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Poe 3.6 Scion Melee skills Builds

In PoE 3.6 Quest Rewards Storm Burst is now obtainable for the Witch, Templar and Scion after finishing The Siren's Cadence. Energy Leech Help is now readily available for the Witch, Shadow, Templar, and Scion after completing A Fixture of Fate. Intensify Help is currently available for the Witch, Shadow, Templar, and Scion just after completing A Fixture of Fate. Unleash Support is now offered for the Witch, Shadow, Templar, and Scion soon after finishing The Eternal Nightmare. In Path of Exile: Synthesis A lot more Players decide on Melee Scion Builds, Right here we will share the ideal Poe 3.6 Scion Melee skills Builds for you.

NO.1 [3.6 Raider Build] One of the Fastest Mapping Tesla Cyclone Builds

This is straight from the patch notes. The translation here is "per life leech."
Cyclone in itself doesn't hit hard each tick of the skill.
However, it will hit the build.
There are many ways to help this out:
Carnage heart - 50% increased Life Leeched per second.
1.2-2)% of Physical Attack Damage Leeched as Life
Unless there are new crafts that deal with life leech, this amulet will become the most stable/wanted amulet for the build. (Please add in more information if you have any)
As mentioned this past league and much earlier, if you want to become tankier, try Slayer/Jugg for ascendancy choices for a slower, yet more defense-oriented approach if that is your cup o' tea.
Synthesis items will have to be looked into as you can now have an implicit and a lab enchant, buffing the ability to cover hp/resists/etc.
Tombfist no longer grants 6-10% increased Attack Speed. Existing versions of this item would lose the increased Attack Speed if a Divine Orb used. Do it. We dare you.
Shaper's Touch all the way baby!
Loreweave now sets your Maximum Resistances to a maximum of 78% (from 80%). Existing versions of this item can update to the new values with a Divine Orb.
New versions of Watcher's Eye can appear with mods which interact with the new Aura skills.
Bosses which previously had 60% or 80% less effect of curses on them now have 33% or 66% less effect of curses on them respectively. That includes map bosses, Incursion architects, Betrayal targets, Breachlords, Shaper, Elder, and others.

+ One of the Fastest Mapping Builds
+ Can do all content
+ Can do all map mods
+ Budget Friendly Clear up to T15-16 on a 25c budget.
+ Can use as a League Starter
+ Can Do Uber Lab EASILY
+ Can become a Magic Find Map Spammer God that is FAST and Can kill Bosses Quickly, Easily.
+ Bitch Ass Botters
- Not an 8-13k Righteous Fire Life Build
- Melee is NOT a con.
- Can not Facetank the world.
- Requires you to learn end game boss mechanics
- Not managing Cyclone at all can lead to many issues.
- Does need a fair amount of investment and patience when doing Uber Elder

Regular: +40 Dex and + 1 Passive point on the Ranger Path
Cruel: Ranger Ascendancy (RAIDER) and +20 Strength and Dex going down the Duelist Path
Merciless: + 1 Passive Point and Duelist Ascendancy (SLAYER)
Uber: + 1 Passive and finish the Ranger route with Grants 2 Passive points and Can allocate passive in starting position.

Major God Recommendation:
- Soul of Arakaali
Minor God Recommendation:
- Soul of Ralakesh - Neato
- Soul of Ryslatha - For Lab help
- Soul of Garukhan - Evasion

Help Alira

PoB Link -

NO.2 [3.6 Slayer Build] The Unarmed Queen Facebreaker Millions of damage means you one-shot nearly everything

Slightly Loreweave nerf from 80% may res to 78%, Maybe some minor skill tree changes which will update as soon as pop and Poeplanner are updated, slightly nerf to Hatred which means a bit lowered cold damage.

Millions of damage mean you one-shot nearly everything
Loreweave gives insane Defense & Offence
5k+ life
Culling Strike & Overleech
Free Power Charge generation
Stun & Freeze Immunity

can be very expensive at min-maxing
Labyrinth is a pain with Vaal Pact

We take Slayer for the Overleech and Culling Strike & Assassin for the free Power Charge generation.

