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PoE 3.6 Marauder Molten Strike Builds For Juggernaut and Chieftain

PoE Molten Strike is a target with physical and fire harm, causing balls of molten magma to launch forth out of your weapon as you swing. These will explode, causing AoE attack damage to enemies exactly where they land. Skill consisting of two parts: an initial melee attack hit and also a projectile attack. Right here U4N Will share your Path of Exile Builds which use Molten Strike for main skill.

NO.1 [Juggernaut] Very Tanky Hybrid's take on Jugg Molten Strike - Hold appropriate click to TANK something

Skill Tree -
PoB Hyperlink -

You will find several Molten Strike guides on the market, most likely with additional damage also. But they are focusing on damage too much, and it hurts the build in other aspects IMO.
So this build that fits my playstyle without having compromising as well much (if any) on damage.
Edit: immediately after watching and analyzing far more MS builds, We can safely say that mine is amongst the highest DPS ones.

+ Quite tanky a lot of layers of defense
+ A lot of life: 9k without GG gear
+ Numerous harm
+ Can do all content
+ Exceptional lab runner
+ Rapid mapping
+ Can start on a price range, an excellent league starter as well
+ Scales significantly with much better gear
+ No clunky mechanics
+ Can do any map mod, Rippy maps isn't a huge deal anymore

- Not a "ZOOM ZOOM" character like deadeye TS\KB (but is it seriously a con? :P)
- Could get highly-priced in case you attempt to min\max the build

Significant: Soul of Arakaali
you need to upgrade it for the life recovery rate.
Its performs with blood rage, and immortal get in touch with.
When timeless call procs with CWDT you're immune to physical harm and considering that blood rage degen is Physical harm over time this situation activates the pantheon buff.
Minor: Soul of Shakari
upgrade it for complete effectiveness.
Made use of to roll with should of gruthkul for the phyz mitigation, but in 3.4 poison got buffed, so monster's Poison also leads to much more harm and may be extremely deadly now.
Pre 3.4 poison wasn't even noticeable.

Kill all. we need the points

1. Undeniable for damage hit opportunity and attack speed.
2. Unstoppable for QOL.
3. Unbreakable to get a lot of defense mods.
4. Unflinching as endurance charges have more impact on the endgame.

NO.2 [Juggernaut] In Synthesis you face loads of chaos damage Hasunics Howa Moltenstrike CI Jugg

PoB Link -

Given that beastiary GGG has been putting a lot more and much more chaos damage back into the game CI is in a secure spot. In Synthesis, you face loads of chaos damage in incursion temple, syndicate Tora, Mastermind Catarina and Chayula breach (Because you WANT to run those Pure Chayula beach stones). In synthesis incredible synthesized mods are available including permanent onslaught on boots, aura reduction on shields and who knows what they will bring. I will add a synthesis gearing section later. Furthermore, the introduction of delve fossils has made it much easier crafting useful energy shield gear.

Kill all for two points 2 points

Soul of Arakaali with 50% increased recovery for energy shield.
Blood rage combined with CWDT+IC makes the recovery rate proc often.
Ralakesh: Cannot be blinded and increased possibility to avoid bleeding + less DoT with bleeds.

NO.3 [Juggernaut] Dual Grelwood Shank Molten Strike Juggernaut U.Elder down

PoB Hyperlink -

Tombfist lost its attack speed stat. It's still pretty good for its intimidation debuff on enemies, but you won't feel you miss out a great deal of harm by not using it.
Loreweave max resists nerf. You took like 10% extra elemental damage by missing out of that 2% max resist.
Bosses which previously had 60% or 80% less effect of curses on them now have 33% or 66% less effect of curses on them respectively.
Offensive Curse is actually good on bosses now. 44% -> 29.3% against regular boss/ 14.15% against shaper/elder/guardians!
Wow, Wave of Conviction is such an excellent skill. Just cast once (or CWDT) and the enemy having -25% fire resist from exposure! (Since we are using Avatar of Fire, the highest harm type from WoC will always be fire)

+ Being a Tank (7 Endurance Charges or 5+ Endurance Charges with CWDT + Immortal Cry + Unflinching)
+ Being a Rapid Tank (Attack Speed from Undeniable genuinely shine here, zip-zap everywhere)
+ Can do Uber Lab full key run reliably while decent geared
+ No weapon swap (Unless you want much faster Leap Slam)
+ No gem swap
+ No movement speed necessary needed)

- Caution: Molten Balls may affect your FPS and drown your GPU.
- Greenwood Shank require you to face-tank hits to dish out a lot more harm
- Can't do Reflect (With thief torment on + 4-Link Molten strike + Yugul Pantheon, you can do reflect map somewhat but still dangerous. Go for Elementalist/ Raider Scion should you want reflect immune version and say screw you Atziri Mirror Clone)
- Can't do No leech Maps (In case you are using Thief Torment, ignore this)
- When you are looking for high-end DPS destruction or sonic-speed screen clear build, this build is not for you
- Not block/dodge/evasion focused, any dangerous 1-shot (especially elemental harm) will still possibly 1-shot you when you don't dodge.
- 6k-ish HP with no block/dodge/evasion mechanic. Again, need to have to beware "extra damage as elemental" map mod and "- % maximum resistance" map.
- Expensive at league commence and the moderate price at mid-league considering that 3.5 Greenwood Shank buff alongside drop rate nerf

The significant change to Juggernaut Ascendency.
Now with a lot more added tankiness!
For Kaom's Root :
1 /2: Unflinching or Unbreakable
3: Undeniable (Latest being Merciless Lab before you proceed to map)
4: Unrelenting

For Other Boots :
1 / two : Unflinching / Undeniable
3: Unstoppable
4: Unbreakable

NO.4 [Chieftain] Tanky and Easy to fill up-res Molten Strike Chieftain

Skill Tree -
PoB Hyperlink -

Typically molten strike is best paired with life gain on hit, by going claws (which means the going right side of the tree with inquisitor) or by getting elder rings with LGOH. Or go JUGG, bring about why not go jugg with everything. Anger buffs. Loreweave and tomb first nerf. Nothing changes so far, except using Bottled Faith. Will add a lot more stuff if 3.6 reveals some appropriate gear choices.

+ Tanky. (6.5k+ hp, six end charges, regen, up to 80% max res, chieftain)
+ Busted single target.
+ Easy to fill up res.

- Okayish clearspeed.


Tawhoa > Ramako > Ngamahu > Hinekora
Getting Ramako early helps with gearing.
Path of Building does not count the '70% of Physical Harm as Extra Fire Damage' from Ngamahu, Flame's Advance node as of now, which boils down to about 21% much more damage (10% additional against Shaper).

Solaris and Ralakesh.

NO.5 [Chieftain] Funny with this projectiles BodyBuilder of Fire - Chieftain - Molten Strike - 18M DPS 6.5k Life 1.5k Strength

PoB Link -

This build is based on strength, all harm to fire, power, lots of projectiles, anabolic stuff, attack speed, and Much more STRENGTH. Yes, We choose quite a few Uniques, but to take 1.5k Strength we want that item. Anyway, that is usually a cheap build, if you wish to extra dps, spend more, it is simple. Brutus Lead adds 4 to 7 fire damage per 10 strength, so at final is like 600 to 1050 fire harm. All the other Poe Currency items are to complement this.

+ Huge dps
+ Cheap to minimum gear
+ Funny with this projectiles
+ Incredibly tank (mainly against physical)
+ Massive HP pool

-Slow move
-Not tank against spells (Unlucky block likelihood)
-Expensive to the final gear