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PoE unique Weapons Duskdawn Maelström Staff Guides With Builds

Poe Duskdawn is an item class of two-handed melee weapons that demand strength and intelligence and have an x% Likelihood to Block implicit modifier together with a moderately higher base crucial strike likelihood. The possibility to deal with an essential strike is taken in the weapon utilized to carry out an attack or attack skill. This chance is based on the weapon's base vital strike plus any nearby essential strike mods around the Weapon. Inside the case of spells, each spell has its critical strike opportunity, which can be listed within the skill gem's description. Where BaseCriticalStrikeChance would be the base essential strike opportunity on the skill or weapon, AdditionalCriticalStrikeChance is the sum of all relevant +#% to Essential Strike Possibility, and IncreasedCriticalStrikeChance could be the sum of all concerned #% increased Vital Strike Chance. One example is, if the player is utilizing a weapon with 5% opportunity to crit and has +1% to Important Strike Possibility and 50% enhanced Critical Strike Chance, he will have a 9% chance to score a critical strike. Here we will share unique Weapons Duskdawn Guides With Poe Builds for you

NO.1 Duskdawn Vendor recipes
1x Shade of Solaris + 1x Light of Lunaris + 1x Orb of Fusing = 1x Duskdawn

NO.2 Duskdawn Modifiers
+20% Chance to Block Attack Damage while wielding a Staff
+10% Chance to Block Attack Damage while using a Staff
(60-80)% increased Critical Strike Chance for Spells
Gain (10-20)% of Elemental Damage as Extra Chaos Damage
+1% to Critical Strike Multiplier per 1% Chance to Block Attack Damage
+60% to Critical Strike Multiplier if you've dealt a Non-Critical Strike Recently
(120-150)% increased Spell Damage if you've sold a Critical Strike Recently

NO.3 [Trickster Build] Duskdawn Divine Ire Kill most things with a single quick

This build uses the excellent Duskdawn staff to abuse chaos conversion mechanics and allows for millions of damage from a single nasty beam of death. And with max block, ghost shrouds, and a stable life pool we're also reasonably tanky to boot!
Apparent speed is pretty quick with a high-speed flame dash & instant death of enemies, and you barely need to charge the beam to kill the majority of mobs. And the beam's base aoe is enough to clear most packs with a single shot, while herald of ash takes care of the stragglers.

This build does NOT require a lot of investment to become healthy. By day 3 of Synthesis, I'm at 1.6m dps on Shaper after ~3x Exalted Orbs of investment (Starting league spending). And most of my investment is for hp (Kaoms), not dps. Red maps are a breeze, and everything is either frozen or dies too quickly to matter. You can reach 1m+ dps just fine with a tabula and a Duskdawn which, as of my writing right now, is ~3.5ex. There is, however, a lot of clicking required as you barely need to charge the beam to kill packs, so be prepared.

PoB Link - https://pastebin.com/SDyDk0QR

+ Kill most things with a single quick beam from far away
+ Anything that tries to get close will be instantly frozen, shatters all mobs
+ most map bosses die in 1-2 poles, harder bosses like Guardians maybe 6-7 lasers depending on how long you can charge each one
+ max block allows for a very safe and comfortable mapping experience

- Reliant on flasks for a lot of DPS
- Little leech besides Atziri's Promise, may need to port out of some tough fights
- Pretty squishy before Kaom's at ~4.6k hp, depending on rares/Tabula, though you can go, MoM, & grab more es instead
- Duskdawn is expensive 100+ Chaos Orbs (buy it in parts, more info below), and no staff comes close to its dps

Major: Solaris
Minor: Tukohama

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NO.4 [Ascendant Build] Lots of damage Life/hybrid Divine ire Scion, a Scion version of Lilyliciously's Templar

You are using Disintegrator staff which adds a lot of damage (around 60%) for only nine chaos and allow you to pick up 37% block and 12% spell block with loads of crit.
Using Duskdawn, rings could be the call of the brotherhood, and breaks grip for conversion, added damage, and leech due to shocking and freezing. We use a lot of vitality watcher's eye. Though it does mean losing life and es. We currently have 4.5k experience and 1k es. We are using mom with 1.2k Mana open.

PoB Link - https://pastebin.com/nz9MARgs

+ Lots of damage
+ Scion gets 45 all resist, crit multi, cast speed, and more life using the might of the meek. if you can afford it unnatural talent (I can not)
+ Less tree travel means more damage talents
+ Staff talent's flat beat doom cast and other nodes
+ Lots of high damage talents nearby for 85+ or 200% + life at 95
+ Resists in a tree means lazy gearing
+ Very easy to go ascendant elementalist to reflect immune

- no life on staff, and no flexibility on weapon drops
- Scion ascendancy is very lackluster compared to other classes
- The might of the meek is 40c
- no life on rings
- The dps in is POB, not the game

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