Help Alira for Mana-Regeneration / All Resistances / Crit Multi

Major Pantheon
The Soul of Arakaali with 5% reduced Damage taken from Damage Over Time. You can upgrade this Soul with some nice additional effects like 30% decreased Effect of Shock & Shock duration and 25% Chaos Resistance against Damage Over Time.
The Soul of Lunaris gives us up to 8% substantial reduction against groups of enemies. The upgrades from this Soul arent is beneficial at all.
The Soul of Solaris gives us up to 6& substantial reduction against single enemies. You can upgrade this Soul with some nice additional effects like Take no Extra Damage from Critical Strikes if you have taken a Critical Strike Recently
Minor Pantheon
The Soul of Gruthkul is an excellent alternative which provides us up to 5% additional physical dmg reduction.
The Soul of Ralakesh is a good alternative too with 25% chance to avoid Bleeding, and 25% reduced Physical Damage over Time Damage has taken while moving if you don't use the Death's Door Boots.
The Soul of Ryslatha can help you in the Labyrinth with Life Flasks gain 3 Charges every 3 seconds if you haven't used a Life Flask Recently.
The Soul of Shakari is also a good Chaos reduction choice with works very well together with the Major Soul of Arakaali. It provides 5% reduced chaos damage taken & 25% decreased chaos damage over time taken while in an acid cloud and makes you immune to poison after Capturing Terror of the Infinite Drifts in the Desert Spring Map.

Pob Link -
Skill Tree -

NO.3 [3.6 Duellist Build] Very high dmg over 80% Lightning Penetration Storm to the Limit

The abyss jewel version got an item to nerf (tombs attack speed got removed), maybe some minor skill tree changes which will update as soon pop are updated, slightly Hatred nerfs but shouldn't do so much to this build because we take it mainly for the crit watchers eye. So this league was different for me, usually make one character for labs and one character for maps, now got it in one style, after starting maxing build fixed few things, first longwave 80%, BiS for this build. My hp at 90 lvl was about 6k, tried +3 or +40% dmg, so if you low on dmg use +40% dmg. If you got enough to use +3, content has done: Uber lab, uber elder also UBER ELDER CARRY few guildmates, the shaper is like nothing for this build, even if you dmg is high you can leave point black, overall; did not complete: you Atziri, and hogs. Score 7/10 would make again.

+ Pretty good clear speed
+ Melee ranged build
+ 2-3 Mil dps (u-elder in less than 3-4 mins)
+ Uber lab viable
+ Mapping viable
+ cheap enchant because no1 is playing this
+ Very high dmg
+ over 80% Lightning Penetration
+ fast clear
+ many leeches with Vaal pact and slayer overreach
+ can wear biscuits for mapping
+ immune to shock

- Can be squishy
- No reflect maps
- Can be expensive due lore and right claw
- A small stone can block all your attacks
- NO MTX for a lightning strike
- No1 wants to sell that enchant, so it is hard to get

We pick first the Slayer Overleech and his path. After that, we choose the raider passive, which gives us frenzy charge generation against bosses and always onslaught at the max frenzy.

We pick Alira for mana reg, crit multi, and All res

The pantheon is full up to you. Prefer the "Soul of Solaris" and "Soul of Abberath"

How Much Poe Currency need for this new build?
All jewels together ~ 15ex
2x taming ~10ex
6L Impulse ~5ex
Two abyss socket gloves ~3ex
Two abyss socket helmet ~4ex

PoB Link -

NO.4 [3.6 Pathfinder Build] Very durable - 8000+ Life Tectonic Slam Ascendant Slayer

