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Path of Exile The Atlas of Worlds Maps Bonus and Drop Rate Guides

In Other Guides We have already mentioned the conditions for the award, so let's talk about the use of rewards. In the middle of The Atlas of Worlds, we can see a score of 126 (xxx/126). The number of rewards that the numerator is for you, the numerator affects the quality of the drop of your map. Here we focus on quality rather than quantity, which means that there is no difference in the map drop rate between 0/126 and 126/126, so where are the differences? Come to three pictures.

The numerator of Image 1 represents 98: there is a 98% chance that the graph you drop will be one level higher.
Image 2 shows a numerator of 100: there is a 100% chance that the graph you drop is one level higher.
Image 3 shows that the numerator is greater than 100: the graph you drop is at least one level higher.
I think it has been explained here that the number of molecules represents a percentage of your chance to drop the graph +1.

For example, You are playing a T9 map, and suddenly the game decides to drop a T9 map if you are
0/126 is T9, but if it is 100/126, it will be judged as T10 drop.
* Of course, if this T9 happens to be Orchard, then you don't unlock a T10, even if you are 100/126, you won't drop T10 because you don't have a connected T10 or unlocked T10. At this point, the game will give you a picture of T9. This principle will be mentioned in the seal map.
* If you play T9 boss to give you the game to judge you to drop T11 but your reward is 100/126, then T11 will not be +1 to T12 but T11, because the boss can only give you + 2.

In addition to the above two special examples, the effect of the reward is actually very large, it can not only greatly reduce the time you accumulate the pool, but also directly protect the continuous map. Isn't that the more rewards the better? Is it best to unlock 126? Actually not. In fact, most senior players (except SSF) will only keep the rewards at 75-95, which will be mentioned later.

Speaking of this, some students will ask what determines the drop rate of the map?
The answer is the number on the map (IQ) and the pack size.

A few keywords, one is the quantity, one is on the map, so MF does not help to drop the map, the team does not help to drop the map, only Orb of Alchemy, Cartographer's Chisel, queen fragments, Zana map, etc. The means to directly improve the map IQ is effective. Pack size, this actually helps a lot, how many monsters are equal to how much more maps are dropped. After all, most of the maps are monsters falling. If a picture has 10 monsters in other pictures, you drop. The chance is also ten times.