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PoE 3.6 Synthesis Witch Necromancer Builds With Raise Zombie Skill Gems

The Path of Exile Necromancer can be a class that mainly focuses on summoned minions. The skill tree covers a broad variety of minion stat bonuses, but besides gifts particular to zombies, skeletons, and Spectres. Here we will list Raise Zombie(Raise Zombie is a spell that summons an allied zombie minion) Skill Gems Builds for Witch Necromancer at Synthesis League.

NO.1 [Poe 3.6] Pure Zombie build - Zombiemancer - High Survivability - Finish Game Viable

This build aimed to create a pure Zombie build that feels as smooth as possible to map with when at the same time is in a position to perform all content within the game. You don't must cast any spells with this build, and all the things are automated, the only factor you need to do is Shield Charge right into everything, you might have adequate survivability to tank virtually almost everything.

Alterations for this build in 3.6:
- Minor passive tree pathing optimization to obtain an added free 20 Int.
- Recommending Holy Relic now in place of Immortal Call.
- Updated the videos.
- Phantasm on Kill Support now works on bosses and can be a perfect Zombie support gem, and they deal around 500.000 dps in this build.
- "Kingmaker" is now an excellent defensive alternative for the Animated Guardian.
- This Build missed a "Gruthkul's Pelt" buff, last league, and life regen went from 2% to 5%. This makes it a far better alternative than "Bloodbond" for the Animate Guardian.
- The new "Mask of your Tribunal" helmet can be a defensive solution for the guardian, providing you 200-300 added ES.

Zombie Links:
The three core supports for your Zombies are Empower, Minion Harm and Melee Physical Harm.
Minion Speed as your fourth help if you'd like the quickest map clear.
The final one may be Maim, Ruthless, Multistrike or Phantasm on Kill. These add concerning the similar quantity of dps, so it comes down to what you choose to use right here.
When you've got a 6-link, you've got adequate harm to be able to utilize an Item Rarity Help for Typical mapping.

Bandits: Kill all of them.

Assistance Spectres:
To increase the damage of the Zombies, you run two Carnage Chieftain Spectres. These Spectres cast a spell that gives your Zombies and also you with frenzy charges.
By linking the Spectre gem using a Blood Magic Support they may be able to spam that spell, that is crucial.

Soul of Lunaris:
The Phys reduction when shield charging into enemies plus the chain immunity makes this the very best 1.
Soul of Shakari:
Chaos harm reduction and poison immunity are superior for this build since it makes use of Zealot's Oath.

Skill Tree -
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NO.2 [Poe 3.6] Anyone Can Play! ANY Gear Operates - Slow Mo Zombies

With this build, you’ll substantially slow your enemies around you while your Zombies (and Skeletons if you would like) kill everything. This guide is written for those new to Path of Exile but played out so the knowledgeable players can skip for the fantastic stuff.

+ New players.
+ Players that never like button mashing.
+ Players that like playing with only 1 or two buttons.
+ Players that like a relaxing PoE knowledge.
+ Players with healthcare conditions (like epilepsy or those with physical limitations which might be restricted in how they use keyboards or mice)
+ Players that just like the finest builds ever created within the history of Path of Exile.

- Slowing enemies
- Debuffing enemies
- Doing nothing to kill things
- Sweet life regen or Chaos Inoculation
- Cast once and move