In this build, the Builds will go through how built and play my Tectonic Slam Ascendant and will cover everything from choice of class and main skill to the passive tree and ascendancy points, gems and gear choices ( and alternatives ), stat priorities and strategies for dealing with the endgame and current league mechanic encounters. The guide will be easily readable but quite long, you have warned. Right off the bat would like to say that THIS IS NOT A BUDGET OR LEAGUE STARTER BUILD - the build requires a few core items that will not be available at all or will be quite expensive at the start of a league. I recommend that you have at least 4 - 5, preferably 6 - 7 Exalts ( at the time of writing this ) ready if you do not already own the core items listed in the guide.
Our damage and AoE buffed, our life leech nerfed.
Damage - the nerfs to Tombfist and Ascendant Slayer are offset by the increased power in some of our Passive Tree nodes so our Damage is slightly higher now and we get somewhat more AoE from Ascendant Slayer.
Survivability - Life Leech nerfed which is a massive loss in survivability for the build. As long as we can keep attacking, we will not notice a difference in most fights ( mapping is still a complete joke for this build ) but for endgame bossing would no longer recommend this build unless you already experienced with the content. Phased bosses that do not allow us to maintain permanent leech are all very dangerous now for the inexperienced /lousy player.
Tombfist - no longer grants Attack Speed. Remains an easy recommendation for Gloves slot as the Abyss Jewel socket, 6% Increased Life and Intimidate on hit are all still great. Still, this is no longer the clear optimal choice for our gloves. Unless we heavily invest in 2 Sockets and GG Jewels Spiked gloves are now better.
Ascendant Slayer - this is right on the brink of being garbage now, especially for a build like ours that has to deal with massive degen from our weapon.
The difference between lv 100 compared to say 90 is 1000 + Life and 20% + more DPS for me from passive points + more jewels.
Do not compare your character to mine until at least level 94-95 and after all your gems are 20/20 and hit chance is 95% without Precision. When you get to that point, then you can look at gear differences to see where you would need improvements.

+ Comfortable and enjoyable build that can complete all endgame content ( not tested against Delve bosses Kurgal and Aulas i haven't found any yet )
+ Very durable - 8000+ Life, Acrobatics and Phase Acrobatics + very high Life Leech for laughing at bosses
+ Very reliable and safe with powerful synergies - utilizes both Slayer Overleech and Pathfinder perma-flasks for a smooth and safe play style
+ Excels in both AOE and Single Target damage - 1 Million + sustained Shaper DPS, can dish out around 2 million burst DPS with Vaal skills and charges; Tectonic Slam one-shots the screen during mapping
+ Only requires a single six link gem setup - no need to swap between gems for bossing or mapping
+ Deathless Uber Elder not difficult if experienced with the fight mechanics
+ Tectonic Slam looks and feels amazing

- Endgame synergies oriented Scion build - not the best leveling experience
- Requires at least Oni-Goroshi, the Charged Slam helmet enchantment and Uber Lab complete before the build truly kicks in
- Getting all endgame recommended items can be hard for inexperienced/casual players - total cost around 10 - 15 Exalts
- Cannot do any leech or elemental reflect maps
- Not Hall of the Grandmasters viable

PoB Link -

NO.5 [3.6 Ascendant Builds] Oro's Sacrifice Flicker Strike / Molten Strike

This build uses flicker strike for its insane evident speed, as well as a running attack when you need to smack a big bad around. The build goes anywhere, does anything (including Uber Elder and Uber Atziri), takes huge punches and dishes out even bigger ones. To complement our fast evident and boss melting, we ascend to both Juggernaut and Champion, giving us the ability to cling to life even in the worst possible conditions.

+ Fast mapping
+ Very tanky - Even Rippy T15 and T16 maps feel safe
+ Boss Killer - 1 to 4 million single target shaper dps depending on gear
+ Affordable base of apparatus can kill shaper (2-3 Exalted Orb)
+ No clunky gear swaps, weapon swaps or gem swaps

- Lots of backtracking to pick up loot.
- Little control over where flicker strike brings you. Delving with flicker strike is not recommended. Use a running attack to safely clear delves, details below in gem section.
- Playing flicker strike with more than 100ms feels horrible.
- Endgame character optimization gets expensive.
- The build performs well in 99% of content on just a few exalts, but to create an honestly OP character takes a substantial Poe currency investment (16-20ex). Optimizing further beyond that gets even more expensive.
- Using flicker strike will violently shake your screen. Some people find this very uncomfortable to look at. Please watch videos before deciding if this build is right for you.

Kill all

Soul of Lunaris and Soul of Tukohama

We take the Juggernaut and Champion ascendency before taking Path of the duelist

Skill Tree -

PoB Link -