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PoE Weapons Shade of Solaris guides with Builds

PoE Shade of Solaris is a unique Sage Wand, and It's an excellent weapon for one of the new brand skills. This is a LOT of extra damage. Unless they change Orb of Storms, so you NEED to scale some crit to proc this effect reliably…Orb of Storms is now even more GG for non-crit elemental builds. Dealing no damage on crits make it seem like it could be powerful for a guild whose primary skill does not crit. The only Skill that can do this and make use of the chaos damage is Incinerate.

Unfortunately, that's not the case. There is a slight difference in wording between this mod/EO and EE, and it's a bit confusing (But not a native speaker).
Mechanically speaking, totems/traps/mines use your hits, but they are not you. While EE needs only your Hit to trigger, EO and other such worded mods want you to trigger stuff. , why are added lightning and crit boot enchants so well with these builds.

NO.1 Vendor Recipes - Divination card
4x The Traitor = random corrupted unique wand
4x Atziri's Arsenal = random unique weapon
4x Jack in the Box = random unique item

NO.2 Upgrade Vendor Recipes - Items
1x Shade of Solaris + 1x Light of Lunaris + 1x Orb of Fusing = 1x Duskdawn

NO.3 Modifiers:
(17-21)% increased Spell Damage
Gain (10-20)% of Elemental Damage as Extra Chaos Damage
Critical Strikes deal no Damage
200% increased Spell Damage if you've sold a Critical Strike in the past 8 seconds

NO.4 [Elementalist Build] Two Shade of Solaris, Garbage gear easy kill Uber Elder

PoB Garbage gear - https://pastebin.com/261DZQsQ
PoB Normal Gear - https://pastebin.com/UQ49fPwj

+ Very painful, very fast, the full range
+ The freedom of fitting is high. The bound things are probably the two weapons. Others choose whatever you want.
+ The degree of freedom of talent is also very high, but basically, it should be based on survival, and the jewelry slots are all abyss jewelry.
+ Automatic aiming function, the range of the enemy, is quite large, and the bottles and cans on the road will help you solve the problem.
+ The operation is smooth, the strength is comparable to the power of the arc mine, and the action is low.
+ LV.30, you can use the graduation weapon to open the unparalleled. After the sublimation, the red bar is unique.

- The Elemental reflection cannot be played, but it can be sublimated, but there will be a drop in the speed of the output and the clearing.
- The rate of blood return depends on the blood of the Warlord or the blood bottle. The BOSS wartime output is not enough.
- Taiwan service that sticks is at the most 1E price before we play, now hehe, we will buy two 20C solutions.

Kill all

Lunaris and Shakari

NO.5 [Templar Build] 6x Bladefall Totem Hierophant Ancestral Bond AND EO

PoB Link - https://pastebin.com/awQAZF8H

Build around Elemental Overload and Shade of Solaris with the self-cast store brand. This is a technique I have not seen utilized with totem builds to proc EO or get the unique buff from Shade of Solaris so I will explain that later as well.
The shade of Solaris is a fantastic DPS boost and where we get the bulk of our bossing dps. 400% increased spell damage is insane, and we can have that at 100% uptime while only having 5% of our blade fall spells crit which makes it where effectively we have 95% blade fall hit chance due to the unique negative mod "Critical Strikes deal no damage." Self-flagellation jewel is pretty self-explanatory, we use it to be synergistic with Soul Mantle's curses.
The shade of Solaris & Totem Critical Strikes & Shade of Solaris
As you will see in the PoB link with the passive tree, we take the Ancestral Bond keystone passive which does not allow us to deal with the damage. This, in combination with the fact that Elemental Overload does not count if your totems crit make it seem that EO & Shade of Solaris are not viable options, given that they both require that you crit, not your Totems. However, AB does not prevent us from hitting with self-cast spells or attacks. It merely prevents you from dealing damage with those critical strikes/hits. So we use Storm Brand to proc EO and the Shade of Solaris 400% inc spell damage buff on bosses or high HP packs, and it does so reliably.