly.
Iv). Boss has a guardian.

NO.6 For example element physical poisoning

of course, there are exceptions:

This physical Affix gives you monsters, but it's all about the proximity shield, which is especially dangerous, so many players lock it.

I don't have to cut the Map for each of the following.
Poor Affixes are not absolutely bad, but they are not painful and it doesn't have any eggs:
Give the player a storm, the player adds damage when standing still, Maps has extra exiles, the dark gold that the boss drops is corrupt, Areas are alluring, Areas contain Slipstreams, many times are playing on their own I found out that this Affix is bothering me, and then I am using AffixesLocked.

Locked good Affixes can make great use of the sextant in the hand. The second part of Locked's T10 is the primordial pool because he has two three-segment Locked and a four-segment Locked plus himself. With the addition of the Alliance Stone, the gains are still quite high.

Many friends have been asking exactly how to Lock. In fact, I want to say that if I really understand my explanation, I will definitely Lock. But many new friends have never understood, here I will send two direct maps.
Note: Blue Map washes out bad Affixes, green is when you hit Map.

T11 shaped strand

T10 shaped primordial pool