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Poe 3.6 Shadow Trickster Builds With Funny Main Skill Soulrend

PoE Soulrend is often a Chaos, Spell, AoE, Duration, Projectile Gems. Fires a projectile that turns towards enemies in front of it, damaging and piercing through those it hits, and leeching some of that harm as energy shield. As the projectile travels, it repeatedly applies short but potent chaos harm more than time debuff to each enemy in a location about it. Here we'll share Shadow Builds With Soulrend for you.

NO.1 [PoE 3.6 Trickster] Rapid Soulrend / Bane trickster CI starter build.

Run about like a chicken with its head reduce off, spam your flasks and Soulrend stuff till it dies. If a significant challenging, scary ugly mob seems, drop blight totem, bane each three ish seconds, use Vaal grace, stand still and stab the thingie to death.

All are fantastic and please use any, but I believed me combining the components of all three I liked was distinctive enough to warrant a forum post/guide in addition to undergo available solutions of why to go particular items. You can find loads of options, and try to go through why you do specific Poe Currency & Items over other individuals. Feel free to ask concerns in regards to the build generally, not just especially the web dual wield mom trickster version.

+ Fast
+ Can go super duper speedy
+ Starts less expensive than dirt, can have 30+ Exalted Orbs dumped into it at the same time
+ All map mods apart from cannot regen
+ If bored, can switch to contagion/essence drain and use bane as significant skill. Will have to change to a few far more curse nodes on tree tho for bane

- Not a melee chad warrior of death and destruction
- Everyone playing it
- Wtb devouring diadem

The standard lab went weave the arcane, cruel patient reaper, merciless ghost dance AND respecced out of weave the arcane to go dull pain. Uber lab is when I picked up the escape artist.
You can conveniently not weave the arcane in the event you don't choose to invest the regrets/worry about it (10 Regret necessary to spec out of weave the arcane plus the tiny thingy attached to it.

Kill all, or go Allira for first resists then switch to kill all later.

For pantheon, We would go for the main soul of Arakalli, and minor Shakira. Be sure to get divine vessels and upgrade them!

PoB Link -

NO.2 [Poe 3.6 Trickster] Funny skill Soulrend Build All content material down DEATHLESS, one mil DPS

This Build decided to publish considering that Soulrend is acquiring genuinely popular this league and we need to say its funny skill! We reached some perfect balance among higher dps on single target and very good survivability, like 9k ES, 32% block possibility, 45%~ evade opportunity and overall the character feels pretty stable on higher tier maps, Together with the harm on shaper/uber elder going around 600k with Empower four and over a 1M on standard creeps we would say that's more than adequate for any DoT build.
Overall we feel its mixture of pretty fast clearspeed, superior; we've got 84% max cold res which tends to make uber elder fight feels like a youngsters game and decent single target harm, so we hope you are going to enjoy the build guys!

Patient reaper > Ghost dance > Escape Artist > Prolonged discomfort
For leveling we picked up Weave of arcanist initially, it was beneficial while carrying out the storyline, then we got patient reaper and then ghosted dance, at the 3rd lab we changed weave of arcanist for Escape artist and last we took the prolonged pain

Main - Lunaris for clear, Solaris for boss fights
Minor - Tukohama/ Gruthkul

kill all (two passive tree points)

Skill Tree -
Pob Link -

NO.3 [Poe 3.6 Trickster] League Starter/SSF/HC viable Soulrend Trickster Build

This build was to obtain by far the most out of your new Soulrend ability and also the updated Trickster ascendancy. That becoming said, the objectives to achieve this were:
- Make use of built-in power shield leech from Soulrend by stacking energy shield and energy shield leech in the skill tree, hence also going Chaos Inoculation (CI) in the long term.
- Use the updated ascendancy nodes "Ghost Dance" and "Escape Artist" by also stacking as much evasion as you can.
- Stack as significantly chaos harm and damage more than time as possible

+ Insanely excellent map clear, in particular on open terrain, resulting from colossal travel range and homing missile like the mechanic of Soulrend
+ Super rapidly resulting from movement speed and cast speed from Trickster ascendancy
+ Super tanky so far on account of massive energy shield leech and energy shield recovery through "Ghost Dance" ascendancy node and Vaal Discipline as Life Flask replacement
+ Immune to chaos damage resulting from CI
+ Infinite mana without having mana flask and "Weave the Arcane" once you have all necessary passives
+ Reflect mods are irrelevant because chaos harm is neither physical nor elemental harm
+ Proximity shields are irrelevant. Now the boss of Whakawairua Tuahu is a piece of cake :)
+ Decent boss DPS with Wither/Blight totem and swap from GMP to Swift Affliction
+ SSF viable; I'm currently playing with Sin Trek as my only exclusive equipped.
+ Pretty low-priced Poe Currency resulting from using hybrid evasion/energy shield items and pure evasion body Armour (because of "Escape Artist" ascendancy node) with no maximum life affixes.

- Hard mana management in longer, pure single target fights before you got many of the mana regen nodes
- A little bit squishy when out of Ghost Shroud stacks

Kill all!

1. Patient Reaper
two. Ghost Dance
3. Escape Artist
4. Prolonged Discomfort

Choose what you feel like
We at the moment making use of Soul of the Brine King to have some stun lock protection in case my Ghost Shrouds drop - dealing harm with Soul Rend to leech power shield is our most significant defense when Ghost Shrouds is gone :)
Concerning minor gods: Soul of Gruthkul is always fantastic. Other folks may very well be employed situationally (e.g., Soul of Yugul for Uber Elder)

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NO.4 [Poe 3.6 Trickster] Simple guide EB + MoM Acrobatic Soulrend Trickster Build

This can be an incredibly essential guide. This does not demand something, is often played SSF and a starter. Currently, I am mapping Alched/vaaled T12-T14 maps, often T15. I can run all of them without the need for any problems. For the second GIF, I changed my ES belt for a (freshly located) Bisco's Leash, merely to see the progress. Maps are T12 (very first gif) and T14 (second gif) by the way. It was the initial time running that map, as you could see on my clearing way. This is a quite fast and strong build with plenty of defensive mechanics, for example, dodge (spell + attacks), HP/ES + MOM, leech to HP/ES/Mana and a lot of much more (see Trickster ascendancies by way of example). So almost certainly this is for men and women who favor not dying.

+ Runs with cheap/SSF gear
+ Excellent map clear
+ Incredibly very good boss harm
+ Can run any map mod
+ Defensive mechanics
+ Doesn't get boring as you will be working with several skills

- Calls for you to make use of skills and flasks frequently to create use of all the potential. Not everyone style.
- As any other caster inside the game, this is not meant to facetank boss slams
- You need to stop casting Soulrend or any other skill.

Skill Tree -

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