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Poe Death's harp Builds and Guides

Death's harp is the only bow that has a global bonus that effects spell, which is why this build uses crit - if there is ever a caster bow released, expect this build to switch out of crits and into high cast speed and life.

NO.1 Additional Arrow:
Attacks made with Death's Harp fire one other projectile, causing the total number of arrows fired to be an even number. Since the targeted point will be between two Arrows, this may potentially result in missed shots.

NO.2 Compare with Storm Cloud:
Death's Harp is perfectly viable for ele tornado shot builds because of 100% crit multi and additional arrow mods - you can use LMP instead of GMP with it. Death's Harp can easily carry you through end game until you have enough Poe currency to get a Windripper.
Another reliable option is Storm Cloud. It will give you fewer dps (in most cases) than Death's Harp but can be more satisfying to play thanks to its apps. We used Storm Cloud from level 10 up until like 80-85 before We got my Windripper in 1MHC. My apparent speed in ~72-74 maps was pretty good solo/2-3 man party.

NO.3 Upgrade Vendor Recipes:
1x The Vanguard > Prophecy reward
8x Hunter's Resolve > random unique bow
4x Atziri's Arsenal > random corrupted unique weapon
4x Jack in the Box > random unique item
8x Arrogance of the Vaal > random corrupted unique item
1x The Bowstring's Music + 1x Death's Harp > Death's Opus

NO.4 Modifiers:
(30-50)% increased Critical Strike Chance
(100-125)% increased Physical Damage
10% increased Attack Speed
+100% to Global Critical Strike Multiplier
Bow Attacks fire an additional Arrow

NO.5 [Deadeye Build] 6K Life With Main Skill Rain of Arrows and Scourge Arrow

Pob Link - https://pastebin.com/HwS6ZHv3
Skill Tree - http://bit.ly/2PBl1QZ



97 Deadeye Build Data:

Life: 6132 / Strength: 180 / Energy Shield: 67 / Dexterity: 459 / Mana: 1069 / Intelligence: 201 / Evasion Rating: 14105 / Charges: E: 3 / F: 3 / P: 3 / Armour: 51

Main Gems:

Rain of Arrows - Dps:102k
Rain of Arrows is a ranged attack skill that fires many arrows in the air, with each of them landing to deal area of effect over a short period.

Scourge Arrow - Dps:437k
Scourge Arrow is a channeling bow skill gem.

Main Skills:

1. Acrobatics
Acrobatics is a passive keystone skill that grants additional chance to dodge attacks. However, the character also receives penalties to Armour rating, energy shield, and opportunity to block both spells and attacks.
2. Phase Acrobatics
Phase Acrobatics is a passive keystone skill that grants additional chance to dodge spells that inflict damage.
3. Point Blank
Point Blank is a passive keystone skill that scales the damage of projectile attacks for the distance the projectile has traveled, dealing more damage initially then much less damage after covering a long range.

Kill all or help Alira.


Skill Gems:

1. BodyArmour and Weapons

2.Helm, Boots and Gloves