As you go through the game, you'll encounter Trials of Ascendancy. Starting in Act 3 you will see their worth. After you have completed all 6 in the 1st set of trails, you will get to attempt your Initial Labyrinth (lab). Fantastic luck! Upon completion Choose Necromancy. You get two ascendancy points per lab. You can find four labs for a total of eight points.
You can commit your points in any order you like. My preference is as follows:
- 1st Two Points - Invoker. It is the weakest node out of your four huge selections, but it leads to the core nodes for our build.
- 2nd Two Points - Flesh Binder. It's quite self-explanatory. It's like a permanent supercharger button for your zombies. You get a higher zombie cap, and they hit harder. Additionally, they make enemies pay for killing them.
- 3rd Two Points - Bone Sculptor. Also self-explanatory. Increases the skeleton cap, makes them faster, makes them have 100% accuracy, and now after you summon a skeleton you raise three at a time instead of 1:).
- 4th Two Points - Commander of Darkness. The aura added benefits of this build are only for Hatred. Curses turned into Auras do not apply to these bonuses. Hatred will hence be the only aura that impacts our minions so they'll get 3% high attack speed. The 30% rise in harm is only applied once, regardless of how many auras your minions have benefiting them. The 20% to resists will also cap our zombies with 75% elemental resists, which can be massive. Hatred does not apply to us because we linked it with Generosity. This node doesn't affect us at all, only our minions.

Choose any you like as they encounter. I love physical harm reduction and movement speed (movement speed applies to Charged Dash). But there are no make or break possibilities right here. Just preferences.

Skill Tree -
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NO.3 [Poe 3.6] Easy 1mil+ DPS, SSF & New Player Friendly - Pure Phys Skeleton/Zombie Necromancer

This build doesn't use auras for damage, so we can go Mind over Matter and get about 8k EHP. Of course, you also have an army of minions (22 in the full build) to tank for you, and 10% physical damage reduction courtesy of one's zombies. At level 80, with 18/0 gems, pretty much no gear and no PoB trickery, the build reaches 1.04 million Shaper DPS if every minion hits the same target. See for yourself. You do not must devote currency, and you do not need to be superior in the game; you honestly don't have to do anything special — all bosses (up to and including Shaper) melt. You are going to get at least 2 million Shaper DPS if you push the build with a few Exalted Orb of currency, and over double that though Vaal Summon Skeletons is active. This build only makes use of skeletons and zombies, meaning that you never must deal with any of the issues Spectre builds do when it comes to raising the right mobs at the correct level. And if something dies, you could summon it to appropriate back. No dramas.

Poe 3.6 Update
Extremely minor nerf to bone helmets is concerning the only change that affects the core of this build. An exciting new choice that we might want to try is the newly buffed Summon Phantasm Assistance, which now summons phantasms on the hit against bosses as well as on kill.

+ The most comfortable million DPS build you are going ever to make.
+ Cheap. It is possible to get to red maps very quickly on 20 Poe chaos of gear and do all content comfortably on about 2 Exalted Orb worth of equipment.
+ Entirely physical damage, so no issues with higher boss elemental resistances.
+ Fast movement thanks to Shield Charge and also the substantial lump of attack speed granted by the Spiritual Command passive node
+ Decently tanky.
+ No Spectres necessary.
+ Can do all content material and all map mods, although Phys reflect is usually a chore, and no regen can be a little dangerous.
+ Surprisingly good at lab running.

- Evident speed isn't going to be quite as high as screen-clearing Spectres or golems, especially if you never have Fear jewelry.
- A couple of bosses melt your minions instantly and are impossible for the build. Atziri trio is the worst offenders.
- Need to level as a different build (SRS) unless you've got access to twinking gear.

Skill order is Invoker, Bone Sculptor, Flesh Binder, Puppet Master.
Unfortunately, without a couple of unique items, it is hard to use skeletons until you've completed the cruel labyrinth. When you have a couple of chaos to spend, skip down to the last paragraph of this section. Otherwise, read on.
The simplest way to level this build is to work with Summon Raging Spirit in a +1 fire gems weapon, then a +1 minion gem 4L helm, until you may have completed cruel lab. Then you may switch to the full build.

Every major god has potential usefulness to the build. However, I would suggest Brine King for the stun resistance. Helps you get out of tight spots. I would also get Lunarius upgraded with "Avoid projectiles that have chained," so you may swap to it for chain maps. For minor gods, Gruthkul gives the most.

Bandits: kill all

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