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Poe 3.6 Builds with Frost Blades for Duelist

PoE Frost Blades is a cold melee attack skill that strikes with high variety, then has the secondary impact of releasing projectiles in the hit enemies. Single target DPS is wonderful (Path of building single target DPS is 700K). Nonetheless, don't want to give the wrong thought that this build can do any boss within the higher tiers. We've about 5.5K life at level 87 with standard gear, so things can make one hit you in really more top tier maps should you are not cautious.

NO.1 [PoE 3.6 Gladiator] Crazy ZOOM speed with ten attacks per second and ZERO move speed

This Build 75 is a hard cap called "maximum resistances." This can be moved with Path of exile items like Loreweave. An extra +1 max res reduces your elemental damage taken by 4%, which is very powerful. The soft cap is unlimited, however, and is called "overlapped resistances" usually. This is what you see in the stat page as well

+ From level 1 to 95+ with ONE SKILL! No need to respect and use other skills!
+ Great AOE
+ High effective HP: can be over 6000+
+ Can go from 30 to 65+ block chance
+ Crazy ZOOM speed with 10 attacks per second and ZERO move speed!

- Not the best boss killer, but not the worst either.
- Abyssus build, so fragile against strong physical damage

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NO.2 [PoE 3.6 Champion] Frosty Duelist - Dual Wielding Frost Blades

Can you try to squeeze in a Herald of Ice for the global cold damage bonus? Enlightening Herald of Ice and Hatred saves 9% mana if I'm not wrong idk if it's enough to attack without starving continuously. Also not sure if the whole thing is worth it. Still, have a socket or two empty and randomly dropped an Enlighten gem yesterday, and it crossed my mind as I had Herald of Ice into the level it for profit.
Frostbomb now applies -25% cold exposure? Not sure how this is different to cold resistance, sound like it is going to be a nerf too.
Wave of conviction looks promising for tying to CWDT
purity mana reservation on the amulet, if only on charm won't be worth it lose it shock (like auls amulet)
There is a pair of boots shown with 'onslaught' as an enchantment or implicit, depending on how common this is, what else it affects, etc. it may be worth doing this and use a stygian vise rather than perseverance belt (again have to wait and see)
Abyss isn't a Zana mod, so tomb first may be expensive still
Perandus also isn't a Zana mod, so Varunastra is likely to be costly and probably not a good league starter

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NO.3 [PoE 3.6 Champion] Cheap Fun Man Mode 2H Frost blades Voidforge Champion 3M DPS

This Build is not a fast attacking build. Build have 3.17 attacks per second which are very slow compared to most builds today. The idea is that we're going to hit slow, but very hard. Our character has an average hit on 1M damage, so that's 3M DPS.
Attack speed isn't wrong in any way; it's just that we don't prioritize it over flat/% damage. Flat physical damage and Crit multiplier are our best friends because we're using Voidforge. The build is at its peak in terms of budget, sure you could squeeze out 1 or 2m more dps, but it's going to cost too much to be worth. And currently attempting to make an Earthquake, might cause a guide on that one after also, if it becomes successful.

+ Cheap
+ Fun
+ Decently tanky
+ Ok Map clear
+ Great boss killer

- Gem-swapping for ST(only one gem)
- Resistance balancing can be annoying

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