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Poe Currency Vaal Orb Guide

Poe Vaal Orb can corrupt an item, causing unpredictable and possibly potent outcomes. After an item is damaged, it can no longer be modified by any other Poe PC, PS4, Xbox currency. It dropped by monsters, chests, destructible containers, and Arcanist's Strongboxes. The primary use case for Vaal Orbs is acquiring quite high worth corruptions on particular items. +1 Frenzy Charges on Blood Dance boots is usually an excellent example of this as a way to do that you want a close price range for gambling. You could need to obtain dozens of copies of the item you're trying to corrupt and have just numerous Vaal Orbs as well. This is higher stakes gambling exactly where you may likely lose all the things, but have a tiny chance of getting a Items significant.

How to get Vaal Orb
1. Under normal circumstances, you can choose from the monsters of The Atlas of Worlds Map and the ordinary chests placed on the ground. Chets is very important; sometimes you can open Chaos Orb and Vaal Orb.

2. Another way to get it is to get Vaal Orb by collecting the items and then selling them to the merchant NPC, while still completing a list of merchants.
Vendor recipe - 7x Vaal skill gems + 1x Sacrifice Vaal Fragment > 1× Vaal Orb

How to use Vaal Orb
We can use Vaal Orb to change the properties of any Equipment or item. In general, Vaal Orb's changes to attributes are very diverse, first of all, of course, the enhancements.
For example, the Gems level +1 attribute on Tabula Rasa Simple Robe is implemented by Vaal Orb. Besides, there are other changes, such as your Equipment Gems Socket all turn white, or add a new one. Other Affixes and so on.
However, when Vaal Orb is used on Legendary items, in addition to changing its properties, it may be downgraded to a yellow-grade Equipment. Therefore, Vaal is good, but be cautious.
Below the EquipmentAffixes using Vaal Orb Vaal, there will be a Corrupted logo. Equipment that has been Vaal can no longer change its Equipment property.
So, for some Equipment, after Vaal, there is no Vaal out of the best attributes, the price is lower than the normal without Vaal Equipment because it is not yet manufacturable.

Corrupted Equipment
Turn one or more Socket Colors into White (white can use all color gems)
Convert all the Affixes, Sockets, Colours, and Links of this item into a new six Affixes item. In this case, there is a 1/36 chance to become a six-hole six-piece item. The number of other Corrupted effects is also counted as a 1/144 chance)
Attach this item to a "Vaal Affixes," Vaal Affixes will be attached to the "Affixes" position of the Equipment. If the item already has Affixes, Vaal Affixes will replace the Affixes on the item. And each item will only have at most one Vaal Affixes.
There is no change after Corrupted (in this case it is still Corrupted, no more Currency can be used for it)

Corrupted Maps
Turn the map level up or down to a new map, which is the only way to get a map of the Vaal Hall in the game.
Rare map Affixes into a unique map of eight Affixes
Turning the map into an unidentified state, Affixes is just hidden as before Corrupted, and the unauthenticated state allows the map to drop by +30%.
There is no change after Corrupted (in this case it is still Corrupted, no more Currency can be used for it)

Corrupted Gems
Raise or lower the current level of the skill gem, which in this way has the chance to upgrade the level 20 gem to level 21.
This effect is to improve the status quo is not to increase the permanent ceiling, if you point 18 jewels to 19, you can only reach 20
Increase or decrease the existing quality of skill gemstones by 1~10%, and increase the skill gemstone up to 23%.
Turn this skill into a Vaal skill of the same name (for example, swiftly become Vaal Swift)
There is no change after Corrupted (in this case it is still Corrupted, no more Currency can be used for it)

Corrupted Strongboxes
Vaal Orb can also use the Strongboxes in the wild.
The contents of the Strongboxes contained in Corrupted will be partially or wholly turned into Corrupted items.