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Poe Weapons Fate of the Vaal Guides with Builds

PoE Fate of the Vaal is a unique one-handed sword base type. It has a 100% chance to inflict the ailment. The magnitude of the Ailment is still scaled by the respective damage type (for example, lightning damage for Shock, in the absence of other modifiers). If the magnitude of the effect would be zero after rounding down, the ailment will not be applied. The Conflux buffs from Elementalist work slightly differently: in addition to giving you a 100% chance to cause an elemental Ailment, they also make all your damage regardless of type contribute to the magnitude of that ailment. So even if you deal purely Physical damage, you can still shock or ignite with the appropriate Conflux. The fate of the Vaal does not let you do that unless you deal damage of the proper type.

NO.1 Vendor Recipes:
Story of the Vaal + Vial of Fate = Upgraded via the Altar of Sacrifice found in the Temple of Atzoatl's Apex of Ascension room

NO.2 Modifiers:
+400 to Accuracy Rating
(160-180)% increased Physical Damage
(10-15)% increased Attack Speed
100% of Physical Damage from Hits with this Weapon is Converted to a random Element
Hits with this Weapon always Ignite, Freeze, and Shock
Hits with this Weapon deal (30-60)% increased Damage to Ignited Enemies
Hits with this Weapon deal (30-60)% increased Damage to Frozen Enemies
Hits with this Weapon deal (30-60)% increased Damage to Shocked Enemies

NO.3 [Assassin Build] Great defensive measures Fate Of The Elements Build

PoB Link - https://pastebin.com/95mXUtup

This Build focus on three key elements that dish out nasty damage; the new Elemental Hit, the unique incursion Fate of the Vaal, and critical hits. The synergy between Elemental Hit and Fate of The Vaal is incredible and are a match made in heaven. Together they make a deadly combo that cuts through packs and even puts up a fight again big bosses such as Elder and Shaper. Currently, this build is still in testing, so bear with me. The majority of the kinks are worked out, but we even scaling the content and more updates will be posted as We go along.
Now the fun part is when we add in elemental ailments; igniting, freezing, and shocking. This happens when we use Fate of The Vaal which will always inflict ailments when we hit using it. Also, we gain upwards of 60% increased damage when the target is inflicted with each Ailment, meaning that we can have 180% increased damage with a perfectly rolled Fate of The Vaal. That's insane! But we're not done there. Paired with Elemental hit, we gain 10% more damage per ailment that is on the target. So with all three Ailments currently, the elemental hit is earning a 30% more damage boost. This is such a delicate situation, and it's so much fun to fly through maps and watch everything melt and explode.

+ This build has excellent defensive measures such as enfeeble, modest life pool, and dodge chance to survive in end game maps.
+ We're reflect resistant from the assassin ascendancy from crit hits not being able to be , and since we crit 80+% of the time(90% when using flask), that's almost always.
+ Map apparent speed is insane due to 2mil+ damage numbers!
+ Super easy to level with.

- The build is still under construction at the moment. 
- It's friggin' pricey.
- Chaos res is needed on rolling gear so that we don't get destroyed by incursion mobs.

Required Uniques:
Self-explanatory, Fate of the Vaal is what makes this build work, and without it, we wouldn't have this legendary damage. Lycosidae is also required since we don't have any accuracy; this build wouldn't be useful without it.

Unstable Infusion > Deadly Infusion > Opportunistic > Ambush and Assassinate

Kill all or help Alira.

Soul of Arakaali(Major) - This will benefit us from taking reduced damage from all DoT sources, as well as avoiding lighting damage at a small rate. This will also help us take less damage from shock and in hopes, keep it off us from here and there. But the kicker, the 25% chaos resistance from DoTs.
This means and caustic clouds, poisons, asshole exiles that one shot me with essence drain, won't hurt as much!
Soul of Shakari(Minor) - 5% reduced chaos damage helps out more than you know. Since we don't gain resists from any sources but gear, we need as much chaos res as possible. But the best part about all of this is the immunity to poison.

NO.4 [Elementalist Build] Vaalkyrie - melee witch with Fate of the Vaal

PoB Link - https://pastebin.com/ifGiyn8f

The fate of the Vaal provides 100% chance to ignite/chill/shock/freeze and increased damage against ignited/frozen/shocked enemies, but it's unlikely to shock/chill/freeze unique mobs since they have much higher maximum life.

+ decent map cleaning speed (lv85 do T11/12 map in 4-6 mins typically, depends on how awkward the route is)
+ fairly enough dps (around 100k shaper damage with 6L, cost you roughly 1-2 minutes to kill T15 map boss)
+ immune to shock/stun, and optionally freeze/chill (which is also recommended)
+ very active playstyle (might be cons for some)
+ around 40% physical damage reduction (against 5000 damage)
+ 78-79% elemental resist

- Need 6L unique body Armour, can be budget but not low-cost.
- Challenging to be league starter, nearly impossible for HC or SSF.
- Life pool around 5k, you have to dodge some boss skills
- Leveling as normal spell witch before 55 (or lv35 if you have Story of the Vaal)
- die in no time before lv70 or 80 (depends on how you plan your priority about passives)
- shitty dps before killing uber Izaro and 5L
- cannot do element reflector no leech map
- the Ceiling should be 180-190k shaper dps, 6k life. not worth to spend that much exalts