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PoE Currency Mirror of Kalandra Guide

PoE Mirror of Kalandra is the rarest and most valuable currency items that can be used to create a mirrored duplicate of any piece of non-unique equipment, non-corrupted item, or map that is not itself a duplicate. The great thing about mirrors in the game is that you can copy the attributes of rare equipment, so there are two rare pieces of powerful attributes. Mirror drop rate is very low, mainly because the function is too powerful, much lower than the Exalted orb.

NO.1 How To Get Mirror Of Kalandra?
1. First of all, just like other currencies, you can get rid of the monsters on the map, but the chances are very touching. Most players don't have this luck.

2. Recipes With Divination Card
Use 10 The Immortal Exchange one House of Mirrors, When you get nine House of Mirrors you can exchange a Mirror Of Kalandra.
5x Emperor's Luck > 5x currency, if Luck you can get a Mirror of Kalandra.

3. Recipes With Poe Currency
20x Currency Mirror Shard Can Exchange 1x Mirror of Kalandra

4. You can also directly find other mirror players who have already exploded out of Callander at Or Poe Trade Website, but the price will be very expensive, and you need to prepare a lot of Exalted Orb exchange.

5. Buy Mirror From third-part Website.
You can Search "Buy Mirror of Kalandra", "Buy Poe Currency" on google. When you can find a website which sell Mirror, you can choose one of them. In PS4, and Xbox Version you can Search "PoE PS4 Currency u4n" when you can find u4n currency page. this website offers cheap ps4 currency with fast delivery.

NO.2 Poe Mirror Of Kalandra Value
The mirror is the rarest currency. It can copy an item, and the copied item can no longer change attributes and affixes. The mirror is mainly used to copy the golden equipment with the best matching T1 full roll affix, which is why the gold value of the POE top equipment is far more than the Darkscorn. The gold made by the player is better than the official Darkscorn, which is the embodiment of the basic spirit of POE's high degree of freedom. A few of the top-selling people's Drop Mirrors may not be able to afford the copying fee for mirrors. They are usually directly Exchange Currency.

NO.3 Poe Mirror Of Kalandra Price
The price of the mirror is about 200ex, and the challenge league, can be lower than 150ex, because the challenge league is too short and there is no equipment worth copying. 

NO.4 Poe Mirror Of Kalandra Drop
The drop rate of the mirror is more than a thousand times that of Exalted Orb. If a Player has 5 days to lose an EX brush, the efficiency of the brush must be played for more than ten years to drop a mirror.